Going to be made ult Az bio(old Az bio)

Name: Azrayne Hellnova

Monikers: Azra, Defiance, 614

Nick Names: Duchess Nukem, NukaBtch, Rad

Occupation: VLA Elite

Age: 23

Height: 5'5

Weight: 117

Hair Color: Red or Blond

Eye Color: Green

Powers: Telepathy: The ability to read minds by the use of this her reflexes are amplified. The mind picks up on neural messages for movement which makes her slightly precognitive in combat. Normally though in Azrayne’s sake however it’s just for interrogation fear centered purpose to give her a better strength against the low lives. Though a good telepath she is considered a runt amongst the VLA in telepathy regards.

Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate matter with her mind. The full extent of her capabilities are on the atomic level. Generally however she doesn’t use them to that degree, she originally used it on a low level. While the radiation allowed her to use it fuller she’s kept to the easier natural side. Her general uses were in acrobatics by shielding from harm and popping limps back into place after otherwise impossible moves. The protective nature of this has also been used for force fields.

Radiation: Her mental abilities had been novice when her abilities first developed. Her truest mutant power deals in radiation or to be more exact nuclear energy. This can be used to emit types of radiation or detect said radiation. It can also be used to generate varying levels of nuclear explosions. These can be anywhere from smaller then a grenade to bigger then a modern weapon of mass destruction. Through concentration she can emit just a emp blast but this is a little more strenuous on the body. This can also delve into toxins, because of this her blood saliva and sweat as well are considered irradiated and toxic. Recently she learned that she can store the energy, her skin turning blue indicates a 100 mile diameter explosion waiting. This increases the muscle mass as well to being able to lift up to ten tons and run at 40mph. It is believed if charged further her body would grow green and her potential would quadruple. However such energy could also be harmful to herself.

Weapons and Items: Often makes use of TK(telekinesis)+NE(nuclear energy) to construct potent blades or makes use of tonfa blades. Her VLAE Suit provides mild bullet proof resistance and blade deflection. The suit also shield against harm from environments.

Transportation: Rarely leaves VZ, travels usualy by motorcycle.


Originally Azrayne was just a girl born of a rather drug addicted mother and a political figure father, nothing special. Awkward family sure but nothing to really set her out of the ordinary. During high-school she began to learn of her mutant abilities a small level of telepathic and telekinetic powers mixed with the main mutation. A distinct ability to be able to detect and sense toxins and radiation, on top of that she could produce it with powerful effects. Azrayne was also rather rebellious believing in never abiding by anyones rule but her own. This is what would lead to her most common nicknames like Nukabtch or Duchess Nukem. Despite all this however the woman who bounced back and forth between red and blond hair was generally well behaved. She only acted out if someone had the audacity to tell her what to do.

This changed however when the war over VZ began. The growing conflict saw her family killed. Because of the propaganda like nature of conditional environments her mind was made up for her. Humans were the reason for her loss of everything. This was only further helped by her insistent nature of thinking law and order were bad things. With not much going for her the pyromaniac resorted to taking part in the ‘Spitfire games’ designed by Desiray Devinova aka Spitfire these games were a automotive sport. A series of races and stunts thats danger escalated do to the weapons put to use. It resulted in vehicular warfare in one of the most profitable but deadly endeavors.

Upon the restoration of Venezuela however the Venezuelan Liberation Army took interest in the thermonuclear mutant. She found herself enlisted into the Elite class not long after. Azrayne had a love for the training and conflict but not so much the ‘law’ element. Her abilities were also less then the others slightly which made her think herself the runt of the group. Her misguided thoughts, pride, and lack of regard for authority have made her a unstable element to say the least. Over the past months she had grown to be one of the most revered and feared being of the Liberation Army.

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Old Prime Bio


Name: Alezra Blaair Roxom

Super Name: Azrael

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Alias: Empress Alezra, Sifu of Shadows, Dragon of Shadows, Duchessa of Tenebra, Widow of Roxom, Syndicates Demon, Pluto's Surpasser, Daughter of Death, Hell Queen, Malal's Slayer

Meanings: Second only to husband Ravek Val'chan of ruling the Keresh Empire. Leader of the League of Shadows, Named for her dragon like aproach to things, General and Second of Comand just below Kain and Lyn, The wife of the Late Kaligar Roxom and war hero and veteran of Symaar not able to hold reign like Kaligar but free to do just about whatever she pleases. Belonged to the Vine Syndicate for a time, Defeated Pluto the Roman ruler of Hell's Equivalent, Born of AZRAEL aka Death and as such is a reaper of souls, Beside Consort Shadow the King of Hell title was given upon death of Kiara Sulivan rules over a vast amout of Hell, Killed and replaced the Warp God of Betrayal

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Weight: 105

Age: 175

Hair Color: Blood Red(snow white when demon form)

Eye Color: Emerald Green(slightly red when demon form)

Skin Color: Very Pale(grey when demon form)

Race: Demon Goddess(Adopted Keresh and Symaarians)

Birth Place: Infernum(Hell) and Arizona(her human half)

Original Name: Andrea Blair Felklair, forsaked the first and last eartly

Maritial Status: Married to Ravek

Family related: Salem Hex, Reaver, Acolyte D, Serinity, Pratorian (all children) Death(father) Athena(Mother) Angeni(sister) Angeni's children, unnamed human mother sister and father(all three deceased)

Family by Marriage/love: Kaligar Roxom(Husband deceased) Ravek(current husband) Shadow Thief(lover in Hell) Kastiel(stepson) Andromeda(Step Daugther) Kiara Sullivan(lover and previous ruler of hell) Mercy(some what abandoned) Mercy's kids(dont know but would be there if wanted)

Family by Other Means: Eternal Chaos, Lady Death, Naamah, Kayle, Haven, Asylum, Allianete(made by Hex), Umbra Sorcoerer(stole soul fragment), Erebus(stole soul fragment), Malice(seen as a sort of sister) Kameo(adopted pawn)

Ocupation: Queen of Hell, Battle Sister Warmaster, Empress of Keresh, League of Shadows leader, Revolutionary/Terrorist

Powers: Elemental(fire, water, earth, air, allows ice, blood, metal, plant, electricity, sand, glass) on mass levels. Umbrakinesis. Decay/touch of death. Teleportation(red mist includes phasing/intangalable heals some wounds when used). Portals(teleportation and creature sumoning). Mutation(shape shifting, body augments for speed strength stamina and weapons). Healing Factor(high level). Heightend Sences(demon physiology and elemental use, includes a almost danger sense) Flight(bat like wings), Hellfire(can make metalic constructs), twenty ton strength, mix of physiology and elements for various amounts of speed, Soul Reaping and necromancy

Demon Form: When in plains of existance belonging to patheons her abilities of the warp are active. They are lost however on earth and planets unless in demon form. Covered in black helish markings and a darker image the demon form permits warp use and boosts strength to 100 tons. Warp use includes, time manipulation, psychic abilities(lightning telekinesis telepathy etc), chaos magic.

Augmentations and Features: Roxom with flower thorn vine design around it tattoo, nanite moving tattoo. Symaarian Implants: second heart(increase blood flow, give medicine/adrenaline if needed fails if first does though), Biscopea(boosts her five ton to twenty ton strength), Preomnor(helps fight toxins, its incomplete though reducing toxins to about 30%), Modified Occulobe(mixed with Keresh H.U.D optics to provide a h.u.d when waring helmet improves eyesight range, Progenoid Glands(gene seed of ceremonial importance of Symaar is up to Aza if used though unlike others), Black Carapace(interface to armor)

Skills: Master Swordsman, well versed in various fighting styles, marksman, mechanic, leadership, willpower, masochist, tactician, stealth, demolitions, pilot, lying/deception

Immunities: Flashes/blinding lights, heat, cold

Weapons: Arm blades Ruin and Despair, light weight fitting arms without being heavy and rather small when not extended, each is actually a demon and as such can recover most damage done, they are most often the usual metal or chainsword variant but can also go into being laced with plasmic energy to make able to cut through near anything. Lunas Scythe makes black holes and can chanel abilities into chaotic beams. Ceremonial Bolters gold and black skeletal designed guns fireing a exlosive seventy five calibur round, each has a twenty round magazine with a chainsaw bayonete attatchment, generaly has five magazines for both pistols. Of course multiple concealed blades are often. Normaly metalic nails are used to function as claws.

Armor: When worn it provides a optional helmet and its ceramite build can take alot of damage. Along the back is a jet pack with limitless fuel making up for lack of wing use. Each shoulder has a small rocket pack capable of twenty salvos(five rockets) of each shoulder. The gloves are of a chainclaw format riping through most material with ease. It boosts natural speed and strength(a total of 50tons with stress). Roughly twice the bolter ammo and the same amount for two other weapons. With an optimal slot for an added melee weapon.

Weakness: Holy and or devine tactics(naturaly as a demon a priest is a bit more lethal), pride(shes a warrior at heart its easy to get her to play fairer), Limits(while her healing factor can recover most injuries shes still mortal. Heart and mind damage can be fatal), Masochist(while she enjoys pain it also puts her into harms way often)

Bio: Blair started as just a simple woman who enjoyed killing and was a murder at a ripe age of three. And a serial killer around the age of five or six. Violence was her passion she killed and picked fights throughout all her life. This only served to grow as time passed, untill finally she made her way into the Vine Syndicate. It was here she made her first step to full demonhood. Here was also where she become the lover of Kaligar Roxom. They waged wars that helped her reach her full demonic potential. This carried on for quite sometime before joing Shadowlands which would later become Tenebrasque In. Her exploits of course did not end there.

She went on to kill Malal and take his place in the warp higharchy. Upon the death of Kaligar Roxom she slaid both Bloodstompa the grandest of orks and the previous Everchosen. Grieving over the death she grew closer to both Shadow Thief and Kiara, and of course Ravek. Both went from sinful ways of coping to actual affection. Kiara Sullivan was the Queen of hell having near apsolute rule, upon her death that reign was given to her lovers Shadow and Azrael. Then came Ravek who managed to fix the hole left where her small black heart should be. The inspiration to keep going and eventually claim the League of Shadows as her own. Just recently she was made into the Empress of the Keresh Empire.

Back Up: Avraline also known as Dust is her right hand often takes form of a dragon design on clothes or a raven. She is a skilled magic user of a fallen angel. Few no the truth that she is also the guardian of Death and a mighty Dragon breathing hellfire. Noir and Anarcia Baroness two Symaarian cursed demons that serve as her guards. Though Anarcia is rare Noir is often actualy the handmaiden if not shadow of Azrael. Acolytes the primary guards of Aza, Keresh electrical aces with a deep amount of skills. Hellcycle: A gift from ReEnforcer a skeletal bike emiting flames as it rides. Its able to go over water and fly and has a variety of weapons that can be summoned from the Cache. Infernum a skinless demonic horse on fire capable of runing along water and traveling at mach 3 speeds.

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Old NU/SW Bio

Starwars/CVNU(Nu differences in parenthesis)

Code: Darth Defyance

Name: Azrayne Hellnova

Monikers: Azra Defiance 614

Age: ----

Height: 5'7

Weight: 117

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Powers: Force(specializing in reflexis telekinesis and mental abilities) Minion: Minion is a eight foot five hundred pound shadowy figure. He functions as a ghost like apparition summoned at Azra's will. Curiously though he carries two lightsabers and pistols even still. Sometimes he is masked sometimes hes other wise human. Both ways though he seams sentient and capable of doing all that Azra can.

Weapons and Items: Underslung Vibroblades lightsabers concealed in handles. In her jacket is another eight handles from previous kills. Along with forty small vibro knives, and six thermal detonaters. On her bealt is another sixteen gernades, eight thermal and eight plasmic. Located in her sleeves are another twelve knives, leggings house another twelve. And on her back she carries twenty gernades, ten thermal ten plasma. The back pack like storage unit has roughly eighty mines as well. Stored in her gauntles as well are grappling hooks and gernade launchers. Total, 2 grappling hooks, 2 gernade launchers, 2 vibro blades, 10 lightsabers, 64 knives, 24 thermal gernades, and 18 plasma gernades. Suit while not special evades the danger of acidental trigger.

Minnion has two lightsabers, and two pistols

Weakness: She relies entirely on explosives for distance making her a bit recklace. She also has a complete lack of order, fealing obligated to be defiant and rebel almost always. Doesnt know how good in the force she could be.

Transportation: Executioners Song, a Executor Class Star Dreadnaught. Measures at over nineteen killometers long, with 300,000 stationed officer crew. It was designed with one main reactor and dozens of smaller ones. Its engines thirteen Executor 50.x engines. It was said it had more firepower then any other ship catagories. Turbolaser and Heavy Turbolaser cannons each(2000 firelinked by 8) Concussion Missile tubes(250 with 30 missiles each) Heavy Ion cannons(250) Tractor Beams(40) and PD Laser cannons(500). With Its shields equivalent to the total power of a medium star(3.8x10 to the 26 power). It can hold up to 250,000 metric tons with consumables of six years. It houses an additional 35,000 troops 500 of them sith. 5,000 half Aurek class tactical strike fighter, aka AWing with two heavy laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers. A fast anti fighter bassed ship. The other half were Blades, a even faster ship with same weapons. It was just a flying cannon, but to make up for it its pilots are force adepts. 2 Orbital Garrisons two standard garrisons locked togeter base to base. Eight stories tall each, the first five floors housed the garrage for the vehicles. Level six was for personal quarters and offices, floor seven was for fighters to be launched, eight for deployment chutes and control rooms.It can provide orbital deffence suport for ground troops or fighter squadrons. 5 KT-400 Droid carriers a heavy armored transport with two pairs of laser cannons. Though lacking firepower its armor still lets it deliver a payload of 400 droids. 500 Sith Escort Gunships fast transports with up to 30 passengers and having six autoblasters, 800 Basilisk War Droids which had heavy armor and claws fore and aft sensor clusters, high boost engines, shockwave generator rods, laser cannons, pulse wave cannons, shatter missile launchers, and space mines.

Bio: Little is known about the girl known as Defiance, rumor has it though that she isn't entirely real. That in one of the means of the Sith Lord wanting to never die clones were made. It is believed by many that Defiance is one of those people. What is known though is that when Azrayne woke she fealt a desire to rebel. She adopted her own fighting style, focused the force on what she wanted. Establishment and order were battled at every turn, to a point it was the only name most asociated towards her. Minion is believed to be a Sith Lord, either that of the last lord or perhaps the predecessor. (In CVNU she is a clone of Coven and the Minion is the once Master of Coven)

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A Note To CVU: Changing, And Is It Worth While

I have an rpg planed that will remove empires not in use within cv. Id asked for permision and been given the go ahead. The goal being that it will shift the world to a place that we can establish. Instead of right now where nations may or may not be at war, and cities might or might not be destroyed, and the world could or could not have a hole through it. Cannon got shot, the nU left even more holes. So we fix those and make it something worth geting in. Hopefully

When I had first brought up the idea Kratesis and I came to use a pretty good analogy. NU was a functioning bus that took people to the party, where as CVU was a bus that was broken down. Characters transfered to NU or for NU went on, and those in CVU didn't. More importantly it feals that CVU was given more pot holes and road blocks. Its remained static nothing to really do. So I aim to change that. First with a new rule. Assuming the community seams to agree. We don't want to be nU light, but we do need the rule. My version is a more easy going layout that i feal works for cvu.

If you wish to make an empire(kingdom/city/etc) that exists on the world and isn't a made up part of the world one should have a rpg to establish it. That is to say if your location exists in reality claim it in a rp, if its a place such as a floating island(aka doesnt exist in rl) anything goes. A random space station is fine, a take over of NYC needs a rpg. Upon claiming this empire through a open ended rp(open ended means you could win or lose. No garnatee who gets said empire till it ends) one can then make the thread. Should the one owning the thread be inactive with the acount owning location for three weeks the empire is lost. Where it goes into political reform the next two weeks before another can claim it.


1.make rpg to claim land. Should you win move to step two

2. Make thread have fun. Then should you be apsent

3. New reign is made to empire making it unowned.

4. After two weeks of New reign another can take it

The goal is to promote activity and excitment not just a land grab. Its also to avoid half the globe becoming static. We want to keep the world as it was in cvu where anything goes, and damage can be grand. However it also needs to stick, whats the fun in a chance to alter the world if it doesnt alter for most people. So we try and make a more fluid cannon, so things are big fun and consistant.

However if most seem against the empire rule il drop it. Im just trying to help bring back some of cvu. Love nU, but I put alot of work behind cvu I don't want to abandon it all. Im also curious if its even wosrth bothering to try, or is CVU really dead


A Note To CVU: Revising The World

Dear CV comunity it has been brought to our attention that we are in a slump. Im not sure if this will be clear but im going to try and be of some use. To address what the issue may be and offer one rp that might allow a remedy. Because grumbling wont solve anything nore should a select group work to find a solution. Its long, so if your attention span is short maybe you should ignore me :P

I ask you the simplist of questions why? There are dozens of us, with hundreds possibly thousands of characters. So with infinite possibilites why have we seemingly slowed down? Why is it that we seem so resiliant to do things when we all clearly have some spark of creativity in us? And most importantly, most crucial of all what the Hell does it take to change this! And yes I exagerated that sentance as I feel it is a very important and critical question.

This place when I was first joining had no day old posts on first page, hell there rarely was any on the second page. Now there about eight threads below on the first page. Thats aweful, something has seriously seriously seemed to dampen the outlet of potential here. So I am going to try and figure out why this is. And I am going to try and offer an outlet to finally shape up to what we all want this place to be. So let me first address the alt U in proggress as this is the latest buzz.

I first want it made clear I am not against the idea I am actualy in favor of it. I want to see the vine take off again and this does seem to promote it atleast on some level. Im really excited for it, and excited for the work im going to put into Azra for it later tonight. My complaint is in the junction that its aimed to shake up the community but formulated by a select few. My issue with cliques made me wanting to hear more people were involved. Doors of creativity seamed closed off and that im always against as I feel it is of the utmost importance that people feel free to explore any idea or outlet one desires. That and Ult CV was a big hit, that went nowhere and died off. Im all up for the idea and what im seeing you all do is f_cking briliant. Im against closed doors however and more important this doesnt change cvu. We've all commited time, many years to this site. We all see its needing to be changed and yet none of us are in persuit of changing. Actually let me rephrase that, almost none of us are able to persue this change and fewer still seem to back it. So let me now move to the issues I see.

First off is Complacency. We just kind of nod are heads and stay in our little rroms doing our own things. How does this help any of us? If we don't try and pitch an idea or try and commit to other ideas how do we get further. If you can not offer your support to somebody or have faith in your own how much progress do they make? F_ck wether or not your idea has been done before, the writers will be diffrent and the results will vary so screw that holding back sh_t. As for others, stop just saying "thats cool" and such no seriously enough. Egoes grow if you just say A grade work or bite back your tongue. We grow by knowing what we do write and wrong so please for the love of god or whoever the hell you worship be hounest. If a post sucked try and offer some helpful feedback. And try and actually post in things. I see alot of "this is cool im so in" and then they never show. Or worse yet post once and then almost never again, that not only sucks for ones record but screws up the rpg. Naturaly of course we all have lives outside of here so some is clearly okay, but come on theres no way its a hold up all from rl. Its lazyness and a failure to commit. And again if thats the case f_cking say something and help make it clear what needs doing to keep you going.

Groupies, theres a serious diffrence from fans and a groupie. Fan is good, saying (insert name) is awesome and that you love their work totaly cool and we need that. However thinking the world of them to the point it puts down another user isn't cool. I hate hate hate how the vine seems to fall often into this place where if your not That One Person then you can be ignored. This has alot in similar with Complacency. Try and support others venture out of the groups we sometimes get stuck in. Some of my favorite pieces of works have been brought about by doing things with somebody not on my team or that im at the time familiar with.

Canon Picking, its the most agrevating concept to date! I know some might feel like man that was cheep or man that was dumb. What we see though is "great stuff" at face value and then "what the hells wrong with them" behind doors. Theres alot of "that just didn't happen" which is simply just b_tchy and low to me. Truth Bloodstone was never ever going to have a relationship and certainly not a kid. I hated the idea of her having a relationship, but I made good of it later with the twins beating in Final War and the making of Fera into the Witchblade user im dying to use her more if I could just make the time or find the right place. Good can come from the worst ideas if you just apply some damn effort. Its better then a disregard of them, there isnt a single thread of that which is enjoyable. Find a way to work with things not make a confusing mess where one character is suffering from PTS from a war that another character never says happend. The best way to unify the vine hounestly is to start trying to embrace everything and not just what worked for you.

Not Retconing what you want to retcon....there could be another person with the name, a cosmic change, a disease anything if you want. I mean lets embrace the fact its your damn character you should do what you want. Over powered might be annoying to alot of us but as long as they sell who are we to say they cant be? Some characters might have exhausted all their potential, and while they should try and avoid butchering other characters history who are we to say they cant revive them in a new way. I personally loath when a character dies epicly and then comes back but if you want to bring them back make a new you whatever do so. No need to not do what you want to do with your character.

Empires, I know some of us love the empires, heres the thing though. Its come to a point where that empire abundance is crippling the vine. So except its doing more harm to us all and let them go. Or better yet actually use it, have the turf wars that kills one side or cripples both. Thought an "empire" liked to expand so why the hell are there so many? Hell one ruler practicaly has empire in his name come on now. Of course that brings me to my last thing....

Sell Sell F_ckn Sell its not as simple as one thinks. Its not just taking a punch, sometimes a punch isn't even the answer it is crucial to also make one look good, This however branches into other elements, such as emotional. Take a loss then run with it, be in a captivating event use it. And most crucial if your some ruler sell the enemy and your allies. Its okay to say your base got leveled by that bad team. Or that the war was lost, its okay to lose some ground. We do this for fun and story. And guess what, the untouchable unbeatable perfectly perfect land of flawless greatness of unconquerable unrivalable epic complexity. Yeah thats boring as f_ck.

Summary of Above

This is not a jab at any of you, Ive commited myself to likely something all of you have done. That said please do not take anything said as something attempting to marking you down. What this is is me pointing out some things I feel are the flaws of the vineand what I think could be done. We all feel that a change is needed so lets work together to make it happen. Alot of people are saying "it just cant be done" why the hell not? We all play a role on this little island so how come we cant change it? And if so many of us can see theres something wrong is it really such a stretch to say we cant all work to fix it? I personally have a little bit more faith in our abilities. If you found the censored language a problem sorry :P

So Heres The Pitch

For the past two years almost all have failed to see that Salem Hex and the right hand of the Secretary of Defense have been calculating the formation of a deadly scheme. They would turn the world back to its original un imperialistic form with everyone changed into a mutant or dead. The catalyst of the change would be carried across the globe by thermo nuclear war. The plans however had been pushed into advance however do to a traumatizing event.

The world catchs wind of this and soon supporters and opponents are visable from every side. They plan for the savior or fall for all humanity on a foriegn and domestic level. No chance to pardon ones self from this rising threat, of course as the zero hour aproaches events drasticaly effect how the original plan was set in motion. To keep this short and also avoid spoilers as I literaly have been building this tale for two years I'll leave it as just whats above. Early in the rp the bombs would be released to insight chance to change things sooner rather quickly. As attention spans can run short and I feel its better to kick things off soon as possible before momentum dies. Cant always be helped but do so if I can. Empires would fall or be damaged in a way that drops them yet still promotes ones involvment with such areas. The best earned empires are of Santo Ray and Tenebra and yet for whatever reason they haven't been able to put them to use. Thats not all their fault mind you, while the most well known was simply claimed and doesn't do much for cv itself. The one with the most work in it is also the most dead. Their all great but they are not working, we all see it and voice it so lets do something.


Heres the thing though Im just one person I don't know what all of you feel is the issue. I dont know what all of you are looking for in an rpg. And while any of us can pitch and even promote change we need the others to make change. I can spend hours working to deliver great stories as can you, but the set up of this game we all love demands that I be there to keep your tale going and you mind. Its a cooperative game and not alot can be done without a person working with us cooperatively. So if your one of the people who think CVU needs a change then step the hell up and lets make that happen. And sense thats the thought it all of our heads at some level then we ALL need to step up. Empires its time we pitch the fall of such its holding us all back it seams so its time we work to remove those or give them new life. Viners you can gripe all you want about it being dead but your complaints only go so far. Screw if the idea slumps if it does you just go back to the drawing board big deal. We all see the issues, allow me to be the one to raise the first fist of Revolution, one fist doesn't go far though. What we need is you

This message is brought to you by Drew, the writer behind Azrael614 and sevral other accounts. With Love I say my dear CV we need to get our sh_t in gear allready ^_~

Insert questions, yays, boos, randomness, and progress below



Acolytes and Spine Eaters retrieve much of the same traaining and have many of the same training and splinter groups. Below is the explaning of their formation ranks etc. With added elements to tell the diffrences of the Keresh troops. Many of the Battle Sisters are apart of this system adopted into being led by Alezra Roxom though obviously not all are among them the empire being very vast. Much is inspited by Warhammer, and some elements of other sci fi.

Blood Duel Trial

To become a Aspirant or student of the tutealage of these militaristic forces children(age varies for Keresh) are taken into arenas. Here they are forced to fight to the brink of death, the victor the one to go on. This dual varies deppending on the world sometimes thhe weapon is changed. Sometimes no weapon is permitted but rather it must be by hand. Often times the fight goes on through victors to also grant a early sense of rank by victors fighting untill all but one stand not on the edge of death. Space Marine Apothecaries and Keresh medics are capable of rebuilding a body and as such the fights tend to be brutal no holds barred conflicts.

Aspirates of the Space Marines and Acolyts are typicaly adolescents or young adults. Normaly children are picked from ages five to eleven where they are tought tactics warfare etc early. At the age of ten to sixteen though sometimes branching out to twenty is when one recieves the various implants. The age is so modifications can coexiste with the body. Careful precaution is taken to insure implants are compatible. Other wise one might become dead or psychotic, the careful steps even go as far as psychic conditioning. This also to help fight risk of being tainted by Chaos.

Organ Procedure is as follows(taken from the sight sources of inspiration) most Keresh dont under go such treatment.

1.Secondary Heart (The Maintainer) - This is the first and least difficult implant to install. The Secondary Heart increases blood supply and pumping capacity and is capable of taking over entirely should the primary heart fail. It may also pump steroids and adrenaline into the first, primary heart to give the Astartes an extra "rush" of energy on the battlefield.

2.Ossmodula (The Ironheart) - This implant strengthens and greatly accelerates the growth of the skeleton of a Space Marine by inducing his bones to absorb a ceramic-based mineral administered in every Astartes Neophyte's diet. Within two years after the surgery, the Space Marine's skeleton will be larger and exponentially stronger than a normal man's with growth having topped out at around 7-7.5 feet in height with an equivalent amount of skeleto-muscular mass. An Astartes' rib cage will also be fused into a solid bone plate to provide greater protection from injury for the internal organs.

3.Biscopea (The Forge of Strength) - Implanted into the chest cavity, this implant massively bolsters skeletomuscular development and muscle fiber density throughout the Astartes' body by unleashing a wave of human growth hormones. This gene-seed organ is commonly implanted at the same time as the Ossmodula since it is necessary to successfully regulate the Ossmodula's hormonal secretions and it will also regulate the hormonal changes caused to the new Astartes' body by many of the other gene-seed implants.

4.Haemastamen (The Blood Maker) - Implanted into a main blood vessel like the aorta, femoral artery or the vena cava, the Haemastamen alters an Astartes' blood's biochemical composition to carry oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. The actions of the Haemastamen turn a Space Marine's blood a brighter shade of red than that of normal humans because of its greatly increased oxygen-carrying capacity. It also acts to biochemically regulate the actions of the 2nd and 3rd gene-seed implants, the Ossmodula and Biscopea.

5.Larraman's Organ (The Healer) - Shaped like the human liver but only the size of a golf ball, this gene-seed organ is placed within the chest cavity and manufactures the synthetic biological cells known as Larraman Cells. Larraman Cells and pumps them into the Astartes' bloodstream. These serve the same purpose as the baseline human body's platelets, but act faster and more effectively. When a Space Marine is wounded, Larraman Cells are released, attached to his leukocytes (white blood cells). At the site of the injury, they form scar tissue in a matter of seconds, effectively preventing massive blood loss and the possible infection of the wound.

6.Catalepsean Node (The Unsleeping) - Implanted into the back of the cerebrum, this implant allows a Space Marine to avoid sleep, instead entering an almost comatose trance where their minds "recharge". It also allows the resting of half the brain while the other hemisphere remains alert, thus removing the need for the unconsciousness required by normal sleep. The longest any Space Marine has ever been on active combat duty without rest is 328 hours, achieved by a squad of the Crimson Fists Kill-team during the battle against the Orks for Rynn's World.

7.Preomnor (The Neutraliser) - The Preomnor is essentially an organic decontamination chamber that is implanted inside the chest cavity and connected to the digestive system, above the original stomach so that no actual digestion occurrs in the Preomnor. It is capable of biochemically analyzing ingested materials and neutralizing most known biochemical and inorganic toxins. The Preomnor enables the Astartes to eat normally inedible substances and resist any poisons he may ingest.

8.Omophagea (The Remembrancer) - Implanted into the upper spinal cord so that it becomes a component of the central nervous system, this organ is designed to absorb information and any DNA, RNA or protein sequences related to experience or memory. This enables the Space Marine to gain information, in a survival or tactical sense, simply by eating an animal indigenous to an alien world and then experiencing some of what that creature did before its death. Over time, mutations in this implant's gene-seed have given some Chapters an unnatural craving for blood or flesh.

9.Multi-lung (The Imbiber) - The Multi-lung is a third lung implanted into an Astartes' pulmonary and circulatory systems in the chest cavity that is able to absorb oxygen from environments usually too poor in oxygen to allow normal human respiratory functioning. Breathing is accomplished through a sphincter implanted into the trachea, allowing all three lungs to be used at full capacity. In toxic environments, a similar muscle closes off the normal lungs, thus oxygen is absorbed exclusively by the Multi-lung, which then filters out the poisonous or toxic elements.

10.Occulobe (The Eye of Vengeance) - Essentially, the Occulobe is a gene-seed organ that enhances an Astartes' eyesight after being implanted along the optic nerve and connected to the retina, granting him exceptional vision and the ability to see normally in a low-light environment.

11.Lyman's Ear (The Sentinel) - This gene-seed organ implant renders a Space Marine immune to dizziness and motion-induced nausea, and enables an Astartes to consciously filter out "white noise" or resist other sonic attacks.

12.Sus-an Membrane (The Hibernator) - This implant allows a Space Marine to enter a catatonic or "suspended animation" state and is implanted within the brain near the pituitary gland as a part of the body's endocrine system. It can allow a mortally wounded Astartes to survive his injuries, and bring the metabolism to a standstill until he can receive full medical care. Only the appropriate chemical therapy or hypnotic auto-suggestion can revive a Space Marine from this state. The longest recorded period for this form of hibernation was endured by Battle-Brother Silas Err of the Dark Angels Chapter, who was in Sus-an hibernation for 567 standard years.

13.Melanochrome - Linked into the endocrine system via the lymphatic system, this gene-seed organ alters the pigment cells in the skin, which allows the Astartes' skin to shield him from otherwise dangerous levels of radiation and heat. Different levels of radiation cause variations of skin color in different Chapters due to mutations in the Melanochrome organ's gene-seed. This can be related to the unusually pale skin of the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters and the dark black skin and red eyes of the Salamanders.

14.Oolitic Kidney (The Purifier) - This gene-seed organ works in conjunction with the Preomnor, filtering the blood to remove toxins that have been ingested or breathed into the body. However, this detoxification process renders the Astartes unconscious once it begins, so it can be very dangerous if required during combat. Under normal circumstances, the Oolitic Kidney also acts as a regulatory organ for the Astartes physiology, maintaining the efficient action of the Space Marine's advanced circulatory system and the proper functioning of his other organs, implanted or otherwise.

15.Neuroglottis (The Devourer) - This gene-seed organ implanted in the mouth allows an Astartes to biochemically assess a wide variety of things simply by taste or smell, biochemically testing various objects for toxicity and nutritional content, essentially determining if the substance is edible or poisonous. From poisons to chemicals to animals, a Space Marine can even track his quarry by taste or smell alone, much like the average canine bred for tracking.

16.Mucranoid (The Weaver) - Altering the Astartes' sweat glands, this endocrine-lined gene-seed organ causes the secretion by an Astartes' body of an oily, waxy substance that coats the skin when necessary, protecting it from extreme temperatures and to some extent, even the extreme cold and lack of pressure of vacuum environments. The gland's operations must first be activated by an external chemical treatment, usually self-administered, before it will activate. Space Marines are cocooned in this way before they enter suspended animation, and the process can even protect them from vacuum and other extremes of temperature.

17.Betcher's Gland (The Poison Bite) - Actually consisting of 2 separate glands implanted into multiple locations inside an Astartes' mouth, including the inside of the lower lip, in the salivary glands or in the hard palette, these two glands work in tandem to transform a Space Marine's saliva into a corrosive, blinding acid when consciously triggered. An Astartes trapped behind iron bars, for example, would be able to chew his way out given a few hours. These implants' more common use is to aid in the digestion of unusually difficult or impossible things to digest, such as cellulose. In the gene-seed of several Primarchs, like that of Rogal Dorn, this organ has atrophied and is no longer as effective or has simply ceased to function entirely in the Astartes of the Chapters that use those Primarchs' gene-seed.

18.Progenoid Glands (The Gene-Seeds) - Implanted into both the neck and the chest cavity, these reproductive glands serve to collect, gestate and maintain the gene-seed from a Space Marine's body, and to safeguard it for the continuity of a Chapter. These organs hormonally respond to the presence of the other Astartes gene-seed implants in the body by creating germ cells with DNA identical to that of those implants through a process very similar to cellular mitosis. These germ cells grow and are stored in the Progenoid organs, much like sperm cells or egg cells are stored in the testes and ovaries of normal men and women. When properly cultured by the Apothecaries of a Space Marine Chapter, these germ cells can be gestated into each of the 19 gene-seed organs needed to create a new Space Marine. Thus, for most Astartes, their Progenoid Glands represent the only form of reproduction they will ever know, though the DNA passed on will be that of their Primarch, not their own. The neck gland can be removed after 5 years, and the chest gland after 10 years; both are then used to create new gene-seed organs for the development of the next generation of Space Marines.

19.The Black Carapace (Interface) - The last and possibly most important of all gene-seed implants, this neuroreactive, fibrous organic material is implanted directly under the skin in the chest area of the hardened and shell-like ribcage of the Astartes Neophyte. Invasive fibre bundles that serve as neuron connectors then grow inward from the implant and interlink with the Space Marine's central nervous system. Points pre-cut into the Carapace before its implantation by the Apothecary are effectively neural connection points, allowing an Astartes to directly interface his central nervous system with his suit of Power Armour's Machine Spirit so that the suit can provide enhanced protection and combat maneuverability unavailable to an unaltered human wearing the same armour.

20. Oposing Seed is a added atribute of Alezra's making one in touch with Chaos. They can sense the ruinous powers and are slightly opposed to its maddening influence.

21. Demon inffection is the second addition of Azra making one able to fight beyond damage taken and able to possibly become bound to their demon rather than to simply die. It also adds more strength durability and other boosts that have been known to very.


Added to the preparations for the gene seeds and service Astartes Neophytes and or Adepts(yong Keresh with amped electric abilities) under go sevral aditional things. Chemical treatment, psychological conditioning, subconcious hypnotherapy all taking place as every waking hour is spent training. An Adept or Neophyte must be submite to constant tests and examinations. Implants monitored carefully all while born anew in continuous combat. As the enhanced body grows new skills are both learned and conditioned in by psychic lessons.

Battle Sisters and Acolytes are not just the super soldier of physical self. Eeach is raised to be able to tap latent powers of the mind. Not psychic but intrinsic, this allows one to push past fatal wounds for example. Also allows almost lightning fast reactions. Many have been taught to a point their mind is photographic. Conditioning also boosts willingness to follow orders first, be resistant to psychics, and encourage great respect. Many have even begun to apsolutly lack any principle of fear. Trained in hellish landscapes constant lethal exercises and wars at constant pace. The conditioning has only helped to forge warrior elite.

Ranks of the Spine Eaters and Acolytes

Chapter Master(Azrael)

Being the Chapter Master is to be a stern but kindly Angel of Death. Mother of those serving and the scorn of any opposition. The combat of one of these individuals is a unmatched prowless the Apex of the chapter.They know war inside and out to a point of making conflict and tactics instinctive, able to know battlefields intimately on arival. They are hardest of foes to falter inspiring others to do so as well. Political power is also equaly epic in the impact, free to act frreely answerable only to other of equal rank. Even the Inquisition treads light around them. Like most Masters Alezra has a star spaning fleed of barges, cruisers, navigators, astropaths, armourers, and planetary defence forces.

Honour Guard(Acolyte D and Noir are among them)

Prlongued commendable service makes one a veteran and sometimes awarded chance to serve as Chapter's Honour Guard. They are the example of the desired ideal laid out in the Codex. Stoic and solemn at rest yet standing as ferocious and unyielding in battle. Given some of the highest honours that can be bestown performing deeds some can only dream of. So knowledgeful in the art of war are they that its folly even for Masters to ignore. At the moment Noir is Chapter Champion challenging any enemy commander to single combat sould need arise. If that isnt possible then they seek the most elite. Their gear and weapons are some of the finest of relics.

Captain(Anarcia is one)

In a Chapter is ten companies. Led by a captain a hardened vet and master strategist. Captains are sometimes assigned missions of deployment into elements beyond the Chapters curret capability. Under the right captain a handful of Acolytes or Spine Eaters can be worth dozens of standard forces.

Librarian(Hex is one)

The Imperium of Symaar is ever vigilant of the Chaos taint. The Librarians are the balnace of use and taint not a abomination but a psychic tool of might. Finding and developing nascent psykers is a prime responsibility of the Librarium. Surviving the enhancments and training is hard enough that only grows for Librarians. The teaching of Warp and maintaing the mind is expontentially harder for them. Before even going to war a Librarian has faced thousands of enemies thanks to Warp seeing them as a prize.

Master of the Forge

Is the most senior Techmarine maintaining Chapter's fleet of vehicles. Knowledge astute and rivals even senior Tech priests. Normaly able to spot isues with machines at a single glance, as well as maintain and fix weaponry. Equiped with bionic servoarms to make quick repairs as well as weild a Conversion Beamer. A antimatter projectile weapon, range making it even more potent a weapon.


Spiritual leaders of the Symaarians. Preserving rituals and performing rites and ceremonies. Armor black and adorned with icons of battle and ritual tokens they are daunting to behold. Skull helms whaite and envoking a visage of imortality and above else fear. They remind all of glory and as such mortality the greatest facet of war. They rejoice in slaughter heading for the fiercest and thickest field of war. Most wield a staff, or icon.

Command Squad

These travel with high rank officers though their members and pupose vary. Normaly consist of Banner Bearers, weilding the battle flag a relic symbol and vicious weapon.Then there is the Apothecary a tactician and combat specialist whos also a good surgeon. They also collect the gene seed. Champions who target the mightiest foe for honor. This leaves company captin free to command.

Terminator Squad

Dreadnought or Terminator armor is the thickest of shells for the most vicious of fighters. The best a marine can have making one impervious to many attacks sent to them. Its durability has even taken tank shells of highest calibur and still been useful. They are sent to bare the imposible as they knowningly can overcome.

1st Company Squad

Veterans of the elite 1st Company deploy to the softest line of the enemy to grind down the prey with cold precise means. They forsake mele for range and precision. The 1st tend to compete with others for glory though this is more good than expected bad.


Tech support put simply


Cyborg single task slaves often heritics or criminals made mindless tools


When death seams close but soldier still willing they may become one of the most feared soldiers. Life granted by servatude to a machine they are bound to. Bound in a cyborganic armored sarcophagus he or she is bound to electro fibre implants. They are often the first wedge to a enemy's defece. A collosus fighhting machine thrice the height of any man usualy. Most damage barely leaves a scratch the weapons brutaly effective.

Tactical Squad

Specialy asigned squads and standard troop means used versally. Well versed and wisely picking what is best for their task.

Scout Squad

The most basic ground level of the ranks the back bone to the mighty muscles of the twin Imperiums finite wrath.

Assault Squad

Using jet backs and close weapons they lunge into fights to leave crates in the enemies regime.

Speeder Squadron

They serve as calvary of various means. One is by hover craft or thick wheeled apcs heading in and delivering troops or support. Be it by thick wheel or armor they mow down just about any organism to stand to them. The armor can even allow one to drop from air vessels. Another version is to use the bikes, lightning fast attacks delivering brutal damage. They also work well as scouts. Then there are the various tank forces great for simply laying waste.

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Tree Of Conspiracy

One expects the League of Shadows to have a scheme, none though know yet of the one painted so far. Welcome LoS Inner CIrcle to the outlining layer of what plots might be in motion. Those of you not of the Circle of Shadows and have intruded are data ranks, expect death to come for you. These mind you are just what I Alezra and my compatriots have done let alone what else we have going with groups.

Syapt is a inteligent powerful woman who many dont know is active let us look at what she has going for her. And as such us.

Syapt has employed Razors_Edge a member of the Harbingers.

Syapt has employed DecayingRose member of LAS.

Syapt has an eye on Spitfire

Syapt is associated with Clara Mass

Syapt is associated with Skynet

Syapt is beside the Secretary of Defence

Syapt is in relationship with Overkill a member of COP

Syapt runs a multination organization of viral and medical means

Syapt has employed Kayle Rez to train troops

Salem Hex is a alchemist whos also been expanding.

Salem created a black market brief immortality drug

Salem works with Nordok

Salem made Alianette

Salem made the bio weapon of Infestation(rpg)

Salem is considered a celebrity from KOV and has exploited money

Razor is there prime assassin has been made a super weapon

DecayingRose believes Syapt is telling her rightful things to do

Azrael helped Andromeda making her feel somewhat obliged to aid

Azrael granted Roxom family and associates were granted legal immunity

Azrael is said to be in line with Ziev

Azrael is in league with Impero

Azrael is in league with Athens

The list of schemes has been rapidly climbing.........

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Old Bio

Name: Azrael

Aliases: Blair, Azra

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Gender: female

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 120 pounds

Eye Color: Glowing Green

Hair Color: Red

Affiliation:Formerly Vine Syndicate and Shadowland, Presently Tenebrasque In

Occupation: Crimson Regeant and ruler of Rigus Mortis

Nationality: Hell/America

Avatar Appearance:Currently Chandra, others have included Typhoid Marry, Rayne, Satana, Battle Sisters and numerous art work

Relatives: Nora Felkair(human mother deceased), Edward Felkair(human father deceased), Amber Felkair(human sister deceased), Death("demon" father), Helena Troy("demon" mother), Angeni("demon" sister), Dark Huntress(half sister), Warsman(Husband), Serenity(duaghter). Kastiel(step son)

Marital status: Married to Warsman, Companion to ReEnforcer

Story So Far: Azrael was the 614th demon born on June 14 at 6:14 pm. At the exact time Andrea Blair Fekair the 614th baby born at the Prescott Humanitarian Hospital was born. This event allowed for Azrael to exsist on earth rather then lay dormant in hell. When she was five she had already killed a dozen people. She started to use her pyrokinesis to "Ash" the bodies so no-one would catch her. After her thirteenth a Blond walked by and said in 15 years she would come back and make her pay for her sins. When she turned 16 she went on a journey to hell. This seemed like a month to her but was no time in the real world hear she was taught the extent of her powers. Do to this she has an instant understanding of the boosts from devouring souls.

Vine Syndicate's demon

At the age of twenty she was aproached by Patrick Back to join the Vine Syndicate. Here she began to meet people with powers as well as people with the darker ambitions she was acustomed to. Her first mission was more a test of skills that had her go head to head with other members seeking to be part of the Syndicate. These members were Madame Rose, Egan the Vile One and Firebrach. Many if not all seemed potentially stronger then her at the time but she held her ground and fought hard enough to own her a spot on the team. While on the Syndicate she quickly made friends with Spectrum. Known as the rogue angel of destruction Az and him had much in common. In her urge to put her abilities to the test she challenged Spectrum to a dule in Tokyo. During the high point of the fight the blond woman from her distant past showed herself. Gabby daughter of Gabriel confronted the two. Sevral members of the superpowered comunity jumped in on the fight. Whether in hopes of stoping the two criminals or joining them, Vermilion a man with surprising strength jumped in though Az had little to do with him. Madame Rose and Aphrodite both of the Syndicate were spoted at one point, as was the hero Lunar Wolf and Arena. Arenea a spider powered hero fought with Spectrum for a time as Azra battled Gabby. When Gabby nearly murdered Azra she was able to gain the upper hand. Giving herself time to heal and then absorbing the souls of the hundreds of dead she was able to grow in power and finish off the angle. Her head was brutally riped apart from the inside out. As the halo disolved and the fight seemed to die down Isotope an old freind of Spectrums came into the fray. After yet another grouling battle the two went back to what they had started. By the time they had finished both were near dead. Preffering to give a victory to a strong warior Blair gave Spectrum the win followed by saying he owed her.

Relentless Even Against The Rogue Angel Of Destruction

During her run in Vine Syndicate there was a riot not to far away. The earth quake sent the city into chaos and a man named Longshot tried to

Against the Odds

bring in more heroes to maintain order. First hero to land in her sights was Black Jacket. Toying with him for awile she was engaged by others before she could end him. The heroes Spur Longshot and Ball and Chain attacked her. Spur and Longshot were quick to leave the seen but BC remained. The fight was in theory a stalemate however seeing as the man left and in her departure she took even more lives then she had before the battle she declared the event a victory for herself. Not to long after the riots Blair went with a man named Kaligar to wage war on countless worlds. It was with him that she felt most at home and thus at the end of the first "Death's War" after climbing to a higher demonhood she maried the man. One of the more cherished memories of the war was when she watched Kaligar die in her hands just to be revived soon after. Once returning back to earth for a time the demons lust for blood demanded more then the events with Vine Syndicate, unsatisfied with the progress of her first team she joined another to add to the oportunities. This team was Shadowland lead by Gambler a man she knew of mostly from Cassidy's hate for him.

The Demonic Assasin of Shadowland

Joining the team she took entrest specificly in the woman Malice. Considering her another potential friend Az challenged Mali to a dual. In the midle of the fight Blair received a call from her family she had relativly disowned other then her sister. When they came to the house it was soon discovered it was a ploy. Blair witnessed her family murdered by traitors to Shadowland the two women sought revenge. Rather then weep over the loss Malice and Azrael went out to exicute every soul remotely responsible for what happend. In her long history of blood it was no surprise that after this massacre a group of demons contacted Az to aid in the raid of Myridan. While assaulting the city Az was confronted by the woman Charmix, valiantly defending her home and friends she held of the demon. Blair was out to finish the young sorcoress when she was called to more pressing matters and teleported away. ReEnforcer and Dark Child two alies in Shadowland were holding the next King of the VIne Tournament. She was one of the many willing participants and first fought off with her team member from Vine Syndicate Tank. It was hard to even pose a threat to the living atomic bomb however she successfuly held her ground. Do to her performance and manipulation of the lava in the hellish landscape that was their arena Az was sent to the next round. Shackled to the Necromancer Jake Malcom she was put against the Wolf Pack Member Hawk and the armored cyborg Terran. The two worked well but clearly would of rather rip eachothers throats out rather than the opponents and in the end the cyborg and winged warrior advanced.

Not to long after the KOV the Civil War of 2010 began. Do to the events that happend a gathering was held

At War

to see who stood for which side. Well that was what it became the original plan was to have order. When Hunter executed the politician Azra took a stand behind him. In doing so she took slightly more extreme measures burning the corpse in her hands before the newscameras. This action made it clear who she was to the world, any secret to her standing or matters was washed away. As the speaches broke away into actual fights and confrontations Azra was put against the woman Wildcard. Considered the sister of Blair's freind Spectrum and a manipulater of chaos she thought they would get along but that was hardly the case. Both gave it their all and near the end both impaled eachother. The wound was more grievous for the chaos manipulator who had no healing factor, however Despite the diffrences the two managed to build some sort of partnership over the few small missions isued out. Come time to end the war Az was waiting eager to see the next step, one that never came the war seeming to just fade into the forgoten conflicts of the world.

Gambler vanished and Shadowland was no more and whatever roots in Vine Syndicate seemed lost as it slowly decayed. Stripped of both teams she was out of a job in a way. Fortunantly Darkchild and ReEnforcer were not going to let the chance slip away and Azra was one of the recruits of the new found team by the hands of ReEnforcer. The first goal was to bring down the order of France. Tenebrasque In was to rise and thus darkness was to fall upon the world. Blair was to work with the clone of Cassidy known as Child of Darkness, despite the hospitality and distrust they managed to succeed in the task given. Each member at the time was given a city to call their own. Lille became Rigus Mortis the city was an ever going flame a welcoming warmth to the demoness. The streets were coated with ash of the dead and the city writhed with demons and creatures pulled from hell. On another mission with her husband in what was titled the second Death's War she was able to reach her fullest potential in her current body. She learned of her father and origins and disowned him. Not one for affection in general and never knowing the man she took little entrest that Death was her father other than the principal behind it. Hardly the last crusade of the two wariors Blair returned to the city of devastation she had made. With her new obtained powers she could destroy and rebuild the city as much as she pleased. Towers were to fall just to be rebuilt. Time had shown again and again that the wining sides were built from the ground up and thrived on being built on what was demolished. So what better way to keep her city strong then to have it always improving.

The Crimson Regeant of Tenebrasque In

During the off time from her city she was at one point out and about when she met an unlikely hero. Cought up in rage she lashed out at the public something not to uncommon for her. When the hero Tempest took it on himself to go toe to toe with her however the night became an amusing one. Testing her still considerably new powers she fought the hero almost to the point of death. Victory was hers arguably however she chose to let the teen live. He had dropped a building on her, somthing she easly escaped yet was truthfully empressed by. Good challenges were hard to come by and so she let him go. During her apsense at some point Eternal Chaos a team member of hers went off. After some time of being gone Lyn more commonly known as Lady Death seeked Blair's help. The demon began to think of LD as a sister affter the slaughter/rescue mission of EC. The fact that they managed to surpass the fallen angel Samael still makes her laugh.

Lightbright's in need of a rematch

France in ruin it wasn't going to be to long before somebody wanted to be the savior. Omega Justice entered the City of Darkness and did their best to aid those who survived. EC blacking out the skies a handfull of firelings of ReEns taking hold of Omega's carrier and enough members to match the oposing team it was a given in the young Crimson Queen's mind that her team would be the victor. She fought Lightbright and nearly took her head when she disapeared fleeing Tenebra. In this quarrel Az also got the chance to kill the TI member Gray Fox. Defeated by Solace yet not wanting to die Az crushed his skull and sent his memory banks saved to the chip in his brain to the city Gray Fox controled. Some time passed before the next endevours. ReEnforcer the current Crimson King of Tenebrasque was aproached in a dream by Iceing Death a dragon he once owned. In effort to claim the last of the dragons the team took off to Antartica. It was easy geting into the caves, once there things got bothersome though. Blair fought Crimson Eagle, Boom Boom and Angeni for the egg. At the time Az didn't know Angeni was her sister. She likly would have still tried to kill her anyways however. Azra was about to have what seemed like a killing blow when blinded by Boom for a moment. In that window of oportunity the treo fled. The egg vanished and other then a work out the endevour seemed pointless. The after effects were worth it in the end, once returning to the city it was decided do to growth Dark Child was to be emperor. Blair was not to fond of DC and not necesarily one for orders but it meant less political things to deal with in any near future and made was more inspiring to be apart of.

Serenity was born, do to her demonic nature Blair never showed signs of pregnancy despite likely having

A demonic mother explores space...wierder things have happend

the child since the events back in the Second Death's War. Born into a family that consisted of a demon mother a currently possesed father and an assasin for an aunt it should be no surprise that the two parents departed on another crusade with their child in tow. Kastiel her step son was causing havoc back on the home world of him and his father. In the fight that followed Warsman's sides again changed and he was once again back to being the space marine rather than the member of some team or another. Az liked the idea of Wars, Serenity and her all on Tenebrasque but she was well aware the child would do better strictly under the supervision of Kaligar and herself and of course the training of the Adeptus. When she returned to her city she received a letter from Malice, she followed the directions to join this suposed sisterhood. She was given more abilities by simply agreeing to take part in Mali's scheme/ Chance to be even deadlier Blair went along and played her part. So far since then nothing has happend, a score in the demons book. Later she was to be aproached by the man Knowledge who was seeking to locate an old freind of hers. Spectrum, his whereabouts unknown and predicted dangerous she accepted and took to the stars with her team member tank, a mercenary named Myriad and the woman Wildcard.

The journey to safe Spectrum was chaotic, destructive and paved in blood. None of it was really theirs and in the end Spectrum was liberated. The blood alone was enough for the Demon however the money was a pluss however. Never really free from the violence and chaos considering who she was it was no surprise what followed. Add to that the team the gods seemed to target and it was less surprising. Taken prisoner Az and the rest of T.I was forced to play games of survival. Not long after the grueling tests. Blair traveled with ReEn and the satanist Y Intercept and encountered the other Oni. In the end ReEn took all the Rings of Godai for himself becoming like a god in her eyes.

A week or so went by without drama but then she encountered the rebeling demon Jack and was forced to fight for her home. Then came the war, Kaligar had a mantle the title Warsman and it had been turned against the Roxomm family. A servant to the dark god Nurgle had assaulted the Symarrian worlds. Though not on the best of terms Cassandra who Az considered to be little more than Kastiel's concubine called on her aid. The Wings of Death from there aided in the conquoring of the enemy that assaulted them. Following the brief war Az, Ren, and Kaligar attended what was ti be the hapiest moment in the life of Ethan Starks and cassidy. Darkchild ever the cursed bastard he was lashed out at the woman he lusted for but couldn't have. Ethan perished and in responce Azrael pledged revenge. Rigus Mortis pulled away from the rest of the empire and made into a fortress of demons and artillery. She event went so far as to bargain with Erebus in the end gaining a small piece of his soul granting a few new abilities.

To Kill A God

Requiem a angel who had lost her grace desended on Rigus Mortis. It was here by the aid of the allies of the angels, Mr Mercury Charmix and another young wizard being the lesser names of those who attacked, that Az died for the first time. Clara Mass had struck a killing blow to the demon an event leading to Az becoming the demon she song long wished to become. This rise in power was however but one of the many to come, As the angel left after a grueling battle the war soon came to pass. Azrael after a brief enteraction with Naamah and the Last Catalyst followed by one with Final Arrow the demon confronted ReEnforcer though that duel lies as a mystery in the way it played out. Inspired to go forth and make the villains work together she pressued greater power. The conclusion being in the war that would eliminate the gods of Chaos, Through manipulation, seduction and ultimantly betrayal Azra became the neww god of Reebelion.

With such done her actions remained releativly short for a time. That is untill brought into the past before the witch hunts began, During her years in this world she gave birth two her second child the half sister of Serenity. It was not to long after this that Blair faught her counter part from a cross dimension. Alezra Bloodhusk a warp altered xenos was assimulated by the demon adding a new set of skills. Though the side effects of such an action remain unknown At the current moment Salem resides with Erebus and a woman known as Syapt in a project that rivals any to ever be done before, All the while deep in the warp Az has spent much time with Serenity training her faster than the natural world can comprehend.

Eventually war came to Russia and it was here Aza fought off both Sam and Crimson Eagle. It was the redhaired demon who helped declare war on Russian soil. Not long after she engaged in a second match with Umbra Sorceror. After a long hard fought battle she was able to defeat the weather manipulator taking apart of her soul. Her acts were rather quiet for awhile after this untill she journeyed with her lover to Feravius in the Great Reclamation. Aldeon taking hold of her made her turn on her family a seed that allowed Malal to take effect over her body. Over a century was speant in anguish and pain all the while she was forced to watch those days where she butchered her own people. Eventually the crysis was averted and she had a time to reunite with Kiara. A long time friend and partner but all good things come to an end. The war between hevan and hell came. Eventually claiming Kiara in the process, this pain was amplified when soon after the war with Dathron came. Her husband died before her by Bloodstompa and her daughter by Dathron's general. The result was a flood of anger consuming her. At the moment Shadow Thief is the single person who eases her mind and its chaotic mind set. Fealings are developing for him though how things go there are uncertain.

My Super Life

Powers, weapons and other things of the child of Death



Flight: Large leathery bat wings are folded into Blair's back. 40ft in wing span these allow Az to get up to speeds of up to 150mph. Used more for transportation than anything else she is no slouch in arial combat. On at least one ocasion shes been known to use them as shields as well. While hardly a stoping force they have proven effective.

Heightend Senses

Improved eyesight and hearing: Naturaly adapted to night they also have done so for extensive light. Years of fire and explosions have given her a resistance to tactics aimed to blind an enemy. They also can pick up on minor details even in good distance. Her ears geting acustomed to explosive sounds crashes and gunfire. They also have grown sensative to sounds in general picking up on faint footprints and other small sounds when noise is less abundant.

Super Speed

Speed: Capable of reaching up to 120mph Az is remarkably quick in movments. While again mostly used to cover distance her speed is also the main thing that allows her to pack as many moves into a single action as she dose. Her reflexis are also benefit from this giving her higher odds to avoid harm.

Super Strength

Strength: Able to lift up to six tons if she desired. Her strength is rarely used in an offensive manner however. While she uses it to allow her to block heavy attacks and carry unusually heavy weaponry thats all she uses it for.


Pyrokinesis: Generating hellfire is second nature to the demon. Able to generate it at will and manipulat her fire and other flames around her she has offten blended fire with her attacks. Her hellfire she can also rig to act as an explosion. The combination of her control and its explosive force has allowed for many combinations. The highest mixture being like a solar beem but made of hellfire. Her control of fire also grants the power of being fireproof. The concusive force of an explosion will have effect but the flames wont.

WarpSteel always a blade when she needs it.

WarpSteel: Various forms of hellfire exsist Azra has the ability to turn her flames into metal. Light as fire yet just as hard as any good common blade. Fire dancing across her fingers then turning into a blade or claws. The heavier attacks have included such things as creating a wave of spikes or turning a large ball of hellfire into a halestorm of blades.


Geokinesis: the power to manipulate the earth to her will. From the simple thrown rock to magma fisures and attacks like that of a meteor. Her greatest feat so far has been ripping a building apart. Her control of fire and earth allow her to also manipulate metal.

Healing factor: Any injury that doesn't kill her will be recovered in a few hours at the latest. Shes far from imortal but definently resiliant to damage. The worst part about Az is arguably her love for pain. Geting a rush of her injuries and others she's been known to keep going dispite serious harm. With the events with Malice her healing abilities were increased. As chaos and destruction accelerate as dose her healing abilities, the grander the carnage the stronger and healthier she feels.


Portals/teleportation: Through ties to the warp she is able to open rifts allowing her to traverse distances in a blink of an eye. Her most common use of this however is in bringing creatures of hell into the world. Her city is filled with monstrosities because of this ability.


Demonic Form: Born of the plains of hell Azrael naturally has a demonic form that sometimes may become pressent. Those with a conection to darkness or the light might see her in this apearence rather than her usual form. Hair a silvery gray and skin the color of ash this form usualy allows easier access to powers and slightly boosts speed and strength. Most important to this change however is the cursed markings that cover her skin. These black tatoos heal any wound instantly upon transformation and allow Az to be more in touch with her demonic self. Relishing in pain and chaos even more when changing.

Darkness Manipulation: Shadows and the apsence of light became tools for the demon thanks to taking part of Erebus' soul with ocult tactics. useing the apsence of light Blair can cast shadows shut out light and creat solid matter made of darkness.

Necromancy after her death and rebirth which led to the meeting with her father she unlocked the abilities that were mostly dormant till now. The first was necromancy which allows her to not only to take souls or hold them in a body but now also bring a corpse back as a zombie to fight at her side.

Cold as Death, hydrokinesis entirely is hard for Az. Controling the seas is more effort than it is worth. To create ice or manipulate blood however is simple for her. With this she is also imune to sub zero temperature and faking her own death. By mixing her knowledge and control of fire with the motions of water she was able to generate lightning.

Ability to control air currents, the ability making her a full elemental. It was claimed from a piece of Umbra Sorcerors soul.


Warp Mutation, Malal the god of rebelion slain by Azra was inherited by the demon. Becoming the new goddess in Malal's place a few additions to her skills were made. Now control of the warp was complete rather then the minimal she recieved earlier on. While in the warp she can control time by whatever extent she wishes. This ability also allows the storation of gear if ever needed. The other talent is in the alteration of her physical form. Mutation of flesh and bone powered by demons has shown caple of amplifying a variety of talents or briefly granting abilities.

Spectre, after fighting her alternant self she gained a new set of abilities. The first was the ability to manipulate her own molecules. This allowed her to break down to a form that resembled her if she were little more than blood red mist. Doing such allowed her to pass through walls and other solid objects. This ability also functions as a quick healing factor. The second ability from the assimulation. By altering her molecules she can effectivly shape shift. However her size remains the same and height may only be altered to six feet tall.

Special Abilities


Knowledge in mechanics: Studing the vehicles of the space marines, earth and other known craft through the help of Warsman. This knowledge allows the demon to use her abilities to build her own devices of war or ones based on previous designs. Useing hellfire as the energy source Az has proven capable of creating just about any mechanical device. With enough practice she could use the warp to even simulate computer functions. The constructs however not generating the usual power source require pain makeing them less likely to be used by others.

Weapon Specialist

Weaponsmith: Through years of violence useing any tool possible Blair has an understanding of any tool of war. Given the device she undoubtably could use the weapon to its maximum potential. Her own studies and the aid of her coleages has granted her the ability to be able to make her own weapons or any already known of weapon with ease.


Swordsmanship: shes capable of useing any weapon yes but her dominant source of weaponry is some form of bladed weapon. Blair while not knowing any specific martial arts form has learned her own mix of moves rivaling the standard martial arts master. By being part of so many conflicts she has a natural feel of melee combat.


Tactical Awarness: Before being the wife of Warsman Azra was no more then a ruthless assasin. However by his guidance and that of others like ReEnforcer and Spectrum she has learned to observe more then her suroundings and instead the entire battlefield. Her commands are typically short and quick always going for the throat. This however doesn't mean she has no sence of whats tactically sound. When needed she can adapt the orders or plan on the fly.

Iron Will: A masochist at heart and a desire to always surpass herself Az is hard to get to submit. TO kneel is unexceptable, a better man can be praised rightfully so but she would never let the individual think less of her and get away with it. Mass murder or no she expects to be looked to as the warior she is. Above all this trait means she will push herself to the end of most conflicts even if it kills her.

Strong Willed


Rigus Mortis

Rigus Mortis: Located in the dark country that Darkchild rules over Rigus Mortis is the city under Azrael's regime. The skies are dark from the smoke and the demon beings known as Bloodsacks that often make it rain blood. The streets are litered with demonic spires that seek to devour any soul that gets to close. The cities burn almost eternally as the streets are coated with a snow like layer of ash. Demonic entities run free and the city remains constantly at war as Blair and the demons constantly seek to make it stronger. The walls of the city look out to the ocean demonicly warped canons scaning the horizon for anyone foolish enough to attack.

A gift from ReEn

HellCycle: A gift from ReEnforcer when first brought into Tenebrasque In this light motorcycle is her own personal gift from the possesed being. The tires tend to leave a burning trail where ever it goes. Its skeletal devilish design fits its rider well. Ocasionally if Blair see's it needed she has a small armory dedicated as nothing more then upgrades to apply to her ride to aid in the mission.

Blades: It goes without saying Blair Roxom has a thing for blades. COncealed weapons are a must as are more obviously seen ones. Thanks to her new allies and abilities she has managed to craft bayonetts of chain knives. Much like the chain sword she is so used to useing these knives can rip through nearly anything and are easy to equip to any gun. Becoming a new piece of standard gear for her and her company the bayonetts have been a welcome adition. Even more usefull than this however are the two swords she has now aquired. Ruin and Dispair her right and left arm blades are a modified variant of the chainsword she used and the kataris Alezra used. This set of modified tonfas is compact wresting along her forarm with little to no weight. When required the blades unfold fully capable of their standard uses. This mod didn't end with a simple concealment upgrade however. Ruin and Dispair with the press of a small buton on the hilt will be charged with a plasmic energy. This source has shown capable of cuting through more of the enemy forces than the average chain blade as well as the unique build allows the blades to be shaped or combined in a variety of forms for Azrael. Last but not least the two new blades are possessed by a variety of dark souls. With a simple squeeze of the handle the compact blades will morph into chainswords made mostly by the flesh of demons and their metalic like bone. The result being a set of over charged blades allmost as eager to consume and spill blood as her.

Heretics Sythe and the Deaths Wing and Spine Eater Chapters. These two military all female space marine chapters are directly under the command of the women of Roxom. The Spine Eaters are the biger chapter composed of the Teres Morba which were mixed in with Symaarian DNA. They are just as good as the best chapters of chaos space marines. They are also dedicated to only to her. They tend to transform into possessed demon marines upon death. Their primary leader outside of Roxom is Noir a chainclaymor weilding woman of legacy like strength. .

Lunas Sythe given by her father the Lunas Sythe generates dark energy capable of high destructive abilities. It also maintains the power to create black holes.

Avraline her fallen angel body guard and Infernum her skined flaming stallion are gifts of Shadow.

Cuts through skin real nicely
Guns and Amunition

The Ceremonial Bolters: Given to her on her weding day these bolters are the one weapon she bothers to rechrieve if ever lost. Useing the warp to teleport them to her side if ever not around and wanted. The sycle like amunition clips give it a good use as a melee weapon if needed. Dressed in various markings of the symarrian race, demonic origins and kill trophies the guns have a centimental value. Blair often has a variety of amunition for special ocasions.

Armor Fit For a War Queen: Shes been known to run around in her fair share of skimpy outfits or casual wear. None the less however when she can Azrael often seeks to dawn one of the varients of her armor. A light weight version of the Terminator Armor of the Adeptus adding a slight boost in her performance and granting extra protection these suits of armor are tailored to Blair's build.

Weaknesses: Being a demi god who may just be able to resurect again and again one might think defeating Az to be imposible. This however is not the case. Her love of war has made her resist the ideals of a maxed out healing factor or unpenetrible skin. Beneath the armor is typical skin just as breakable as anyone elses. Healing from something lethal is likely but still variable. To much damage or a serious blow to the head or heart and she is done. Her other main weakness is towards spiritual forces, powers by spirits, devotion to a diety, or derived from the soul are far more potent to the demon

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Split Personality disorder

Not really, just a funner title for saying all the alts lol

1 Salem Hex

2 Serinity

< 3 Azylum >

4 Kayle Rez

5 Syapt

6 Razors Edge

7 xXSpitfireXx

8 Bloodstone

9 Bloodcroft

10 Requiem Of Destiny(dead)

11 AndromedaNight(now n Requiem profile)

12 Alianette

13 Mintaya Olair

14 Ult Azrael(CVNU)

15 Noir Anarchist

16 Acolyte D

17 Haven_

18. Reaver(Also uses Cheetara as a look)

19. Blades

20. Raven_

21. Acolyte_V

22. Melashin

23. Hexcraft(CVNU)

24: Coven_(CVNU)

25.. Lioness_

26. Antidoll


The Cache

(Much of this is in part to RavektheConquerer, Warsmen, Nordok, without them this list would be less awesome. My love and thanks to those people for adding me to our ever expanding mythos. The same love goes to others mentioned through out this blog, like ReEnforcer Overkill and Naamah)

When it comes down to it the Roxom family and those close to them are obssessed with weapons. Somewhere buried within the underbelly of Rigus Mortis is a weapon storage belonging to them. The system is riged with the highest grade security a super genius alchemist symaarian and keresh can put together. In short without about five diffrent kinds of biometric scans that are successfull you couldn't eneter it. In these walls are the many things that the group has gathered together. In Kayle's case she has many of these guns and suits with her but it never hurts to have more. The acumulated wealth of Hex Kayle Azra and Sya have allowed the group to acumulate a vast amount of weaponry. Add to this their ties to Symaarian and Keresh Navy, along with Kayle's ties to Nordok and the vast quanity of what they have is a very real possibility. The expenses were vastly covered from the KOV VI ran by Syapt and Hex and won by Hex. Many of the things here are also on ships obviously. Earth weaponry goes unlisted as it seams rather a dead given they would have them available.



Vendetta a circular bladed given to her from Azrael. The blade was maid by weapon specialists in Hell so that it coulld blend with Azylum's abilities. Made of a hellish version of adamantium the blade is virtually indistructible and absorbs energies used against it as added damage the most dominant being the powers of Azylum herself. The blades themself The blade is possessed by a demon that is bound to Azy and there for will allways find its way back to its master. The blades move inwards when another person besides Az Hex or Azy is in the center ring. The last ability of the blade is its adjustable size. It can go from its large blade to the size of a bracelet so it can be carried easly. The blade also can go bigger if needed. Primarily seen by Zulu

Lunas Scythe given by her father the Lunas Sythe generates dark energy capable of high destructive abilities. It also maintains the power to create black holes. A gift to Azra from her father. 1 in stock

Kayle master of the Plasmis

Plasmis Katara a plasma sword capable of cycling through sevral setings. Capable of cuting through most metals. If its not above adamantium then its likely to shatter to the weapon. Hex is learning them and Azra is good with them and Kayle has mastered them. Together theyve collected atleast a thousand of them to simply store away.

Poseidons Trident capable of comanding the seas and causing tsunamies and earth quakes. Obtained by Azra awhile back. 1 in stock

Aza weapon of choice

Ruin and Dispair Azrael's right and left arm blades are a modified variant of the chainsword she used and the kataris Alezra used. This set of modified tonfas is compact wresting along her forarm with little to no weight. When required the blades unfold fully capable of their standard uses. This mod didn't end with a simple concealment upgrade however. Ruin and Dispair with the press of a small buton on the hilt will be charged with a plasmic energy. This source has shown capable of cuting through more of the enemy forces than the average chain blade as well as the unique build allows the blades to be shaped or combined in a variety of forms for Azrael. Last but not least the two new blades are possessed by a variety of dark souls. With a simple squeeze of the handle the compact blades will morph into chainswords made mostly by the flesh of demons and their metalic like bone. The result being a set of over charged blades allmost as eager to consume and spill blood as her.

Dual Ejectable Wrist Blades that extend from and retract into her wrist gauntlets, crafted from a metal stronger than adamantium the blades are nearly unbreakable, they will not bend nor shatter, the Vanguard Commandos use them to break their enemies instead. Each wristblade is acompanied by a six round cartridge. The sixth is nonejectable, while the rest can be launched acurately up to twenty five feet. Part Kayle/Keresh Armor

Keresh Fighting Knives - A traditional Keresh weapon, the blade is forged from a Vibranium-like metal native to her home world, only soldiers from that world carry it.

Ker'va War Sword - A bladed weapon given to only the most skilled Keresh warriors, the Ker'va is four and a half feet long and forged from a nearly indestructible metal, It rarely requires sharpening and can be infused with electricity from ones own body to increase it's potency.

Symaarian Weapons

Chain Weapon - rotating chain teeth covered blade (Sword/Axe/glove/fist) Symaarian

Crozius Arcanum -skull-formed power weapon with a neuro-disruptor used by Chaplains often in the Symaarian army. Symaarian

Force Weapon - psychic weapon, only used by a psyker (e.g. Librarian). Symaarian

Lightning Claws - bladed gloves, each blade is a mini power weapon, used in pairs. Symaarian

Power Weapon - disruptive energy field covered (sword, axe, glove). Symaarian

Power Gloves/Fists - disruptive energy field covered hydraulic power gloves. Symaarian

Storm Shield - energy shield, used with Thunder Hammer. Symaarian

Thunder Hammer - self destructive energy-explosion hammer. Symaarian

Eviscerator- A larger chainsword capable of dealing more damage. Equivalent more to a chainfist. Symaarian

Impaler-Used exclusively by the forces on bikes or mounts, this is a lance tipped with a shaped explosive charge. It is a one-shot weapon used in close combat, allowing the guardsman to hit faster and stronger than normal. It also ignores armour, in a similar fashion to power weapons. Symaarian

ChainSpear-More comon then the Impaler this is a elongated handle tiped with a chainsword. There is also a dualblade varient. Symaarian

Neuro Gauntlet-claw based power weapon of assassins. It typically bypasses most armor. Symaarian

Shock Weapon-an emp based variant of the mele weapon(sword. ax. fist) Symaarian

Chain bayonette-chainsaw bottom of barel mount weapon. Good for close corners. Spine Eaters/Symaarian

Claymore-the largest of available mele weapons, normally impractical by those not further augmented by demons or with their own impressive strength(comes in chain power shock variants). The blade weighing two tons. Spine Eaters/Symaarian

Hex training with the Eagle Tear

Eagles Tear, the alchemy staff-after beating Crimson Eagle in the battle for Russia his metal staff became Azra's. Soon enough the weapon was given to her daughter Salem and modified to apeal to her versatility. For starters it comes equiped with plasmis katara tips and a nanobot formated system that allows the creation of a variety of blade tips. Within the tips itself are small cartridges to use for more specified alchemy weapon such as antimater. Primarily Salem


MPR as it was commonly called was a simple easy to mass produce assault weapon. Firing small bolts of plasma that did pretty good damage at medium range and wicked work up close. They lost some acuracy for fire rate, equiped on each was a chainsaw under barel weapon. Great for when the enemy got in ones personal space. It seamed to cut and eat its way through next to anything hence the mulch in the name.

Ragnarok the last piece of the suit is the canon that covers her right arm. The gun chanels the energy of abilities allowing for a variety of attacks. Ita also allows salvaged amunition to be used. ExoSuit PX Zero/Primarily Syapt

Wrist Mounted Flame Projector - Capable of unleashing an intense stream of fire similar to a flamethrower, the flame projector is capable of incinerating multiple targets at once or setting structures or materials ablaze. It can fire a continuous stream of fire for up to 15 seconds before having to recharge. Primarily Kayle/Keresh armor

Wrist Mounted Laser - A powerful laser far more powerful than anything found in basic infantry laser weaponry, this laser is only able to fire a single shot before needing a few minutes to recharge. The beam carries a surprising amount of concussive force along with it's natural destructive force. Even if the beam doesn't kill you it is more than capable of knocking an opponent back or even rendering them unconscious. Primarily Kayle/Keresh Armor

Micro Missiles - Six small missiles no wider than a pencil hidden within his wrist gauntlets that can lock on to a target or simply fired in the direction of an opponent in a pinch. While not capable of penetrating the armor of tanks or other heavily armored vehicles they are more the capable of demolishing the walls of most buildings and taking out groups of enemies. The missiles can be reloaded by the soldier in between engagement in the field. Kayle/Keresh armor

KV-RG Heavy Pistols A experimental mix of the original heavy pistols and her enginearing skills. The weapons fire small pellets with rail gun technology. Small rounds traveling and striking with just as lethal force as the comon Bolter(seventy five calibur explosive rounds). The only change being that the weapons have virtually no ammo limit thousands of shells in a single magazine. A extended clip makes it that she never bothers to carry an extra clip on her person primarily Kayle Imrpovised from Keresh

Equlaibriums, alchemic pistols-a ten round dessert equal both marked with alchemy signs.

Equalizer, alchemic shotgun-a standard police issue pump action shotgun. The weapon laced in alchemic runes allowing the use of the special amunition.

Compact Assault Weapon System - The Standard Weapon of the Vanguard, it fires a round comparable in size to that of the .50 BMG but instead of being propelled by gunpowder it is fired in a manner similar to a rail gun, allowing for far greater range and accuracy. Keresh

KZ-32 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle

LR-12 Energy Rifle Keresh

AG-76 Heavy Pistol Keresh

SG-98 Energy Shotgun Keresh

Y-87 Anti-Armor Kinetic Rifle Keresh

KZ-38 Vanguard Assault Rifle Keresh

KI-55 Bullpup Assault Rifle Keresh

RC-87 Enemy Suppression Weapon Keresh

TR-61 Energy Sniper Rifle Keresh

KW-44 Carbine/Sniper Rifle Keresh

Incinerator - high level flamer. Symaarian

Multi-Melta - short range anti-tank weapon. Symaarian

Pistol - small version of a gun for close combat (e.g. Bold Pistol, Plasma Pistol). Symaarian

Cannon - large version of a gun (e.g. Plasma Cannon). Symaarian

Assault Cannon- multi barreled gun, fires explosive ammunition in bursts. Symaarian

Bolt Gun - smaller form, fires self propelled explosives. Symaarian

CombiBolter a two bareled heavyer version of the bolt gun Symaarian

Lascannon - long range anti-tank weapon. Symaarian

Missile Launcher. quick reload 4 shot equivalent force of tank rounds Symaarian

Multi-Melta - tank hunter weapon. high explosive Symaarian

Plasma Weapon - kind of Plasma weapon (e.g. Plasma Pistol, Plasma Cannon), for light vehicles or groups of infantry. Symaarian

Psycannon - Bolter with special warheads with ritually inscribed silver tips very few available. Cause psychic/mental breakdown. Symaarian

Storm Bolter or Bolter - gun for rocket propelled shells. Symaarian

Heavy Weapon - larger version of a weapon (e.g. Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer). Symaarian

Huricane Missile Launcher - larger version of the Missile Launcher. think thermo rockets Symaarian

Inferno Pistol-rare melta pistol harldy ever seen but existing. The Cache only has three, Symaarian

Mortar-bombardment weapon Symaarian

Big fecking gun BFG

Exile Rifle-Used only by the extremely skilled assassins. The Exile Rifle is an incredibly powerful sniper rifle, modified to fire special rounds designed specifically for the art of assassination from a distance.

Balistic Freelancer Gatt-A trishot depleted uranium auto based shot gun given its name by the rapid fire and the freedom fighters who put it to use. The heavy rounds have shown to blast craters if not self destructing most heavy weapon units.


SMACC "Smack"-the small multi amo capable cannon. Using rail gun technology this small weapon when unfolded is no biger then the common 22 handgun of Earth. The technology in it however makes it a lethal concealed weapon. The top piece works as a sight granting the top barel a chance to be used as a lethal sniper weapon, good for roughly 800 clicks. The second barel a electric dart launching weapon to be used as a tazer. The last three barels granting semi auto small burst and auto fire capabilities. The uper half of the gun wields the tech to make it posible where the bottom stores the small tear droped ammo.

Pirate Weaponry

Predator-a medium sized gun that fires a curving heat locking bullet. Its 15 round ammo size is small but the design makes up for it as the special layout allows it to obviously follow its prey.

Pins-a nail gun improvised to fire small explosive needles. With a thirty round clip its capable of doing heavy damage for a weapon of its small scale.

Musket-a single shot shotgun with a room clearing area spread going in all directions with violently fast and rebounding shrapnel. A true room clearer

Hammer-a twelve shot gernade launching revolver.

Grinder-this heavy weapon has a spray of explosive thermal rounds capable of leveling buildings. Meant more for vehicles the pirates picked it up as there heavy machine gun, the girls later riged it with its explosive special based amunition. A 300 round full auto tank of a gun.

Assassin-needle firing pin point acurate pistol capable of penetrating most armor before detonating violently

Assassin2.0-the full sniper rifle varient of the pistol

Plasma 13 series

P13-Longshot a six mile six zoom auto compensating plasma sniper rifle. Match up the cross hairs squeeze and done.

P13-Streetsweeper a high rate of fire plasma rifle though not acurate it makes up for it by the hundreds of large energy bolts hurled in the enemys direction.

P13-Oblitorater a tank killing large bolt casting weapon capable ending of most things on a battlefield

P13-Thud a quick fireing pistol of plasmic energy

Ammo and Gernades

Fragmentation Gernades they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Stun Gernades they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Blind Gernades A more sophisticated type of smoke grenade, the Blind Grenade emits infra-red bafflers and broad-band spectrum electro-magnetic radiation in addition to smoke, to blind not only normal eyesight but also artificial sight aids. they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Plasme Gernade they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Melta Bomb they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Flash Gernades they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Thermal Detonators they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc).

Nano Grenades release a cloud of microscopic machines that break down any living thing in their radius to their basic components in seconds, for safety reasons they cease to function after one minute and thirty seconds, deactivating thanks to a built in kill switch.they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc). primarily Kayle/Keresh

F.A.K.K a bio weapon in gass form with a 30 ft kill radius. The chemical compound is also contagious capable of passing on through touch for twenty four hours. The fumes emited cause the body to hyperact tearing at the body as fat and muscle are reduced to energy, The result is the body more or less devouring itself. The fumes die out fifteen minutes after air contact. they must be armed before firing and cannot be activated by outside forces (Fire, Telekinesis, etc). Primarily Kayle and Hex

Deathwind Boltgun/Exile Ammo- shells filled with poison. Symaarian

Breaker Boltgun/Exile Ammo- penetrates shields Symaarian

Rupture Boltgun/Exile Ammo- heavier round for sniping vehicles Symaarian

Hell Boltgun/Exile Ammo- a mix of poison and compustion round Symaarian

Witch Ammo-multipurpose ammunition though obviously more seen by Salem. Through her alchemy these bullets can be modified to do nearly anything on the fly.


Black Ruby

Of all the weapons the women have stored this is the most lethal. As such it is also one of the rarest things to be put to use, not because its ineffective its just not wise to put to complete use at the moment. The armor being made of a complex weve of bio and cyberwear. Black Ruby named for its dark color and being a gift from Naamah, its exoskeleton capable of hardening and softening as needed. When taking balistics it becomes soft and absorbent to take the damage and replace that ammo spent into her own ammunition. In the case of physical or energy damage it hardens to take the damage and shrug it away without strugle. Absorbing energy constantly and storing it the Black Ruby is arguably unlimited in ergy. Of all that protection though including its natural energy shields its more for offense. The free hand is open to be used at will and in that there is the ability to shape shift. Reformating into what the user needs while the other hand is an arm cannon. This weapon able to form a antimater blade easily slicing through anything not magic enhanced. The general fire small or charged generates antimater rounds far from easily shruged off. While the heaviest fire is able to release a beam of energy that can ahnilate an entire planet.

Deaths Child (Artificer) Armour

Artificer Armour is the name given to individualized and heavily modified suits of Power Armour provided only to Space Marines who have proven themselves worthy of the honour, such as company Captains, members of the Chapter Master's Honour Guard, or particularly skilled Veterans of the 1st Company or the various company Command Squads. Artificer Armour is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, offering its wearer nearly as much protection as Terminator Armour. Artificer Armour cannot, however, make use of weapons as powerful as those available to Astartes in Terminator Armour. In Blair's case its modified to be more ferm fiting like the power armour used by the battle sisters. Its diffrences though are minimal at the moment. Azra primarily Symaarian

Exo Suit Syapt

ExoSuit PX Zero

While first and foremost suit is survival gear it also has been built to be of use in a variety of things and have its own atributes. The armor is broke down in two parts the Nanoweb and the plating. The mesh can be worn under clothing generally going unseen thanks to its ability to shrink and expand as required. The back that generates the armor is a bit more obvious but still would go unseen unless one has a well trained eye.Nanosuit-functioning as a second skin this provides the basic everyday needs. Temperature control allows survival in any location. The suit also serves as an automated hospital. Wounds and cellular decomposition being haulted before she would die. ZeroSuit-the armor portion collapses into a small pouch on the back. When needed however it expands into a full suit of armor. Zero increases strength and durability allowing her to withstand tank rounds as well as then throw the armored vehicle. It also recycles oxygen with a thought the suit will filter air or save so that Evie can function anywhere even within space. H.U.D-the heads up display and visor of the helmet is equiped all she needs. Lights, night vision, thermal, xray all are available. It also holds diagnostics on status of herself and ammo. Of course comunication and hacking software of highest quality was standard. After fighting Overkill it was made of Inflagliummaking it near indistructible. Primarily Syapt

The Blade Queen (Keresh Guardsmen) primarily Kayle

-Laser Range Finder - Used to assist with a sniper rifle, calling in artillery or any other type of support or designating objectives.

-Vacuum Seal - The suit is sealed to protect the the wearer from hostile environs as well as from the vacuum of space. If the wearer should happen to wind up drifting in a vacuum the suit can recycle oxygen for up to an hour to allow them to survive.

-H.U.D. - A heads up display that designates the locations of nearby allies and monitors the health of the wearer, advising them when to seek cover and or medical attention. Also keeps track of ammo currently in the magazine of a weapon and can scan the air for movement in low visibility conditions. The display can be switched between Normal View, Heat Vision or Night Vision. If anyone other than Kayle tries to use the helmet the blast shield will activate, making it useless to them.

-Built in Comm Unit - A long range communications system allowing her to communicate with Keresh forces in the System, it's range can be boosted by jacking into a large comm array.

-Vanguard Special Issue Jetpack capable of 15 minutes of continuous flight before having to recharge, built in missile launcher Fires a missile at a predetermined target designated via the H.U.D., The missile can't be reloaded in the field do to time consumption from the modification. Various Missile types includes: Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel and Anti-Aircraft. Requires a five second lock-on to track a target.

-Cloaking Device aid in infiltration of enemy territory

- Cutting Laser attached to wrist to cut through locks

- Noise dampening material allows the Vanguard to move around without making a sound Keresh

Keresh Infantry Standard Issue Combat Armor Mark IV

The armor worn by all members of the Keresh Army, capable of protecting the average soldier in even the most hostile environments, anywhere in the galaxy. Features for the Mk. IV include:

- A thirty minute supply of oxygen to survive in a vacuum

- Keresh Iron Plating protecting 90% of a Keresh soldiers vital areas

- Lightweight Body Suit made of a cloth-like material capable of stopping small caliber rounds and most normal bladed weapons.

- Magazine Pouches situated along the waist allow the soldier to carry enough ammo to go through days of fighting without resupply

- Hard points to attach knife sheaths, packs, extra pouches, jet packs, and numerous other attachments

- Built in Infa-red and Night vision

- Wrist mounted blade for close in combat and sheath on the back for a sword

- Air Filtration Device to give the soldier clean breathable air Keresh

Vanguard Assault Armor Mk VIII

A more light weight version of standard infantry armor, making the commando faster than the basic infantry while protecting 75% of their vital areas. The suits features include:

- Thirty minute Oxygen Supply with a recycling system to give up to an hour if necessary

- Flexible metallic cord on the wrist to ensnare fleeing enemies, also allows them to channel electricity through it

- Wrist Mounted Flamethrower for taking out large numbers of enemies or destroying potential enemy cover.

- Vanguard Special Issue Jetpack capable of 15 minutes of continuous flight before having to recharge, built in missile launcher

- Cloaking Device aid in infiltration of enemy territory

- Dual wrist mounted blades for close up combat

- Laser Range Finder attached to helmet

- Cutting Laser attached to wrist to cut through locks

- Noise dampening material allows the Vanguard to move around without making a sound

Experimental Exo-Suit

These Keresh Troopers are a recent edition to the Keresh Ground and Space Forces. Their armor seems to boast their own immense strength ten fold, an unknown technology built into the suit also allows them to channel their natural electrical abilities into devastating blasts of energy as well as increase the damage done by the prototype burst rifles they carry. A Retractable wrist blade on the left arm is their primary melee weapon and they carry a high caliber pistol as a sidearm. The suit also has a cloaking device that allows the wearer to remain virtually invisible for up to twenty-hours. Padded soles on the feet allow virtually silent movement. The suit conceals all heat signatures and signs that someone is actually in the suit, causing some to think they are actually machines instead of men. Keresh

Symaarian Power Armour Layout

Power Armour is fully sealed, isolating the wearer from the outside environment and protecting him from chemical and/or biological weapons and toxic atmospheres. It also commonly includes numerous auxiliary systems such as radio frequency communicators, auto-senses, etc. Space Marines go through an arduous process where they receive various biogenetically-engineered implants culminating with the implantation of the Carapace which allows the marines a direct and instinctual neural interface with his Power Armour, transforming it into effectively a second skin. The advanced systems of Space Marine Power Armour also monitor the Space Marine's biological functions, feeding the collected medical information to the user and, if necessary, to the Chapter's Apothecaries when he/she is wounded. The armour's backpack contains the suit's main power source -- a solar power converter and 100 solar cell batteries to store the absorbed solar energy, including a back-up microfusion array -- as well as its environmental and life support systems and additional movement stabiliser thrusters for low and zero-gravity combat.

Scout Armour

This type of armour is usually only worn by Scout Marines. A suit consisting of carbon-titanium composite plates. This is still capable of stopping the majority of small-arms fire. In times of relative peace, full Battle Brothers or sisters of certain Chapters may take to wearing Scout Armour during periods outside of battle. Scout armour is a carapace-built heavy armour. Symaarian base primarily used by Hex or Aza Symaarian

Power Armour

Possibly the most prominent feature of the Space Marines is their Power Armour which is a synthesis of many technologies many older around the time of the Navigator. The suit is comprised of multiple custom-crafted ceramite plates with armored fiber bundles and servos that replicate the wearer's movements and enhances a Space Marine's already superhuman strength, as well as allowing them to easily withstand brutal attacks that would rip a normal human apart. The armor itself can also act as a self-containing environment for the suit's owner, protecting the Space Marine from anything in the environment, including the dark vacuum of deep space and the most toxic planetary environments that the universe can provide. The armor interacts with the Space Marine through the Carapace, a subcutaneous membrane grown from the gene-seed that allows the Marine's internal organs and nervous system to interface directly with the suit of power armor, making the armor in essence an extension of the wearer's body. What few know is that each Space Marine's suit of Power Armour is so specific to its wearer that it cannot be worn by 2 different Space Marines. So precious is his ancient suit of armour that each Space Marine swears solemn oaths to honor and maintain its individual Machine Spirit. Azra and Hex are the only ones with a designated suit. Symaarian.

Terminator Armour

Tactical Dreadnought Armour, more often called Terminator Armour, is one of the strongest forms of personal Power Armour in existence and it is the heaviest and most resilient model the Imperium of Man has to offer. It was developed for a mid-range of uses between true Dreadnought Armour and standard Power Armour. It is composed of a Ceramite/Plasteel alloy exoskeleton with servo-assisted interfaces that link into the user's own neurological and muscular systems to enhance movement. It is able to withstand tremendous punishment, and serves as a solid heavy-weapons platform in open-field combat. Due to its size, it is best deployed in close quarters such as the corridors of a starship, where the standard-issue storm bolter can be most effective. One of the more common Spine Eeater sets, primarily used by Hex or Azra Symaarian



A gift from ReEnforcer to Azrael when first brought into Tenebrasque In this light motorcycle is her own personal gift from the possesed being. The tires tend to leave a burning trail where ever it goes. Its skeletal devilish design fits its rider well. Ocasionally if Blair see's it needed she has a small armory dedicated as nothing more then upgrades to apply to her ride to aid in the mission.

HA-70 Infantry Support Mech

The Keresh ISM can only be described as one thing, 5 tons of kill. Armed with a six-barreled 30mm rotary cannon, a 40mm grenade launcher and two shoulder mounted heavy laser cannons the ISM has been known to cause even the most hardened soldiers to flee in terror as the mechs slaughter those foolish enough to stand and fight. The Keresh usually deploy these in groups of three with Keresh Troopers following close behind to protect the mechs legs from enemy sappers. The mech is piloted by a single Keresh Trooper and can be deployed directly to the battlefield from orbit. Thanks to a set of booster rockets mounted on the frame the ISM is also capable of jumping short distances to clear obstacles. Keresh

MA-750 Main Battle Tank

The MA-750 is the latest Keresh main battle tank, equipped with a rain gun as it's primary weapon system, the MA-750 is capable of putting rounds down range with near pin point accuracy at up to ten miles. The main gun is augmented by three automated heavy machine gun that can be taken over manually by one of the three crew if need be, the gun identify targets using biometric scanners situated below the barrels and specialized weapons system located above the barrel which is used to shoot down incoming missiles and rockets. The armor plating has a special coating that protects it from most energy weapons and the armor itself can take multiple Anti-Tank rounds. The Tank is also equipped with radiation and EMP shielding, with a built in water and air purification system. It's crewed by three Keresh Troopers. Keresh

Land Speeder varients Symaarian

Havoc: The Havoc-pattern Land Speeder mounts twice as many heavy weapons as the basic Land Speeder and can also choose from a wider variety of weapons, able to mount an assault cannon or a heavy flamer.

The Land Speeder Grinder: The Grinder is extraordinarily effective at anti-personnel actions on the battlefield. It mounts a twin-linked Missile Launcher the missile inflicts a hard hit at long range and rarely misses since it is twin-linked. The only real drawback is its lack of versatility - the Havoc Missile Launcher is excellent at destroying infantry or light vehicles, but almost useless against even medium armour

The Land Speeder Reaver : Sporting better armour, an assault cannon, and a twin-linked missile launcher, the Reaver is among the most feared versions of the Land Speeder. The Reaver has a difficult combination of weapons - the assault cannon has a medium range while the missile launcher fires out to a decently long range in comparison. Better frontal armour means that the Reaver can usually get in close to enemy troops without much worry. A maximum of only three Reavers are normally fielded in a standard Space Marine force.

Basilisk Land Raider Symaarian

The Basilisk is one of the most powerful main battle tanks at the Imperium's disposal. The Basilisk can transport troops into battle, carries enough weapons to blast its way though nearly any defense, and has armour plating thick enough to withstand massive amounts of firepower. The normal Spine Eater pattern is called the Phalanx. It carries a hull-mounted, twin-linked Heavy Bolter able to turn light infantry into sludge. It also carries 2 twin-linked "Slayer" pattern Lascannons in its two side sponsons, making the Basilisk an extremely formidable foe for armoured vehicles, able to stand up for itself in any fight against another vehicle, and come out victorious almost all of the time. They are also equipped with an Artificial Intelligence crafted by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The A.I is smart enough to move the tank and fight even without a crew. It enables the tank to move even when the crew has been stunned, and is able to operate one weapon of choice, to shoot at a target. However, the artificial intelligence of the machine is nothing compared to the battle-hardened Space Marine crew and as a result, accuracy suffers considerably. With transport capacity for a full squad of Space Marines, their field supplies, communications gear, munitions and medical facilities, the Basilisk is well suited for striking deep behind enemy lines and surviving for long periods in the field. This flexibility is further reinforced by a sealed hull and the complex environmental systems that allow it to operate in practically any theatre of battle. Indeed, the Land Raider is as fearsome in the airless atmospheres of dead moons as it is in the fume-choked environs of a Hive World.

Saber Tank Symaarian

A Sabe is a variant of the main Symaarian tanks that sacrifices some troop carrying capacity for additional firepower. They are commonly mounted with twin-linked Heavy Bolters or twin-linked Lascannons on a single turret on the chassis, and are excellent for providing fire support to smaller squads. They can, however, also utilise Assault Cannons, or Multi-meltas. With the addition of the turret, the Sabers troop capacity is limited to 6 Space Marines. As Sabers have lesser firepower, even a single Basilisk assigned as escort can greatly increase the effectiveness of an assault. Impressed by its versatility, several Chapters have begun to field the Razorback in other roles, employing them as mobile command centres and heavy reconnaissance screens.

Styx Symaarian Titan

Styx behind Hex

The Spine Eaters Omnibous only has one titan in its ranks. The Styx is driven by its handlers who were raised and melded into the machine. The controls can be split or given away however, that control going to obviously one or more of the women. Being of the highest calibur the chaos imbued Styx claimed during the assault on the various gods. On its back coiled up is the tail capable of knocking down buildings, directly above it is the heavy rocket launcher of a back pack. On the left hand is a massive variation of the bolter rifle turret hard to so much as contend with for anything that isn't a giant sized mech. Lastly is the power fist the disruptive energy highly potent and the extending hand good for added range. Upon release of the extended limb a charge of energy meant to charge the fist is shot into the griped thing. The blast making it implode violently.


a gift from Naamh

Ruby Necklace charmed by her lover Naamah. The gold chain with its crimson stone has been charmed. Granting the wearer a small boost in luck, to wear it and not be blood related to Kayle would be fatal. Its not a game changer, mearly a perk. Belongs to Kayle

Negat-a medalion given to Hex by Night Dragon, it grants the user the ability to traverse to the dragons negative zone.

Drones- A small mechanical drone consisting of ports for weaponry and ammo. The machine further protected by its own small pair of rocket launchers and turret. There is also a heavier version made to work as security instead.

Cloning - While the Keresh posses the capability to clone soldiers, creating entire armies in mere months, the refuse, instead using the technology to clone new limbs and organs to replace one's lost in combat. A cloning bay is in the armory. Keresh and Symaarian

Anti-Gravity Technology - The Keresh military possesses a large number of anti-gravity vehicles, used for anything from reconnaissance to siege warfare. Keresh

Wormhole Generators - A technology acquired from a long extinct race (driven extinct by Keresh forces) that allows travel to anywhere in the galaxy in days or even as quickly as hours. Blueprints are in the hanger Keresh

Energy Shielding - Used to protect Keresh Warships (and occasionally civilian vessels), Space Stations, Colonies and Military Installations from harm. Blueprints are in hanger Keresh

Red Lantern Ring, aquired during the second Light War


The TM-700(modified by Kayle)

The Keresh answer to the Symaarian War Titan, The TM-700 is only deployed in the most dire situations in hopes of turning the tide. The TM - 700 can be deployed directly to the battlefield via drop pod or by simply jumping from low flying Cruisers. Heavy Keresh Iron and Adamantium plating makes the 700 nearly unstoppable in combat. The Heavy Mech is armed with a vast array of weaponry, ranging from missile pods to heavy cannons to plasma projectors and a large blade for slashing. The suit also has a variety of countermeasures for a variety of situations. Flare and chaff launchers to confuse incoming missiles, reflective plating to limit the effectiveness of energy weapons and a top secret material that limits the effectiveness of telepathy and telekinesis.

-Modifications Kayle has been lost and on her own for some time. To compensate the TM-700 needed to be more personal and suporting. The engine is plasma self suporting allowing it to function continuously without need of fuel or cooling. This also allowed it to use Rail Tech to propel itself around the galaxies just as well as a actual ship. Weapon wise she has added another large blade. The blade also tweaked to hold the plasmic energy to cleave through nearly anything. The main focal mod was to disassemble a variety of scraped vehicles to construct a way to get the machine around, in short its plasma generators and the Carrier a thruster aparatus that connects to the mech. The Carier allows the TM to travel through space and also return to the mech after it disembarks. A piece on her gauntlet allows her to call the mech to her as well if need be. The TM also provided greater mobility and capable of using blades in its ship format to be used as a knife against ships.

-Kayle douesn't know how to replicate Necron tech. She was able to learn from it however to transfer over ideas to her own mech as part of its augmentations. The base of the vessel allowing space transport has two swivel mounted Partical Accelerators which fire highly explosive spheres of energy. On her mech as a last resort, much like the Ker'vas she caries is the rail tech amplified blades. The molecular components of the weapon constructed to move back and forth at an unprecidented velocity. While it does cause some strain the mech has been made capable of withstanding it. This special design makes it hit with explosive kinetic force allowing it to cut through just near anything force fields demon auras to tank armor. The impresive blades are the back up to the TM's primary. It is further acompanied by fifty calibur railguns as underslung turets on the arms. A swivel mounted thirty calibur railgun on the left shoulder, and a particle canon on the right. The canon points verticaly resting along the back untill needing to be put to use. Rotating to the needed angle from 90 to 35 to fire its potent round. The default weapon is the large particle beam rifle. A more potent variation of the las rifle and far biger as its implemented on a mech.

-In her ship she also has a large variety of weapons should need arise. Further acompanied by plenty of ammo for her primary weapons and sevral gernades to restock with. A much larger asortment of the Katara's is also there if need arive. On this TM Carier is also the cloning bay she scavenged allowing her to recover many grievous wounds quicker. The bay stashed in the center of the vehicle below it the engine. An area to store rationed food and maintain it is on the opposite end of the armory. Keresh

Heretics Scythe

The Battle Barge is the largest class of warship used by most Space Marine Chapters. Battle Barges are extremely powerful starships and were designed with only one purpose in mind--assaulting other planets. A Battle Barge is primarily configured for the close support of planetary assaults and surface landings and carries numerous bombardment turrets and torpedo tubes. A large amount of the starship's hull space is dedicated to launch bays for intra-system spacecraft like Stormhawks and Drop Pods and up to three Space Marine companies are capable of deploying simultaneously. A Battle Barge is extremely heavily armoured and possesses heavily reinforced Void Shields so that it can breach planetary defences without harm coming to its precious inhabitants and their lethal cargoes. The Battle Barge is a literal mobile fortress in any situation in which an opponent seeks to board one with hostile intent. A Battle Barge is essentially one of the most potent starships deployed by the Imperium easily equivalent in power to that of an Imperial Navy Battlecruiser or even a Battleship when the additional power of its Space Marine contingent is added to the equation. The feature to make the Scythe a tad more lethal in ship to ship combat is the added potency to plasma weaponry. The various turrents placed along the sides of the Scythe giving the fire power to drive near the broadside of a vehicle and leveling most it comes in contact with. The modified engines speeding it up enough to perform much stronger strafing runs.

The Diabora and Demonis

A Strike Cruiser is the second major type of starship usually deployed by the Chapter fleets of the Navigator. While a Space Marine Chapter only rarely will deploy the might of a powerful and usually quite ancient Battle Barge, Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruisers are a more common sight, in the case of Spine Eaters the three ships are almost always together. Often the arrival of a Space Marine Strike Cruiser is enough in itself to quell the defiance of a star system rebelling against the Navigator. The Astartes are quick to act if the surrender of the Emperor's foes is not rapid and immediate. Strike Cruisers are fast, lightly-armed starships. Their primary function is to provide rapid response, as they are usually the first Imperial defenders to arrive at a threatened Imperial world. Strike Cruisers are capable of carrying one full company of Space Marines as well as all of their needed armoured support vehicles and have been known to deploy their full contingent of Astartes within only twenty minutes of their arrival in orbit of a target planet. Primarly, Strike Cruisers must be fast, with a substantial troop transport capacity and multiple means for delivering troops to a planetary surface rapidly, whether that be through the use of teleporters, Drop Pods, or launch bays equipped with Stormhawks.

DT-76 Vanguard Insertion Ship

The primary mode of transportation for the elite Vanguard Commandos, the '76 as its known as, is equipped with five laser cannons as well as an unknown type of energy weapon used for temporarily opening a hole in planetary energy shields, also effective at disabling enemy warships that might happen to get in its way. While these ships may appear large and bulky they actually posses the maneuverability of a fighter jet and can reach speeds in atmosphere in excess of Mach 3. Keresh

Type 38 Standard Infantry Dropship

Fast and agile, capable of carrying 50 troopers and their gear or 350 tons of cargo, the Type-38 is the work horse of the Keresh Military. The Type-38 is cable of being modified quickly in the field for a wide variety of missions (To be listed later). Main armament includes a three barreled rotary cannon beneath the cockpit, usually controlled by the co-pilot. The secondary weapons are four breaching torpedoes, used to open blast doors so the Dropships can insert troops directly into enemy warships. Despite their large engines the Type-38 is eerily quiet is usually not heard until its to late. All variants are equipped with a winch. Variants include:

Type-38c - Used primarily to carry cargo back and forth from planets to ships in orbit. Crew of 3.

Type-38d - Used on Desert worlds, engines are better protected against damage from sand.

Type-38g - Used as a close in support gunship, the cargo hold is replaced by multiple gun emplacements and missile launchers, crew increases from 4 to 12.

Type-38s - Capable of long range space flight, passenger size decreased to 30 due to worm hole generator for interstellar travel. Crew of 6.

Type-38a - Best suited for Arctic conditions, Engines less prone to malfunction or freeze if idle.

Type-38e - Used to enforcer Keresh Law on occupied world, armed with three spot lights, tear gas launchers, and a second rotary cannon on the back. Crew of 5.

Type-38m - Smaller variant employed by Keresh Colonial Militias, Carries 30 Troopers or 200 tons of Cargo.

Type-38r - Employed in search and rescue missions as well as medi-vac. No weapons, Crew of ten, capable of carrying 30 wounded Troopers. Keresh

Ahnilus-Nordok Heavy Cruiser given to Kayle

Although nowhere near as massive as the flagship, Nordok's heavy cruisers are equipped with both laser and turbolaser emplacements, allowing them to engage both other capital ships and fighters with equal effectiveness. It is roughly the size of (insert Symaar ship). It is retrofited with a slipstream passage both in the hanger and in Kayle's room that allows her to access the armory on board.

Falcons-Nordok Fighter Class Ships

Both the conventional fighters and bombers of Nordok's fleet lack pilots: they are either controlled directly by a nearby capital ship, or execute pre-programmed missions and combat maneuvers.

Harpie Stormhawk Gunship

The Stormhawk gunship is one of the Space Marines' primary weapons in the war against the enemies of the Imperium. Armed to the teeth with a Stormhawk cannon and various other weapons, its use became more and more widespread over the millennia. Each Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes maintains its own. Normally reserved for large-scale battles, time and time again its use in the various fields of war has been proven to be of inestimable value. The use of a flight of them to provide supporting fire and the rapid deployment of a detachment of Space Marines or Imperial Guardsmen to a critical battlefield location is a favourite of Imperial Commanders. Variants can also be used as transports for the Space Marines' various armoured vehicles, aerial ground support and anti-armour gunships or even as fighter craft to destroy enemy air superiority fighters when necessary. The Spine Eeaters the prime varient uses nearly double the number of weaponry. Something that allows it to serve even as boarding craft to ships.

With hardened Ceramite armour, a substantial transport capacity and a devastating weapons array, Stormhawks are versatile craft indeed. Although initially designed to airlift Space Marines into a battlezone and then provide fire support, the role has broadened considerably over the millennia, with many Chapters using them as highatmosphere reconnaissance craft, long range strike assets or even spacebound heavy fighters. In the hands of an experienced commander, a single Stormhawk Gunship can double the effectiveness of a Space Marine strike force, particularly in warzones where manoeuvrability is key to victory. Symaarian


Drop Pods are atmospheric transports used primarily by Imperial Space Marines for orbital insertion and planetary assaults where achieving tactical surprise is often an important factor. The Drop Pods look and work similarly to a starship's Life Pod and can carry either twelve Tactical Space Marines, a single Dreadnought or a single Thunder Cannon. They are launched from a vessel in low orbit towards the drop zone, usually in the midst of or near a battlefield. Once launched, they plummet through the atmosphere until their retro rockets fire to slow their descent. A computer Machine Spirit guides the Pod to its destination and can receive further commands from the Pod's mothership. Although the Pods become immobile after having landed on a planetary surface, they can be recovered by the Chapter's Techmarines and reused.

Destructor Tanks

veritable mobile fortresses, their heavy armor and devastating artillery make them ideal for leveling buildings and engaging other heavy combat vehicles. They can each carry a full platoon of troops and are frequently used as mobile command platform


Exterminators-Nordok security bots


Led by Kayle these robotic figures are the equievalent to a space marine. They come with two plasma pistols with auto fire. There faster than the average marine though less versatile on the field. While not the most durable they are easy to replace to stop them one must damage both the core/heart and cerebral cortex/head

Scorpius Assault Drones

These automatons are designed to provide swift, mobile fire support for ground troops. Lacking heavy armor, they can cover great distances over even the roughest terrain at speed, and can even ascend vertical surfaces

Spine Eaters Battle Sister Chapter

Spine Eater

Military all female space marine chapters are directly under the command of the women of Roxom. The Spine Eaters made of the Teres Morba which were mixed in with Symaarian DNA or vise versa. They are just as good as the best chapters of chaos space marines. They are also dedicated to only Azrael and the family. They apeal to the empire and work for the empire. Their faith is more in the Roxom though than Navigator. They tend to transform into possessed demon marines upon death. Their primary leader outside of Roxom is Noir a chainclaymor weilding woman of legacy like strength. For more see the seperate blog coming soon.

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