Will Broo ever be fully restored?

Ever since Broo got shot he has had a rough time. I still haven't recovered from that issue personally. However I am glad they kept him alive and was just as thrilled as Idie when he awoke from his coma only to see this...

Now he lacks the very aspects to his character that make him the light in the darkness of the entire school. Im really hoping that this new Hellfire Academy saga somehow ends in his intelligence and sophistication being fully restored. Don't get me wrong I still love the character regardless (he to this day is my favorite) but I really do miss the elements he brought to the school. I see the enormous potential this has for him as a character as overcoming great hardship such as this trial he now goes through will definitely make him stronger as a result.

Until that day though I will continue to pray that Broo is restored some time soon. Now here comes the fun part what do ya'll think is going to happen will his feral state remain the new norm? How long till you think he goes back to his normal genuine sophisticated intelligent self? Any personal opinions are fully accepted here I just want to know what the rest of the fans of the series are thinking. For all you fellow Broo fans out there remain strong I know good things are coming for him we just have to wait.

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