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In the days of Jerusalem's reigns being held by the Catholic church two knights who upheld god's decree commanded the legions behind the holy lands' walls;

Baron Knightfall of the Hospitaller

and the Templar Duke of Newcastle,

The once honored Hospitaller was cast out of the church thanks to the greed of Pope Frederick II and his plots.

Though where one brother in arms fell, another rose.

Newcastle climbed with never before precedent expedience within the churches' order. He became the elite of all Knights Templar, given the tasks no other men would dare take or be asked to.

In the years up until his fortieth year, The Duke had seen many of his fellow men in arms die bloody deaths, yet he continued forward, even outlived Frederick.

Eventually his successor asked the Knight to acquire for him what only the divinely chosen were allowed to know the location of for it's own protection. But this new pope was greedy as the last, more so even.

The allegedly divine sent Thomas out into the wilds of the sahara on his fortieth birthday, with forty men, where he walked for forty days and forty nights.

The prints in the sand grew fewer as the trail of bodies began to take their place. Men dropped and died in the blazing heat underneath their roasting chain mail. Until only one made it to the forty first night where upon under the pretense of a miracle or science he was guided by the full moon into a lit path way of mountains, to what was sure to be his sanctuary.

Within the caverns he traversed with as much haste as his weakened body would allow, searching for food, water, shelter. Anything that offered the promise of another day. It wasn't death that spilled a cold wash down the back of the burned and overheated warrior, but the thought of a dishonorable death..

It was within those, what he later discovered to be catacombs, he found the cup of cupsl The Grail.

The golden chalice rose to his ivory chapped lips and sated not only his thirst, but his hunger, and even his fatigue instantly, and he never required them a day after that. This was over 800 years ago. What he did with the mighty challice is a mystery the Duke would take to his grave, and that grave has sat vacant for over eight hundred twelve years, five hundred forty nine days.


Immortality- Thomas has lived dozens of lifetimes without aging. He once went thirty years without food just because the thought of eating slipped his mind.

Healing factor- Unlike a mutant his healing factor relies solely on his concentration. he can regenerate within seconds, minutes, or hours depending on his level of focus.

Hyper intelligence- with the progression of time he has been able to store a wealth of information, he is also believed to be the creator of the original thought palace; a way in which to store information and retrieve it so long as he follows a specific mental route.

Immunity to mental intrusion- It is because of his mental depth that if one were to try and intrude on his mind they would find themselves trapped inside one of millions of rooms, running up stairs to end up downstair, taking hallways to fall down shafts.