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It doesn't surprise me because S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't competing for the same eyeballs HIMYM is. 
I'm surprised Sam Jackson's name hasn't been bandied about. AFAIK, He signed a fairly lucrative deal with Marvel to appear as 'Nick Fury'. I would speculate that the deal includes an occasional TV appearance.

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still no black panther, shame on marvel.

Shameful indeed.

C'mon, Marvel; Chiwetel awaits.

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::sigh:: We're not even a month into 2013 and 'rise' has twice reared its silly head again. First the new Ghost in the Shell animation, and now this title.

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I think any director who stops by Disney/Lucasfilm, even if it's to visit a colleague ("What's it like working for the Mouse?") or to even use the john, will be suddenly "attached" to the next Star Wars film.

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David Marquez is a very cool guy and an absurdly talented artist. I'm really going to dig his brief run in 'All-New'. And his work on 'Joyners' is quite a departure; reminds a bit of the character designs from 'Giant Robo' and 'The Big O'. I'm not warm to the 3D part of the project though. I'll support him nevertheless.

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April cannot get here soon enough!

I'm just thrilled that Brian Wood will continue to write Storm and Psylocke. It's also nice to have confirmation that Pixie will cameo in issue one. Hope she sticks around because I think this team could use a teleporter.

#7 Posted by __transgojobot__ (46 posts) - - Show Bio

As long as all roads lead to Ultron War, they can do whatever they want.

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C'mon folks.

Joss Whedon has been known to use FAKE 'casting sides' in auditioning talent.

So, I'll bet on these names NOT being the final one's for the series' characters. Releasing the sides like this will give Joss, his co-producers and the casting director the chance to mine the field for the best group of actors and actresses.  
Instead of trying to cast for 'Carol Danvers/Cpt. Marvel' and 'Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird', they'll be looking for 'Agent Althea Rice' and 'Skye'. Look at the descriptions of the characters and ignore the names. Couldn't 'Agent Grant Ward's description easily be flipped for Clay Quartermain's?
Marvel and Joss Whedon would be idiots to not use any of the known S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the comics. It makes good sense for these characters to be established on TV, before they cameo or have a featured role in any of the later films. It just seems to fit Marvel Studio's TV/film strategy. 
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I agree with  FadeToBlackBolt that the 'reveal' was ham-fisted. Illyana being crazy-sauce has been known, since all the chit she pulled in 'New Mutants'. Besides, isn't this iteration of Magick suppose to be from a future, alternate dimension or something? 

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The book is fantastic. And the art has been nothing short of spectacular; going from Sara Pichelli to David Marquez. 
The only downside is the editors need to shoehorn the 'Divided We Fall/United We Stand' crossover. It's so clumsy because the growth and discovery Miles Morales has had feels like it's taking place in an ENTIRELY different universe apart from Ultimate/1602-verse. The Ultimate line has been whittled down to three titles, so I understand why the book needs to be included. It's just unfortunate that it couldn't be treated like say 'Astonishing X-Men' or adjective-less 'X-Men' in being a part of continuity, but, uhhh, not entirely

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