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@joygirl: Course because Samus rules, but naw Lioness is more of a street level ironman.

Could drop a post in the fair and I'll reply after work ^.^

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The idea was for hew to be like a street level ironman techs fairly tame but resourceful.

Drop a post in the Fair and I can reply after work if ya like ^.^ will probably use Kayle

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Lioness ain't spacey lol but yeah Haven is lol. There's also Mintaya Olair Natasha Stark(kinda) Kayle Rez AndromedaNight annnd I'm sure I'm forgetting an alt or two lol

Anywho will probably drop by in the near future ^_^

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The scent was old, older then even her coffin which said a lot as it was made for her when her fathers was. Many excepted the facade but not her. She instinctively knew that this was more then an old vampire. That didn't make her soft however, she wished for vampires to once more be known as the apex predator and that meant never kneeling. This rather then a respectful bow she simply turned and met the legacy gaze for gaze.

"I suppose this is where I introduce myself? My name is Azrael Tepes I'm the first daughter to our most popular of kin. As to where have I been? Hell. How'd I get here I walked. Will I elaborate on that? Nope. Because who we are doesn't mean much until we have done something." She wasn't here to admire the people or aesthetics at the time, she wanted to get things done. Years of slumber and climbing from the abyss only made her more restless.

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Many names possess a legacy amongst the undead though few carried as much weight as hers. For she was Azrael Tepes daughter to a legend and one of his many wives. Her very emergence led to heightened status amongst the clandestine gathering of vampires. And soon she was requested audience with one of the oldest of vampires.

Though upon research she was underwhelmed. Did he trade much of the vampiric nature for necromancy? There seemed more then led on but no matter. Surely Malcom was more entertains then the sack of shit cattle called humans. Not that they merited a name in Azra's book. Blades folded at rest on her arms there wait testified of more strength then thin physique implied. And though elegantly clad in obsidian dress there was no hiding that she was daughter of a warrior not some aristocratic fool. Most peculiar of all though was that no shadow seemed to accompany her, perhaps why even when passing a window and it's ray of sunlight her skin showed no sign of burning.

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"It's the most advantageous concept to be conceived. A squad will be of six and will function as six even if well trained. What we've done is kept six but made them function as one. Transcending in my opinion any past conception of teamwork and unity. It's nothing major though sir just doing my duties. Amaranth gone, a purge in the streets and a president as dangerous as she is undeserving conflict is inevitable. I'm here to insure when time comes you've what you need." A slight bow being made to show respect, a salute would of been fine however a bow from Azra translated as so much more. Seeing how the nuclear warrior was usually perceived as an unkneeling semi rebellious individual.

"As for my control" she took a moment to stand idle gradually her skin turning blue, longer still and it became green. Until within the end of the minute she was glowing to a point she looked ready to detonate with enough force to level one of the smaller states. A simple exhale and she was once more normal "I've gotten better. And we've all we need no need worry. From one friend to the other though it's very rude for you to not share your toys." She was of course referring to Vibranium and her obvious and natural desire for gear suitable of a general.

(Sorry for delay was off with peeps for a few days)

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The room designed for combative training and the refinement of mutant potential reverberated silent to those outside. Within though was the ear shattering roar of merciless conflict. Explosions of volatile magnitude only rising in destructive potency. Radiation flooded the room enough to kill almost endlessly as telekinetic defenses spared the crimson haired Elite of attempted attacks. The trainees were rigorously having to push themselves and collaborate to stay alive. A call from the most meaningful of people however called the session to an end. A thought and the room was fully encompassed and radiation spent in a flurry of detonations until the room was clear of all hazardous elements. Equivalent of nuclear bombs being dropped more like carpet bombs then a singular detonation those in training were found downed just shy of failing.

"You did good. Now all I'd have to do is a single bullet to kill any of you. You'll have to do better, good might not be enough. Show the enemy that your exceptional." With that she left and medics came in with healing and rejuvenating abilities that would have the trainees on their feet in no time. "Xenon been awhile. I've been working round the clock to ensure the military is at it's finest. Entire squads function as if one. I've been also working on teaching Elites battle meditation, forming a network of telepathic communication allowing commands to be given throughout the field in precise technique. With the precogs and such we can react almost instantaneously to any given variable. It's still being ironed out...anyway what you need?"

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Will work on replys after work

Ten hours of nearly nothing >.>

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