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With the new look I'm gonna guess that Harley is going to be a slightly darker character. Which is cool but I'm gonna miss that happy go lucky crazy psychiatrist and her iconic harlequin costume...

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How can it be Birds of Prey without Huntress and Lady Blakhawk..! And what is Dinah wearing?

And the other 3, Sure Katana has spent short amounts of time with the BoP, but whats the deal with Poison Ivy and the strange lady who may possibly be roulette..?

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@DEGRAAF: Zinda Blake aka Lady Blackhawk

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Barbara Gordon is one of my favorite comic characters, as both Batgirl and Oracle, so I'm not sure how I feel about Babs becoming Batgirl again. Will this mean she was never shot or will there be some sort of surgery involved that repairs her spine? What will happen to Oracle and the Birds of Prey? Will the team have even existed? Will she rekindle the spark between Dick Grayson and herself? There's so many questions.

But at least I can take solace in the fact that Gail Simone will be the writer. I can't think of anyone better suited to write Barbara Gordon.

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Storm and Beast, with a dash of Wolverine on the side...

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It was alright, could have been better though.
I would have like to see more of the other JL hero's make an appearance, besides Ollie.

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I'm actually glad this fell through.
First the actress didn't have that Amazon/Wonder Woman look to her. I reckon Lucy Lawless or someone similar would be perfect to play Diana. (She was Xena:Warrior Princess, for crying out loud)

A movie would work better with the added bonus of possibly doing a Justice League movie in the future. (seeing as their doing most of the other league hero's)
And the outfit!  Plastic much..?

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I'm on the fence about this.
It doesn't matter really, 'cos 70 odd years from now they'll be asking the same question.

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Thor was pretty epic for a Marvel movie...

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I would like to see Raven and Beast boy...

But with Raven, as some one already pointed out, there would be the whole Trigon thing and well that was already done in Teen Titans.
And a Teenage Zatanna would be kinda weird seeing as she's usually (I'm guessing) in her late 20's early 30's. Using Zach would make more sense. (If they wanted some one of the Zatara family)

And WG/Donna might actually work. If the legal stuff has been sorted out.