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Bloodlusted Norrin would win, in character he would lose.

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@erik: @willpayton: Okay I understand better now. A weak atheist seems to describe me well. I know that the God described in the Bible does not exist. There are too many contradictions in logic. However, I still feel that there could be a god or gods on another plane of existence or the like that we could never discover. Personally, I feel that when a person dies, they die. They cease to exist. But I cannot rule out the possibility of the notions spelled out in deism or something.

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Since we're on this subject, can someone explain to me why they consider their self an atheist? I ask this as an agnostic and am truly just wondering and trying to expand my own beliefs. I consider myself pretty scientific and it seems to me counter-intuitive to label oneself an atheist when the existence of a God is still possible, however small that may be.

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Does Vertigo characters count? If so, the Corinthian would have had my vote.

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Here's hoping their new series is something crazy, like a Wally series or Barry/Hal team-up.

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So my friend said that a friend of his mother had these "demon dogs" because they killed these puppies, and I was like, "Why would God even make Satan in the first place if he knew he would be evil, to make those demon dogs? It doesn't make sense."

Omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent beings always screw around with logic. Lol

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I don't understand how someone can fully believe in the existence of a god/gods or deny the existence of such. Religion relies on faith in their convictions but what do atheists rely on? Coming from an agnostic/humanist who would like to learn more about atheism.

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Imo abortion should be allowed when there is just a clump of cells present or the like, anything resembling a fetus should not be allowed to be aborted.

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Don't see a problem with the law, but I could see someone misinterpreting it or use lethal force without a justifiable reason.

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When is Avengers Overkill going to be released?

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