The Cache

(Much of this is in part to RavektheConquerer, Warsmen, Nordok, without them this list would be less awesome. My love and thanks to those people for adding me to our ever expanding mythos. The same love goes to others mentioned through out this blog, like ReEnforcer Overkill and Naamah)

When it comes down to it the Roxom family and those close to them are obssessed with weapons. Somewhere buried within the underbelly of Rigus Mortis is a weapon storage belonging to them. The system is riged with the highest grade security a super genius alchemist symaarian and keresh can put together. In short without about five diffrent kinds of biometric scans that are successfull you couldn't eneter it. In these walls are the many things that the group has gathered together. In Kayle's case she has many of these guns and suits with her but it never hurts to have more. The acumulated wealth of Hex Kayle Azra and Sya have allowed the group to acumulate a vast amount of weaponry. Add to this their ties to Symaarian and Keresh Navy, along with Kayle's ties to Nordok and the vast quanity of what they have is a very real possibility. The expenses were vastly covered from the KOV VI ran by Syapt and Hex and won by Hex. Many of the things here are also on ships obviously. Earth weaponry goes unlisted as it seams rather a dead given they would have them available.



Vendetta a circular bladed given to her from Azrael. The blade was maid by weapon specialists in Hell so that it coulld blend with Azylum's abilities. Made of a hellish version of adamantium the blade is virtually indistructible and absorbs energies used against it as added damage the most dominant being the powers of Azylum herself. The blades themself The blade is possessed by a demon that is bound to Azy and there for will allways find its way back to its master. The blades move inwards when another person besides Az Hex or Azy is in the center ring. The last ability of the blade is its adjustable size. It can go from its large blade to the size of a bracelet so it can be carried easly. The blade also can go bigger if needed. Primarily seen by Zulu

Lunas Scythe given by her father the Lunas Sythe generates dark energy capable of high destructive abilities. It also maintains the power to create black holes. A gift to Azra from her father. 1 in stock

Kayle master of the Plasmis

Plasmis Katara a plasma sword capable of cycling through sevral setings. Capable of cuting through most metals. If its not above adamantium then its likely to shatter to the weapon. Hex is learning them and Azra is good with them and Kayle has mastered them. Together theyve collected atleast a thousand of them to simply store away.

Poseidons Trident capable of comanding the seas and causing tsunamies and earth quakes. Obtained by Azra awhile back. 1 in stock

Aza weapon of choice

Ruin and Dispair Azrael's right and left arm blades are a modified variant of the chainsword she used and the kataris Alezra used. This set of modified tonfas is compact wresting along her forarm with little to no weight. When required the blades unfold fully capable of their standard uses. This mod didn't end with a simple concealment upgrade however. Ruin and Dispair with the press of a small buton on the hilt will be charged with a plasmic energy. This source has shown capable of cuting through more of the enemy forces than the average chain blade as well as the unique build allows the blades to be shaped or combined in a variety of forms for Azrael. Last but not least the two new blades are possessed by a variety of dark souls. With a simple squeeze of the handle the compact blades will morph into chainswords made mostly by the flesh of demons and their metalic like bone. The result being a set of over charged blades allmost as eager to consume and spill blood as her.

Dual Ejectable Wrist Blades that extend from and retract into her wrist gauntlets, crafted from a metal stronger than adamantium the blades are nearly unbreakable, they will not bend nor shatter, the Vanguard Commandos use them to break their enemies instead. Each wristblade is acompanied by a six round cartridge. The sixth is nonejectable, while the rest can be launched acurately up to twenty five feet. Part Kayle/Keresh Armor

Keresh Fighting Knives - A traditional Keresh weapon, the blade is forged from a Vibranium-like metal native to her home world, only soldiers from that world carry it.

Ker'va War Sword - A bladed weapon given to only the most skilled Keresh warriors, the Ker'va is four and a half feet long and forged from a nearly indestructible metal, It rarely requires sharpening and can be infused with electricity from ones own body to increase it's potency.

Symaarian Weapons

Chain Weapon - rotating chain teeth covered blade (Sword/Axe/glove/fist) Symaarian

Crozius Arcanum -skull-formed power weapon with a neuro-disruptor used by Chaplains often in the Symaarian army. Symaarian

Force Weapon - psychic weapon, only used by a psyker (e.g. Librarian). Symaarian

Lightning Claws - bladed gloves, each blade is a mini power weapon, used in pairs. Symaarian

Power Weapon - disruptive energy field covered (sword, axe, glove). Symaarian

Power Gloves/Fists - disruptive energy field covered hydraulic power gloves. Symaarian

Storm Shield - energy shield, used with Thunder Hammer. Symaarian

Thunder Hammer - self destructive energy-explosion hammer. Symaarian

Eviscerator- A larger chainsword capable of dealing more damage. Equivalent more to a chainfist. Symaarian

Impaler-Used exclusively by the forces on bikes or mounts, this is a lance tipped with a shaped explosive charge. It is a one-shot weapon used in close combat, allowing the guardsman to hit faster and stronger than normal. It also ignores armour, in a similar fashion to power weapons. Symaarian

ChainSpear-More comon then the Impaler this is a elongated handle tiped with a chainsword. There is also a dualblade varient. Symaarian

Neuro Gauntlet-claw based power weapon of assassins. It typically bypasses most armor. Symaarian

Shock Weapon-an emp based variant of the mele weapon(sword. ax. fist) Symaarian

Chain bayonette-chainsaw bottom of barel mount weapon. Good for close corners. Spine Eaters/Symaarian

Claymore-the largest of available mele weapons, normally impractical by those not further augmented by demons or with their own impressive strength(comes in chain power shock variants). The blade weighing two tons. Spine Eaters/Symaarian

Hex training with the Eagle Tear

Eagles Tear, the alchemy staff-after beating Crimson Eagle in the battle for Russia his metal staff became Azra's. Soon enough the weapon was given to her daughter Salem and modified to apeal to her versatility. For starters it comes equiped with plasmis katara tips and a nanobot formated system that allows the creation of a variety of blade tips. Within the tips itself are small cartridges to use for more specified alchemy weapon such as antimater. Primarily Salem


MPR as it was commonly called was a simple easy to mass produce assault weapon. Firing small bolts of plasma that did pretty good damage at medium range and wicked work up close. They lost some acuracy for fire rate, equiped on each was a chainsaw under barel weapon. Great for when the enemy got in ones personal space. It seamed to cut and eat its way through next to anything hence the mulch in the name.

Ragnarok the last piece of the suit is the canon that covers her right arm. The gun chanels the energy of abilities allowing for a variety of attacks. Ita also allows salvaged amunition to be used. ExoSuit PX Zero/Primarily Syapt

Wrist Mounted Flame Projector - Capable of unleashing an intense stream of fire similar to a flamethrower, the flame projector is capable of incinerating multiple targets at once or setting structures or materials ablaze. It can fire a continuous stream of fire for up to 15 seconds before having to recharge. Primarily Kayle/Keresh armor

Wrist Mounted Laser - A powerful laser far more powerful than anything found in basic infantry laser weaponry, this laser is only able to fire a single shot before needing a few minutes to recharge. The beam carries a surprising amount of concussive force along with it's natural destructive force. Even if the beam doesn't kill you it is more than capable of knocking an opponent back or even rendering them unconscious. Primarily Kayle/Keresh Armor

Micro Missiles - Six small missiles no wider than a pencil hidden within his wrist gauntlets that can lock on to a target or simply fired in the direction of an opponent in a pinch. While not capable of penetrating the armor of tanks or other heavily armored vehicles they are more the capable of demolishing the walls of most buildings and taking out groups of enemies. The missiles can be reloaded by the soldier in between engagement in the field. Kayle/Keresh armor

KV-RG Heavy Pistols A experimental mix of the original heavy pistols and her enginearing skills. The weapons fire small pellets with rail gun technology. Small rounds traveling and striking with just as lethal force as the comon Bolter(seventy five calibur explosive rounds). The only change being that the weapons have virtually no ammo limit thousands of shells in a single magazine. A extended clip makes it that she never bothers to carry an extra clip on her person primarily Kayle Imrpovised from Keresh

Equlaibriums, alchemic pistols-a ten round dessert equal both marked with alchemy signs.

Equalizer, alchemic shotgun-a standard police issue pump action shotgun. The weapon laced in alchemic runes allowing the use of the special amunition.

Compact Assault Weapon System - The Standard Weapon of the Vanguard, it fires a round comparable in size to that of the .50 BMG but instead of being propelled by gunpowder it is fired in a manner similar to a rail gun, allowing for far greater range and accuracy. Keresh

KZ-32 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle

LR-12 Energy Rifle Keresh

AG-76 Heavy Pistol Keresh

SG-98 Energy Shotgun Keresh

Y-87 Anti-Armor Kinetic Rifle Keresh

KZ-38 Vanguard Assault Rifle Keresh

KI-55 Bullpup Assault Rifle Keresh

RC-87 Enemy Suppression Weapon Keresh

TR-61 Energy Sniper Rifle Keresh

KW-44 Carbine/Sniper Rifle Keresh

Incinerator - high level flamer. Symaarian

Multi-Melta - short range anti-tank weapon. Symaarian

Pistol - small version of a gun for close combat (e.g. Bold Pistol, Plasma Pistol). Symaarian

Cannon - large version of a gun (e.g. Plasma Cannon). Symaarian

Assault Cannon- multi barreled gun, fires explosive ammunition in bursts. Symaarian

Bolt Gun - smaller form, fires self propelled explosives. Symaarian

CombiBolter a two bareled heavyer version of the bolt gun Symaarian

Lascannon - long range anti-tank weapon. Symaarian

Missile Launcher. quick reload 4 shot equivalent force of tank rounds Symaarian

Multi-Melta - tank hunter weapon. high explosive Symaarian

Plasma Weapon - kind of Plasma weapon (e.g. Plasma Pistol, Plasma Cannon), for light vehicles or groups of infantry. Symaarian

Psycannon - Bolter with special warheads with ritually inscribed silver tips very few available. Cause psychic/mental breakdown. Symaarian

Storm Bolter or Bolter - gun for rocket propelled shells. Symaarian

Heavy Weapon - larger version of a weapon (e.g. Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer). Symaarian

Huricane Missile Launcher - larger version of the Missile Launcher. think thermo rockets Symaarian

Inferno Pistol-rare melta pistol harldy ever seen but existing. The Cache only has three, Symaarian

Mortar-bombardment weapon Symaarian

Big fecking gun BFG

Exile Rifle-Used only by the extremely skilled assassins. The Exile Rifle is an incredibly powerful sniper rifle, modified to fire special rounds designed specifically for the art of assassination from a distance.

Balistic Freelancer Gatt-A trishot depleted uranium auto based shot gun given its name by the rapid fire and the freedom fighters who put it to use. The heavy rounds have shown to blast craters if not self destructing most heavy weapon units.


SMACC "Smack"-the small multi amo capable cannon. Using rail gun technology this small weapon when unfolded is no biger then the common 22 handgun of Earth. The technology in it however makes it a lethal concealed weapon. The top piece works as a sight granting the top barel a chance to be used as a lethal sniper weapon, good for roughly 800 clicks. The second barel a electric dart launching weapon to be used as a tazer. The last three barels granting semi auto small burst and auto fire capabilities. The uper half of the gun wields the tech to make it posible where the bottom stores the small tear droped ammo.

Pirate Weaponry

Predator-a medium sized gun that fires a curving heat locking bullet. Its 15 round ammo size is small but the design makes up for it as the special layout allows it to obviously follow its prey.

Pins-a nail gun improvised to fire small explosive needles. With a thirty round clip its capable of doing heavy damage for a weapon of its small scale.

Musket-a single shot shotgun with a room clearing area spread going in all directions with violently fast and rebounding shrapnel. A true room clearer

Hammer-a twelve shot gernade launching revolver.

Grinder-this heavy weapon has a spray of explosive thermal rounds capable of leveling buildings. Meant more for vehicles the pirates picked it up as there heavy machine gun, the girls later riged it with its explosive special based amunition. A 300 round full auto tank of a gun.

Assassin-needle firing pin point acurate pistol capable of penetrating most armor before detonating violently

Assassin2.0-the full sniper rifle varient of the pistol

Plasma 13 series

P13-Longshot a six mile six zoom auto compensating plasma sniper rifle. Match up the cross hairs squeeze and done.

P13-Streetsweeper a high rate of fire plasma rifle though not acurate it makes up for it by the hundreds of large energy bolts hurled in the enemys direction.

P13-Oblitorater a tank killing large bolt casting weapon capable ending of most things on a battlefield

P13-Thud a quick fireing pistol of plasmic energy

Ammo and Gernades

Fragmentation Gernades they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Stun Gernades they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Blind Gernades A more sophisticated type of smoke grenade, the Blind Grenade emits infra-red bafflers and broad-band spectrum electro-magnetic radiation in addition to smoke, to blind not only normal eyesight but also artificial sight aids. they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Plasme Gernade they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Melta Bomb they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Flash Gernades they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Thermal Detonators they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Nano Grenades release a cloud of microscopic machines that break down any living thing in their radius to their basic components in seconds, for safety reasons they cease to function after one minute and thirty seconds, deactivating thanks to a built in kill switch.they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc). primarily Kayle/Keresh

F.A.K.K a bio weapon in gass form with a 30 ft kill radius. The chemical compound is also contagious capable of passing on through touch for twenty four hours. The fumes emited cause the body to hyperact tearing at the body as fat and muscle are reduced to energy, The result is the body more or less devouring itself. The fumes die out fifteen minutes after air contact. they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc). Primarily Kayle and Hex

Deathwind Boltgun/Exile Ammo- shells filled with poison. Symaarian

Breaker Boltgun/Exile Ammo- penetrates shields Symaarian

Rupture Boltgun/Exile Ammo- heavier round for sniping vehicles Symaarian

Hell Boltgun/Exile Ammo- a mix of poison and compustion round Symaarian

Witch Ammo-multipurpose ammunition though obviously more seen by Salem. Through her alchemy these bullets can be modified to do nearly anything on the fly.


Black Ruby

Of all the weapons the women have stored this is the most lethal. As such it is also one of the rarest things to be put to use, not because its ineffective its just not wise to put to complete use at the moment. The armor being made of a complex weve of bio and cyberwear. Black Ruby named for its dark color and being a gift from Naamah, its exoskeleton capable of hardening and softening as needed. When taking balistics it becomes soft and absorbent to take the damage and replace that ammo spent into her own ammunition. In the case of physical or energy damage it hardens to take the damage and shrug it away without strugle. Absorbing energy constantly and storing it the Black Ruby is arguably unlimited in ergy. Of all that protection though including its natural energy shields its more for offense. The free hand is open to be used at will and in that there is the ability to shape shift. Reformating into what the user needs while the other hand is an arm cannon. This weapon able to form a antimater blade easily slicing through anything not magic enhanced. The general fire small or charged generates antimater rounds far from easily shruged off. While the heaviest fire is able to release a beam of energy that can ahnilate an entire planet.

Deaths Child (Artificer) Armour

Artificer Armour is the name given to individualized and heavily modified suits of Power Armour provided only to Space Marines who have proven themselves worthy of the honour, such as company Captains, members of the Chapter Master's Honour Guard, or particularly skilled Veterans of the 1st Company or the various company Command Squads. Artificer Armour is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, offering its wearer nearly as much protection as Terminator Armour. Artificer Armour cannot, however, make use of weapons as powerful as those available to Astartes in Terminator Armour. In Blair's case its modified to be more ferm fiting like the power armour used by the battle sisters. Its diffrences though are minimal at the moment. Azra primarily Symaarian

Exo Suit Syapt

ExoSuit PX Zero

While first and foremost suit is survival gear it also has been built to be of use in a variety of things and have its own atributes. The armor is broke down in two parts the Nanoweb and the plating. The mesh can be worn under clothing generally going unseen thanks to its ability to shrink and expand as required. The back that generates the armor is a bit more obvious but still would go unseen unless one has a well trained eye.Nanosuit-functioning as a second skin this provides the basic everyday needs. Temperature control allows survival in any location. The suit also serves as an automated hospital. Wounds and cellular decomposition being haulted before she would die. ZeroSuit-the armor portion collapses into a small pouch on the back. When needed however it expands into a full suit of armor. Zero increases strength and durability allowing her to withstand tank rounds as well as then throw the armored vehicle. It also recycles oxygen with a thought the suit will filter air or save so that Evie can function anywhere even within space. H.U.D-the heads up display and visor of the helmet is equiped all she needs. Lights, night vision, thermal, xray all are available. It also holds diagnostics on status of herself and ammo. Of course comunication and hacking software of highest quality was standard. After fighting Overkill it was made of Inflagliummaking it near indistructible. Primarily Syapt

The Blade Queen (Keresh Guardsmen) primarily Kayle

-Laser Range Finder - Used to assist with a sniper rifle, calling in artillery or any other type of support or designating objectives.

-Vacuum Seal - The suit is sealed to protect the the wearer from hostile environs as well as from the vacuum of space. If the wearer should happen to wind up drifting in a vacuum the suit can recycle oxygen for up to an hour to allow them to survive.

-H.U.D. - A heads up display that designates the locations of nearby allies and monitors the health of the wearer, advising them when to seek cover and or medical attention. Also keeps track of ammo currently in the magazine of a weapon and can scan the air for movement in low visibility conditions. The display can be switched between Normal View, Heat Vision or Night Vision. If anyone other than Kayle tries to use the helmet the blast shield will activate, making it useless to them.

-Built in Comm Unit - A long range communications system allowing her to communicate with Keresh forces in the System, it's range can be boosted by jacking into a large comm array.

-Vanguard Special Issue Jetpack capable of 15 minutes of continuous flight before having to recharge, built in missile launcher Fires a missile at a predetermined target designated via the H.U.D., The missile can't be reloaded in the field do to time consumption from the modification. Various Missile types includes: Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel and Anti-Aircraft. Requires a five second lock-on to track a target.

-Cloaking Device aid in infiltration of enemy territory

- Cutting Laser attached to wrist to cut through locks

- Noise dampening material allows the Vanguard to move around without making a sound Keresh

Keresh Infantry Standard Issue Combat Armor Mark IV

The armor worn by all members of the Keresh Army, capable of protecting the average soldier in even the most hostile environments, anywhere in the galaxy. Features for the Mk. IV include:

- A thirty minute supply of oxygen to survive in a vacuum

- Keresh Iron Plating protecting 90% of a Keresh soldiers vital areas

- Lightweight Body Suit made of a cloth-like material capable of stopping small caliber rounds and most normal bladed weapons.

- Magazine Pouches situated along the waist allow the soldier to carry enough ammo to go through days of fighting without resupply

- Hard points to attach knife sheaths, packs, extra pouches, jet packs, and numerous other attachments

- Built in Infa-red and Night vision

- Wrist mounted blade for close in combat and sheath on the back for a sword

- Air Filtration Device to give the soldier clean breathable air Keresh

Vanguard Assault Armor Mk VIII

A more light weight version of standard infantry armor, making the commando faster than the basic infantry while protecting 75% of their vital areas. The suits features include:

- Thirty minute Oxygen Supply with a recycling system to give up to an hour if necessary

- Flexible metallic cord on the wrist to ensnare fleeing enemies, also allows them to channel electricity through it

- Wrist Mounted Flamethrower for taking out large numbers of enemies or destroying potential enemy cover.

- Vanguard Special Issue Jetpack capable of 15 minutes of continuous flight before having to recharge, built in missile launcher

- Cloaking Device aid in infiltration of enemy territory

- Dual wrist mounted blades for close up combat

- Laser Range Finder attached to helmet

- Cutting Laser attached to wrist to cut through locks

- Noise dampening material allows the Vanguard to move around without making a sound

Experimental Exo-Suit

These Keresh Troopers are a recent edition to the Keresh Ground and Space Forces. Their armor seems to boast their own immense strength ten fold, an unknown technology built into the suit also allows them to channel their natural electrical abilities into devastating blasts of energy as well as increase the damage done by the prototype burst rifles they carry. A Retractable wrist blade on the left arm is their primary melee weapon and they carry a high caliber pistol as a sidearm. The suit also has a cloaking device that allows the wearer to remain virtually invisible for up to twenty-hours. Padded soles on the feet allow virtually silent movement. The suit conceals all heat signatures and signs that someone is actually in the suit, causing some to think they are actually machines instead of men. Keresh

Symaarian Power Armour Layout

Power Armour is fully sealed, isolating the wearer from the outside environment and protecting him from chemical and/or biological weapons and toxic atmospheres. It also commonly includes numerous auxiliary systems such as radio frequency communicators, auto-senses, etc. Space Marines go through an arduous process where they receive various biogenetically-engineered implants culminating with the implantation of the Carapace which allows the marines a direct and instinctual neural interface with his Power Armour, transforming it into effectively a second skin. The advanced systems of Space Marine Power Armour also monitor the Space Marine's biological functions, feeding the collected medical information to the user and, if necessary, to the Chapter's Apothecaries when he/she is wounded. The armour's backpack contains the suit's main power source -- a solar power converter and 100 solar cell batteries to store the absorbed solar energy, including a back-up microfusion array -- as well as its environmental and life support systems and additional movement stabiliser thrusters for low and zero-gravity combat.

Scout Armour

This type of armour is usually only worn by Scout Marines. A suit consisting of carbon-titanium composite plates. This is still capable of stopping the majority of small-arms fire. In times of relative peace, full Battle Brothers or sisters of certain Chapters may take to wearing Scout Armour during periods outside of battle. Scout armour is a carapace-built heavy armour. Symaarian base primarily used by Hex or Aza Symaarian

Power Armour

Possibly the most prominent feature of the Space Marines is their Power Armour which is a synthesis of many technologies many older around the time of the Navigator. The suit is comprised of multiple custom-crafted ceramite plates with armored fiber bundles and servos that replicate the wearer's movements and enhances a Space Marine's already superhuman strength, as well as allowing them to easily withstand brutal attacks that would rip a normal human apart. The armor itself can also act as a self-containing environment for the suit's owner, protecting the Space Marine from anything in the environment, including the dark vacuum of deep space and the most toxic planetary environments that the universe can provide. The armor interacts with the Space Marine through the Carapace, a subcutaneous membrane grown from the gene-seed that allows the Marine's internal organs and nervous system to interface directly with the suit of power armor, making the armor in essence an extension of the wearer's body. What few know is that each Space Marine's suit of Power Armour is so specific to its wearer that it cannot be worn by 2 different Space Marines. So precious is his ancient suit of armour that each Space Marine swears solemn oaths to honor and maintain its individual Machine Spirit. Azra and Hex are the only ones with a designated suit. Symaarian.

Terminator Armour

Tactical Dreadnought Armour, more often called Terminator Armour, is one of the strongest forms of personal Power Armour in existence and it is the heaviest and most resilient model the Imperium of Man has to offer. It was developed for a mid-range of uses between true Dreadnought Armour and standard Power Armour. It is composed of a Ceramite/Plasteel alloy exoskeleton with servo-assisted interfaces that link into the user's own neurological and muscular systems to enhance movement. It is able to withstand tremendous punishment, and serves as a solid heavy-weapons platform in open-field combat. Due to its size, it is best deployed in close quarters such as the corridors of a starship, where the standard-issue storm bolter can be most effective. One of the more common Spine Eeater sets, primarily used by Hex or Azra Symaarian



A gift from ReEnforcer to Azrael when first brought into Tenebrasque In this light motorcycle is her own personal gift from the possesed being. The tires tend to leave a burning trail where ever it goes. Its skeletal devilish design fits its rider well. Ocasionally if Blair see's it needed she has a small armory dedicated as nothing more then upgrades to apply to her ride to aid in the mission.

HA-70 Infantry Support Mech

The Keresh ISM can only be described as one thing, 5 tons of kill. Armed with a six-barreled 30mm rotary cannon, a 40mm grenade launcher and two shoulder mounted heavy laser cannons the ISM has been known to cause even the most hardened soldiers to flee in terror as the mechs slaughter those foolish enough to stand and fight. The Keresh usually deploy these in groups of three with Keresh Troopers following close behind to protect the mechs legs from enemy sappers. The mech is piloted by a single Keresh Trooper and can be deployed directly to the battlefield from orbit. Thanks to a set of booster rockets mounted on the frame the ISM is also capable of jumping short distances to clear obstacles. Keresh

MA-750 Main Battle Tank

The MA-750 is the latest Keresh main battle tank, equipped with a rain gun as it's primary weapon system, the MA-750 is capable of putting rounds down range with near pin point accuracy at up to ten miles. The main gun is augmented by three automated heavy machine gun that can be taken over manually by one of the three crew if need be, the gun identify targets using biometric scanners situated below the barrels and specialized weapons system located above the barrel which is used to shoot down incoming missiles and rockets. The armor plating has a special coating that protects it from most energy weapons and the armor itself can take multiple Anti-Tank rounds. The Tank is also equipped with radiation and EMP shielding, with a built in water and air purification system. It's crewed by three Keresh Troopers. Keresh

Land Speeder varients Symaarian

Havoc: The Havoc-pattern Land Speeder mounts twice as many heavy weapons as the basic Land Speeder and can also choose from a wider variety of weapons, able to mount an assault cannon or a heavy flamer.

The Land Speeder Grinder: The Grinder is extraordinarily effective at anti-personnel actions on the battlefield. It mounts a twin-linked Missile Launcher the missile inflicts a hard hit at long range and rarely misses since it is twin-linked. The only real drawback is its lack of versatility - the Havoc Missile Launcher is excellent at destroying infantry or light vehicles, but almost useless against even medium armour

The Land Speeder Reaver : Sporting better armour, an assault cannon, and a twin-linked missile launcher, the Reaver is among the most feared versions of the Land Speeder. The Reaver has a difficult combination of weapons - the assault cannon has a medium range while the missile launcher fires out to a decently long range in comparison. Better frontal armour means that the Reaver can usually get in close to enemy troops without much worry. A maximum of only three Reavers are normally fielded in a standard Space Marine force.

Basilisk Land Raider Symaarian

The Basilisk is one of the most powerful main battle tanks at the Imperium's disposal. The Basilisk can transport troops into battle, carries enough weapons to blast its way though nearly any defense, and has armour plating thick enough to withstand massive amounts of firepower. The normal Spine Eater pattern is called the Phalanx. It carries a hull-mounted, twin-linked Heavy Bolter able to turn light infantry into sludge. It also carries 2 twin-linked "Slayer" pattern Lascannons in its two side sponsons, making the Basilisk an extremely formidable foe for armoured vehicles, able to stand up for itself in any fight against another vehicle, and come out victorious almost all of the time. They are also equipped with an Artificial Intelligence crafted by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The A.I is smart enough to move the tank and fight even without a crew. It enables the tank to move even when the crew has been stunned, and is able to operate one weapon of choice, to shoot at a target. However, the artificial intelligence of the machine is nothing compared to the battle-hardened Space Marine crew and as a result, accuracy suffers considerably. With transport capacity for a full squad of Space Marines, their field supplies, communications gear, munitions and medical facilities, the Basilisk is well suited for striking deep behind enemy lines and surviving for long periods in the field. This flexibility is further reinforced by a sealed hull and the complex environmental systems that allow it to operate in practically any theatre of battle. Indeed, the Land Raider is as fearsome in the airless atmospheres of dead moons as it is in the fume-choked environs of a Hive World.

Saber Tank Symaarian

A Sabe is a variant of the main Symaarian tanks that sacrifices some troop carrying capacity for additional firepower. They are commonly mounted with twin-linked Heavy Bolters or twin-linked Lascannons on a single turret on the chassis, and are excellent for providing fire support to smaller squads. They can, however, also utilise Assault Cannons, or Multi-meltas. With the addition of the turret, the Sabers troop capacity is limited to 6 Space Marines. As Sabers have lesser firepower, even a single Basilisk assigned as escort can greatly increase the effectiveness of an assault. Impressed by its versatility, several Chapters have begun to field the Razorback in other roles, employing them as mobile command centres and heavy reconnaissance screens.

Styx Symaarian Titan

Styx behind Hex

The Spine Eaters Omnibous only has one titan in its ranks. The Styx is driven by its handlers who were raised and melded into the machine. The controls can be split or given away however, that control going to obviously one or more of the women. Being of the highest calibur the chaos imbued Styx claimed during the assault on the various gods. On its back coiled up is the tail capable of knocking down buildings, directly above it is the heavy rocket launcher of a back pack. On the left hand is a massive variation of the bolter rifle turret hard to so much as contend with for anything that isn't a giant sized mech. Lastly is the power fist the disruptive energy highly potent and the extending hand good for added range. Upon release of the extended limb a charge of energy meant to charge the fist is shot into the griped thing. The blast making it implode violently.


a gift from Naamh

Ruby Necklace charmed by her lover Naamah. The gold chain with its crimson stone has been charmed. Granting the wearer a small boost in luck, to wear it and not be blood related to Kayle would be fatal. Its not a game changer, mearly a perk. Belongs to Kayle

Negat-a medalion given to Hex by Night Dragon, it grants the user the ability to traverse to the dragons negative zone.

Drones- A small mechanical drone consisting of ports for weaponry and ammo. The machine further protected by its own small pair of rocket launchers and turret. There is also a heavier version made to work as security instead.

Cloning - While the Keresh posses the capability to clone soldiers, creating entire armies in mere months, the refuse, instead using the technology to clone new limbs and organs to replace one's lost in combat. A cloning bay is in the armory. Keresh and Symaarian

Anti-Gravity Technology - The Keresh military possesses a large number of anti-gravity vehicles, used for anything from reconnaissance to siege warfare. Keresh

Wormhole Generators - A technology acquired from a long extinct race (driven extinct by Keresh forces) that allows travel to anywhere in the galaxy in days or even as quickly as hours. Blueprints are in the hanger Keresh

Energy Shielding - Used to protect Keresh Warships (and occasionally civilian vessels), Space Stations, Colonies and Military Installations from harm. Blueprints are in hanger Keresh

Red Lantern Ring, aquired during the second Light War


The TM-700(modified by Kayle)

The Keresh answer to the Symaarian War Titan, The TM-700 is only deployed in the most dire situations in hopes of turning the tide. The TM - 700 can be deployed directly to the battlefield via drop pod or by simply jumping from low flying Cruisers. Heavy Keresh Iron and Adamantium plating makes the 700 nearly unstoppable in combat. The Heavy Mech is armed with a vast array of weaponry, ranging from missile pods to heavy cannons to plasma projectors and a large blade for slashing. The suit also has a variety of countermeasures for a variety of situations. Flare and chaff launchers to confuse incoming missiles, reflective plating to limit the effectiveness of energy weapons and a top secret material that limits the effectiveness of telepathy and telekinesis.

-Modifications Kayle has been lost and on her own for some time. To compensate the TM-700 needed to be more personal and suporting. The engine is plasma self suporting allowing it to function continuously without need of fuel or cooling. This also allowed it to use Rail Tech to propel itself around the galaxies just as well as a actual ship. Weapon wise she has added another large blade. The blade also tweaked to hold the plasmic energy to cleave through nearly anything. The main focal mod was to disassemble a variety of scraped vehicles to construct a way to get the machine around, in short its plasma generators and the Carrier a thruster aparatus that connects to the mech. The Carier allows the TM to travel through space and also return to the mech after it disembarks. A piece on her gauntlet allows her to call the mech to her as well if need be. The TM also provided greater mobility and capable of using blades in its ship format to be used as a knife against ships.

-Kayle douesn't know how to replicate Necron tech. She was able to learn from it however to transfer over ideas to her own mech as part of its augmentations. The base of the vessel allowing space transport has two swivel mounted Partical Accelerators which fire highly explosive spheres of energy. On her mech as a last resort, much like the Ker'vas she caries is the rail tech amplified blades. The molecular components of the weapon constructed to move back and forth at an unprecidented velocity. While it does cause some strain the mech has been made capable of withstanding it. This special design makes it hit with explosive kinetic force allowing it to cut through just near anything force fields demon auras to tank armor. The impresive blades are the back up to the TM's primary. It is further acompanied by fifty calibur railguns as underslung turets on the arms. A swivel mounted thirty calibur railgun on the left shoulder, and a particle canon on the right. The canon points verticaly resting along the back untill needing to be put to use. Rotating to the needed angle from 90 to 35 to fire its potent round. The default weapon is the large particle beam rifle. A more potent variation of the las rifle and far biger as its implemented on a mech.

-In her ship she also has a large variety of weapons should need arise. Further acompanied by plenty of ammo for her primary weapons and sevral gernades to restock with. A much larger asortment of the Katara's is also there if need arive. On this TM Carier is also the cloning bay she scavenged allowing her to recover many grievous wounds quicker. The bay stashed in the center of the vehicle below it the engine. An area to store rationed food and maintain it is on the opposite end of the armory. Keresh

Heretics Scythe

The Battle Barge is the largest class of warship used by most Space Marine Chapters. Battle Barges are extremely powerful starships and were designed with only one purpose in mind--assaulting other planets. A Battle Barge is primarily configured for the close support of planetary assaults and surface landings and carries numerous bombardment turrets and torpedo tubes. A large amount of the starship's hull space is dedicated to launch bays for intra-system spacecraft like Stormhawks and Drop Pods and up to three Space Marine companies are capable of deploying simultaneously. A Battle Barge is extremely heavily armoured and possesses heavily reinforced Void Shields so that it can breach planetary defences without harm coming to its precious inhabitants and their lethal cargoes. The Battle Barge is a literal mobile fortress in any situation in which an opponent seeks to board one with hostile intent. A Battle Barge is essentially one of the most potent starships deployed by the Imperium easily equivalent in power to that of an Imperial Navy Battlecruiser or even a Battleship when the additional power of its Space Marine contingent is added to the equation. The feature to make the Scythe a tad more lethal in ship to ship combat is the added potency to plasma weaponry. The various turrents placed along the sides of the Scythe giving the fire power to drive near the broadside of a vehicle and leveling most it comes in contact with. The modified engines speeding it up enough to perform much stronger strafing runs.

The Diabora and Demonis

A Strike Cruiser is the second major type of starship usually deployed by the Chapter fleets of the Navigator. While a Space Marine Chapter only rarely will deploy the might of a powerful and usually quite ancient Battle Barge, Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruisers are a more common sight, in the case of Spine Eaters the three ships are almost always together. Often the arrival of a Space Marine Strike Cruiser is enough in itself to quell the defiance of a star system rebelling against the Navigator. The Astartes are quick to act if the surrender of the Emperor's foes is not rapid and immediate. Strike Cruisers are fast, lightly-armed starships. Their primary function is to provide rapid response, as they are usually the first Imperial defenders to arrive at a threatened Imperial world. Strike Cruisers are capable of carrying one full company of Space Marines as well as all of their needed armoured support vehicles and have been known to deploy their full contingent of Astartes within only twenty minutes of their arrival in orbit of a target planet. Primarly, Strike Cruisers must be fast, with a substantial troop transport capacity and multiple means for delivering troops to a planetary surface rapidly, whether that be through the use of teleporters, Drop Pods, or launch bays equipped with Stormhawks.

DT-76 Vanguard Insertion Ship

The primary mode of transportation for the elite Vanguard Commandos, the '76 as its known as, is equipped with five laser cannons as well as an unknown type of energy weapon used for temporarily opening a hole in planetary energy shields, also effective at disabling enemy warships that might happen to get in its way. While these ships may appear large and bulky they actually posses the maneuverability of a fighter jet and can reach speeds in atmosphere in excess of Mach 3. Keresh

Type 38 Standard Infantry Dropship

Fast and agile, capable of carrying 50 troopers and their gear or 350 tons of cargo, the Type-38 is the work horse of the Keresh Military. The Type-38 is cable of being modified quickly in the field for a wide variety of missions (To be listed later). Main armament includes a three barreled rotary cannon beneath the cockpit, usually controlled by the co-pilot. The secondary weapons are four breaching torpedoes, used to open blast doors so the Dropships can insert troops directly into enemy warships. Despite their large engines the Type-38 is eerily quiet is usually not heard until its to late. All variants are equipped with a winch. Variants include:

Type-38c - Used primarily to carry cargo back and forth from planets to ships in orbit. Crew of 3.

Type-38d - Used on Desert worlds, engines are better protected against damage from sand.

Type-38g - Used as a close in support gunship, the cargo hold is replaced by multiple gun emplacements and missile launchers, crew increases from 4 to 12.

Type-38s - Capable of long range space flight, passenger size decreased to 30 due to worm hole generator for interstellar travel. Crew of 6.

Type-38a - Best suited for Arctic conditions, Engines less prone to malfunction or freeze if idle.

Type-38e - Used to enforcer Keresh Law on occupied world, armed with three spot lights, tear gas launchers, and a second rotary cannon on the back. Crew of 5.

Type-38m - Smaller variant employed by Keresh Colonial Militias, Carries 30 Troopers or 200 tons of Cargo.

Type-38r - Employed in search and rescue missions as well as medi-vac. No weapons, Crew of ten, capable of carrying 30 wounded Troopers. Keresh

Ahnilus-Nordok Heavy Cruiser given to Kayle

Although nowhere near as massive as the flagship, Nordok's heavy cruisers are equipped with both laser and turbolaser emplacements, allowing them to engage both other capital ships and fighters with equal effectiveness. It is roughly the size of (insert Symaar ship). It is retrofited with a slipstream passage both in the hanger and in Kayle's room that allows her to access the armory on board.

Falcons-Nordok Fighter Class Ships

Both the conventional fighters and bombers of Nordok's fleet lack pilots: they are either controlled directly by a nearby capital ship, or execute pre-programmed missions and combat maneuvers.

Harpie Stormhawk Gunship

The Stormhawk gunship is one of the Space Marines' primary weapons in the war against the enemies of the Imperium. Armed to the teeth with a Stormhawk cannon and various other weapons, its use became more and more widespread over the millennia. Each Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes maintains its own. Normally reserved for large-scale battles, time and time again its use in the various fields of war has been proven to be of inestimable value. The use of a flight of them to provide supporting fire and the rapid deployment of a detachment of Space Marines or Imperial Guardsmen to a critical battlefield location is a favourite of Imperial Commanders. Variants can also be used as transports for the Space Marines' various armoured vehicles, aerial ground support and anti-armour gunships or even as fighter craft to destroy enemy air superiority fighters when necessary. The Spine Eeaters the prime varient uses nearly double the number of weaponry. Something that allows it to serve even as boarding craft to ships.

With hardened Ceramite armour, a substantial transport capacity and a devastating weapons array, Stormhawks are versatile craft indeed. Although initially designed to airlift Space Marines into a battlezone and then provide fire support, the role has broadened considerably over the millennia, with many Chapters using them as highatmosphere reconnaissance craft, long range strike assets or even spacebound heavy fighters. In the hands of an experienced commander, a single Stormhawk Gunship can double the effectiveness of a Space Marine strike force, particularly in warzones where manoeuvrability is key to victory. Symaarian


Drop Pods are atmospheric transports used primarily by Imperial Space Marines for orbital insertion and planetary assaults where achieving tactical surprise is often an important factor. The Drop Pods look and work similarly to a starship's Life Pod and can carry either twelve Tactical Space Marines, a single Dreadnought or a single Thunder Cannon. They are launched from a vessel in low orbit towards the drop zone, usually in the midst of or near a battlefield. Once launched, they plummet through the atmosphere until their retro rockets fire to slow their descent. A computer Machine Spirit guides the Pod to its destination and can receive further commands from the Pod's mothership. Although the Pods become immobile after having landed on a planetary surface, they can be recovered by the Chapter's Techmarines and reused.

Destructor Tanks

veritable mobile fortresses, their heavy armor and devastating artillery make them ideal for leveling buildings and engaging other heavy combat vehicles. They can each carry a full platoon of troops and are frequently used as mobile command platform


Exterminators-Nordok security bots


Led by Kayle these robotic figures are the equievalent to a space marine. They come with two plasma pistols with auto fire. There faster than the average marine though less versatile on the field. While not the most durable they are easy to replace to stop them one must damage both the core/heart and cerebral cortex/head

Scorpius Assault Drones

These automatons are designed to provide swift, mobile fire support for ground troops. Lacking heavy armor, they can cover great distances over even the roughest terrain at speed, and can even ascend vertical surfaces

Spine Eaters Battle Sister Chapter

Spine Eater

Military all female space marine chapters are directly under the command of the women of Roxom. The Spine Eaters made of the Teres Morba which were mixed in with Symaarian DNA or vise versa. They are just as good as the best chapters of chaos space marines. They are also dedicated to only Azrael and the family. They apeal to the empire and work for the empire. Their faith is more in the Roxom though than Navigator. They tend to transform into possessed demon marines upon death. Their primary leader outside of Roxom is Noir a chainclaymor weilding woman of legacy like strength. For more see the seperate blog coming soon.

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