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@.Mistress Redhead.:
@The Dark Huntress:
I am working on geting into one of the teams. Im also working on geting more aquainted with the rules. None of the other players had mentioned restraining posts and as its been pointed out im relatively new to how it goes on vine so i was not aware. i do however understand and will aim to remind the fellow gamers. I know most ppl here have been around longer and played more, however on a side note im in vollege for game design and there for just wanted to also state that im more then happy to lend a hand in anyway. I apolgize if any comments made seemed degrateing or offensive to senior players my entent was only to offer assistance should it be wanted  
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same here :) so i made it my characters demon form. i originaly was all rayne and satana but dark huntress had rayne 1st so out of respects i got the unused dark and rayne and switched to typhoid marry
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nice looks fellow viners, as for myself i present to you the lovely Azrael or Blair depending on if she considers u freind or for




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@Feral Nova:
no prob hapy to asist any1 involved or looking to be, and realy just in general on cv :) also Tank i will try and remind fellow gamers to keep it down some so that other participants can get involved easyer. I also recomend to players that if you have a group of players keep PMs going so that your all aware of atleast your arcs thus lightening the load on yourselfs.  
1st and foremost aim to enjoy yourselves any continuity erors can easily be fixed  
have fun out ther viners ;)
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@Feral Nova:
il try and keep that in mind and pm the others as well. However i try and keep tabs on it all as much as posible so if any player needs a recap just shoot me a mesage il hapily respond as soon as posible and give a rundown. I will agin however try and remind my fellow crew that we should lighten up on number of posts. so that others can jump in without much dificulty 
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@The Dark Huntress:
My comment aplies here as well. I will admit for those im with that we have various posts however it is still just a single arc. The invasion is global should 1 want to join all they got to do is post should u desire a partner shoot a PM to any curent partakers or freinds u have who want in. These are all for fun and im sure any player will let u join if wanted and if not there is sure to be another. And then again theres the fact that there is plenty of options u can go with out side of the curent players build a story for ur character and bring some in maybe hook up with a team by building a new character or just use one u have and have them wind up a skrull. 
Overall just get involved if and when ever you want this is all for fun so dont sweat it and enjoy yourself. What ever everyones decisions i look forward to seeing u around ;)
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@Feral Nova:
In are defence it was are part of the thread others are open to jump in or introduce other storys. The site is over all about fun im sure no one will mind u taging along in anyones arcs or posibly even jumping in urs. Im also trying to keep tabs on as much of what is going on as posiple to ease the transition to the larger climax when it ocures. Also Longshot i recently sent a PM to you and the others engaged in are story arc so far. I also have provided a solution as to how to tie it all in so no sweat where all just at the starting stage. Also Paragon and Feral note that while i cant speek for other players i can tell you that the story with Wonka Mysself Lone Wanderer Longshot and i beleave Slight will easily encorporate u the team after all already is a mixed alliance bent on biger things so theres no wories bout wether good or bad. 
In the end again its all about enjoyment and fun so dont sweat it and feel free to jump in anytime. Look forward to seeing u in the things to come ;)
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thats a proublem with threds rong player an it becomes to easy
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@Ultimate JSA:
lol good luck with that, ima go kill stuff an look good doin it ;)