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Castle Bran was, well wasn't her home the true domain of Vlad. Funyad and Penari were the centerfold of the legacy and had a historical conection to the finest name of all the vampires. Bran was insulting, a keep visited three four times at best by her and her father. In no way was it the Castle Dracula it'd be like a child calling Disney Land their place of residence. It left a undoubtably foul taste in the daughters mouth. It was allready bad being the Glutton it was far from the title the well built vampire wanted. It was a fitting title as she almost never left her food alive and how she did everything in excessive quantity but still that didn't mean she aproved.

Nothing left her more sick more insulted and more enraged however when she ventured into the gift shop. Within the weathered yet still majestic castle was the atrocious room of product placement gimics and tacky material in general. Wasn't long before the entirety of the shop was set ablaze the store owner was hanging from the fan by his entrails held up in the macabre position synonymous with her families name. The heads of the three assistants were draped over the lights heads hollowed out so that feintly the light itself would shine from vacant sockets. And after that she felt slightly better about the place.

Venturing into the dining hall her distain was audible in soft spoken rambling about the ubsurdity of such marketing. Such as "who would want dad as a child mascot? Why does there choice look seem like an idiot? Why celebrate the novelized moderately inspired when there is the real deal." Hands still slick with the blood of idiots the self titled princess of vampires took a seat resting feet on the table and gleefully licking the gore from her hands. "Nyphixa right? You should stick with the pantless look. She devils are just to pretty to be burdened by clothes less they want to be." Seeing a being associated with hell was far more welcoming then the accursed store she burned down and splattered with gore.

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"An old relic is just that, let it go. Should not your weapon be more iconic then something that's been in other hands for many years?" Retracting her blades, her eyes admiring her old friends with obvious admiration. "These are apart of me, an extension of who I am. To lose them, to break them is to lose or break a piece of me. The spear no longer holds that aesthetic for you reclaiming it is futile. Like an amputee dragging around their arm." Of course she had another less metaphoric reason to try and encourage no pursuit on the Girl but that was another subject entirely. "Just remember to follow you isn't to be a lapdog. I believe the ages of secrecy to be idiotic and I'll follow such a cause. I'm my own ruler however."

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"You said till I was content not to keep her alive. Besides what's one more lamb to a wolf other then a meal? If further justification is required consider the fact that was the first time I've wetted my fangs sense crawling out of hell. So forgive a lady for breaking such a fragile toy." Little care at all for any bitter words, humans were insignificant. Be it the most alluring virgin on the clubs dance floor, a old warrior, or just the mundane average folk they were just toys to Azrael. A gluttons drive for excess in life left few beings worth caring for.

"Well I know your spear is in the possession of @The_Girl: from a theft. That's as far as I know on your lineage at the time. As for my resources I've limits the funds of my father went to me, and I went to hell. A collective of followers and wealth I have, but those men and women are the children of fine warriors not warriors themselves yet. None are vampires yet my plan when I meet them is to turn the generals, while the rest remain human. Only when the life is near over will a soldier be turned." Her demeanor indicating that even in death her soldiers retrieved spoils of war. Though young and having spent most of her time in the depths of hell it was still clear she was a strong but grizzly leader just like her father.

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There was still a part of her that was capable of feeling. It led to subtle smile but was quick to vanish. "Save the apologies for a lesser creature. The greatest vampires are those who aren't resting beneath the soil. Don't get me wrong I loved my father but fallen warriors are celebrated not mourned. As for me it's hard to watch someone in the depths of hell." The obvious turmoil clearly no more then a subtle quest to her.

"I wasn't good at running the estate. When they knew who Dracula was there was enough superstition and suspicion to condone any witch hunt. Unfortunately it takes a man to kill a beast, all I got was a priest. So I've returned to see the children of the night to proper apex position."

Not having a drink for quite some time her reaction was fast as a viper. Like the wolf she was offer didn't matter her fangs went for the jugular. It took some time before lust for carmine nectar was sated. A strand of blood that managed to escape being swiftly brushed aside to maintain clean appearance. "Apologies you wanted to say something."

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"Was it the Romans? Came back saw these tabloids figured only these Kardashian monsters and the like could do such thing as chase off my family name." The statement made clear as jest by hint of sarcastic smile. "Spare me 'Malcom' if I wasn't the real daughter I wouldn't smell like her." There was a emphasis on his name to tell she knew he was hiding facts from her. "And for the record we Tepes prefer to impale people not hang them, and as lynching usually comes with a mob that's obviously not our style."

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@joygirl: Course because Samus rules, but naw Lioness is more of a street level ironman.

Could drop a post in the fair and I'll reply after work ^.^

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The idea was for hew to be like a street level ironman techs fairly tame but resourceful.

Drop a post in the Fair and I can reply after work if ya like ^.^ will probably use Kayle

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Lioness ain't spacey lol but yeah Haven is lol. There's also Mintaya Olair Natasha Stark(kinda) Kayle Rez AndromedaNight annnd I'm sure I'm forgetting an alt or two lol

Anywho will probably drop by in the near future ^_^

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The scent was old, older then even her coffin which said a lot as it was made for her when her fathers was. Many excepted the facade but not her. She instinctively knew that this was more then an old vampire. That didn't make her soft however, she wished for vampires to once more be known as the apex predator and that meant never kneeling. This rather then a respectful bow she simply turned and met the legacy gaze for gaze.

"I suppose this is where I introduce myself? My name is Azrael Tepes I'm the first daughter to our most popular of kin. As to where have I been? Hell. How'd I get here I walked. Will I elaborate on that? Nope. Because who we are doesn't mean much until we have done something." She wasn't here to admire the people or aesthetics at the time, she wanted to get things done. Years of slumber and climbing from the abyss only made her more restless.