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@Dark_Phoenix00x said:

" Finished. #3 for Greed is good, have never heard out it before and I've been reading marvel comics for nearly 20 years "

Sorry, but I live less than 20 years, and immediately guessed that company (although the first thing I guessed # 1).    
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@umbrafeline:  I do not know what a "genius" comes up with these quests. But we should not believe the description. Arkham Asylum of Marvel is The Raft. However, in this quest, too, is encrypted prison-island, which exists in the real world
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 Hint for Greed Is Good
1. Previously, the corporation was the best seller of the weapon, but when Iron Man appeared, they began to build peace.
2. Because of Smallville, I know that a company called LuthorCorp.
3. But Ultimate Enemy was seen for the first time in this company, but he was not there created.
4. I wonder how Batman takes money for all his gadgets      

 Hint for It's Elementary!:
1. The largest number of this metal in Wakanda, but they are not going to share.
2. The weakness of Superman.
3. Very handy when your bones are composed of this metal, because they did not break.
4. If you use this gem, then nobody can stop you    

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Lord, the easiest set. This set, I started taking place today and has already finished. Finally, the something more to do with MARVEL, and not with DC. The important thing now so that everyone else stop whining and quickly began to take the quests.    

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Только русские поняли что на самом деле там не молот был 
 Only the Russian understood that in fact there was no hammer    
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Maybe someone from Moders or Admins rename Kid Avengers in Next Avengers    ?

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@EisforExtinction said:

" @Biondello said:

" I can't find number 8 for Ex-Xmen "
Looks A LOT like #1 for Ex-Xmen "
 Thank you, finally I passed the whole set    
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@Tevnoba: @batmanbeyond234: Hint for 9: This character is freed Wolverine from his annual quest 
@Aspirus: Hint for 10:  Jew.  
PS  Aspirus   Help me with the eighth man
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  Can someone give a hint about # 8 Ex X-Man?  Please    

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 I think the other two unknown version will be 2099 and Zombie. There were rumors that the game will show how Spider-Man gets into a zombie universe.  But as it turned out it is not true.  So Spider- Zombie will surely be.   While I hope that stands in his place will be Peter Parquagh.

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