Fort Hood Shooting

Fort Hood is on lockdown after a reported shooting today. The shooter hasn't been caught. Surrounding areas are on alert.

Usually I hate giving things like this attention. But at some point you have to wonder what in the world is wrong that when the last shooter to be convicted of the same thing in the same place has not yet served his punishment and it's happening again.

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Galan: Part 3 of 3

So this is my first foray into fanfiction. This isn't really a story, it's more of a narrative, and it's incredibly short, but I had fun writing it, I guess. I took some liberties with Galactus' origins.

I don't own Galactus. Marvel does.

So anyway, here:

I am hunger.

After my rebirth, no longer did I wish to explore; I knew now a hunger that consumed my being. I had to feed. I devoured a planet at my birth. I continue to do so. I cannot think of the lives that are lost. I cannot think at all. I must feed. My hunger drives me forward. So I will continue to consume the planets that I can find. I know that there is a reason.

I am power

I am ascended beyond anything I once knew. I have become something which my old gods would be envious of. Truly they would be beneath my notice now. I am risen to a place besides Eternity and Infinity. Death knows my name. I continue to survive, to feed. And with my power I have discovered my purpose: I serve this new universe. My power was granted to me for this reason.

I am necessary

Without me the universe would be thrown out of order. The cosmic scales would be upset if I did not exist. And so with my hunger I serve the cosmic balance. I am both a slave to this balance and to my hunger. I know that what I do must be done and yet… and yet, I mourn. I delay the moment that I must consume a world. Perhaps because of that delay one more life can be fulfilled, one more memory made before the inevitability that I am. I spare some worlds in return for the service of one of their members; perhaps out of remembrance for my own lost life I feel the need to grant these lower forms the ability to explore the stars. And yet for everything I do to delay, when my hunger reaches its peak I must feed. And I do so without hesitation; my cosmic purpose must be upheld. So I consume, and though I mourn for the lives that must be lost I know that it is necessary. Such is the way of the universe. Galactus must survive.

I am the Devourer of Worlds. I am the Balance of the Universe. I am Galactus.

And I hunger.


Galan: Part 2 of 3

So this is my first foray into fanfiction. This isn't really a story, it's more of a narrative, and it's incredibly short, but I had fun writing it, I guess. I took some liberties with Galactus' origins.

I don't own Galactus. Marvel does.

So anyway, here:

I am the last.

Somehow I lived. The ship that I and my race had flown in was destroyed, yet I lived through the end. I merged with something, something powerful. I thought perhaps that one of the gods had survived and rescued me, but somehow I know that is not the truth, the same way that though I see nothing, hear nothing, I am aware of the continuing universe. The new awareness is frightening. I do not understand it.

I am alone.

The rest of my race died. Taa is no more, the gods are no more, the friends I had made on worlds beyond mine are no more. Everything I knew and everything I did not know is gone. There is no more I can discover. I wonder if perhaps the souls of the dead are in the afterlife realm of some higher god. I hope so. But even if they are, I am here, in the black nothing, with no companion and nothing new to learn. I have spent a dark eternity with my thoughts.

I am reborn.

Soon. I feel the beginnings of new life stir in my body – my body which, I realize is no longer human. Soon I will pierce through this womb and have life again, though I do not know whether or not it will be worth living with my loss. Still, my insatiable curiosity propels me forward. Surely a new life means a new universe, and new things to discover. The reality of my past becomes an ethereal memory compared to the excitement of my future.

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Galan: Part 1 of 3

So this is my first foray into fanfiction. This isn't really a story, it's more of a narrative, and it's incredibly short, but I had fun writing it, I guess. I took some liberties with Galactus' origins.

I don't own Galactus. Marvel does.

So anyway, here:

I am human.

And once I was truly alive. I explored worlds, both mine and so many more. My curiosity was never sated. I live for the journey, for discovery. I loved the life I lived and once I believed that I would die among the stars that I have always loved, charting a new path for the explorers of my childrens’ time. But now, at the end, I cling to the idea of life, of escaping that fate which was wrought for me. I am not alone. Some of the rest of Taa go with me to somehow escape the end of the universe. We know we cannot. But we try.

I am afraid.

We all are. The universe is ending. We know it. From my planet to the other sentient populations I have encountered and befriended. We feel the groans of the universe as it lays on its death bed. The gods refuse to believe; those gods who have always had power now cannot imagine a power great enough to end them. But it will; they know in their hearts it will as they battle harder and feast longer and try to regain their old reign of the mortals. But we, the mortals, no longer bow to them. We are equals in the face of the end of all.

I am tormented.

I have accepted death, but I must think about what might have happened. How many more planets could I have seen? How many children would I and my wife have? How would Taa change if the universe had another millennium to live? I do not know. I do know that my time, that everything’s time, is now measured in mere weeks or days. And that is enough time to agonize over what might have been.


I guess you can ask this Geist stuff

I apologize for cluttering up CV with another one of these. But eh, what the hell. Just a few conditions.

If I don't like your question you won't necessarily like my answer. I will lie whenever and however I feel like it. In fact, it's more likely that most things I say will be false.

JK. I'll answer somewhat truthfully.

Or will I?



The Unlikely Green Lantern

I'll admit I should go to sleep soon. But, my sleep-addled brain was putting dots together as was its wont, and came up with the idea of a highly improbable Green Lantern that may make sense when you think about it: a grown up Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes. Before you throw this idea out to the birds, consider this: the requirements for joining the GL Corps are willpower, imagination, and to a lesser extent intelligence. Does Calvin have these?

Willpower: Calvin flat-out refuses to do anything he doesn't want to. Learn in school? Take a bath? Give in to torture?

No. And there are far better showings of his willpower, this was one of my favorites though.
Change for other people? NO.

Imagination: This is kind of the entire basis of pretty much everything Calvin does. But just to cover my a$$ on this point, Hal Jordan can imagine a jet to throw at his enemies? Calvin can imagine

Tyrannosaurs in F-14s!!
His own universe, complete with mythology!
An entire game that's entirely more complex than any normal sport (doubles as a showing of his intelligence)

And lastly intelligence: As shown above, he can outwit his parents (bath incident) and has come up with a game whose rules rival the complexity of any intergalactic law. He has also created a transmogrifier and a transmogrifier gun, a time machine (through which he gained familiarity with time paradoxes and the like), and has a firm grasp on politics, economy, and philosophy. He's also incredibly quick-witted.

Clearly possesses the intelligence necessary.

Yes, sir, Calvin is quite a handy candidate for Green Lantern. The only problem would be his attitude and resistance to authority figures. However, I believe with a little bit of growing up, this is something he could get a handle on, especially as he sees the things he could do with a power ring.

Also, just for fun:

Very nearly brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. Brings a smile every time. Such a fantastic end to a fantastic series. Shameless plug for C&H: If you haven't read it, read it. Something I'd recommend more than anything else.