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I still think immortality will trump anything the FF are going to throw at him. Even if Johnny manages to go supernova, AND assuming it can burn him at all, he's going get his butt out of dodge long before it kills him. The only hope the FF would have would be to team up with the wife to weaken him.

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Hancock!!! It's pretty hard to beat immortality!!

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Comic Vine Scraper, is the reason I use Comic Vine. While this is my first forum post, I have done enough editing to have just shy of 15,000 wiki points. If I can't scrape, I won't edit. I don't mean to be a jerk here, I'm just saying, the reason I started to edit was to fill in gaps in my collection that were missing or had incomplete CV entries. If we can't scrape with Comic Vine Scraper, I have no reason to keep editing. Thanks

Took the words right out of my mouth!

I've only made a few edits so far, but, like others have said, I've ONLY made those edits so the API can find them properly or pull the correct/complete information. Without the API, I would not have made the edits.

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I'll second these concerns. I wrote an application that identifies missing issues within my collection. In this case, ComicVine is God for as far as what my application will find. It also relies on the search function of the API in order to be effective.

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@jamesewelch: Thanks.  My assumption is that it must be a number, but probably a "real number" or "Double".  I know it will return things like 0.5 and 0.75 and I have one in my collection that is 52.50.  So, I'll cast everything to Double and return a nice error in the off chance something else is returned.
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Does the API ever return an <issue_number> that is not a number?  i.e. "A", "B", "II", "IV", "18a", etc.  If so, can someone please post an example volume?  I'm writing a parser and don't want to write logic to handle non-numeric characters if I don't have to.  It would make sorting substantially more difficult.  Examples that come to mind, but are not reflected in ComicVine are the "error" issues in the Sandman series.  In every guide, they're listed as 8a and, I believe, 19a, but there is no mention on ComicVine that I saw.

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This is the site for the Story/arc "The Children's Crusade". 

This is the API request result for the Story/arc "The Children's Crusade" .
The site has the 7 associated issues.  It would be awesome of they would show up in the API request results.