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Name: Azrael Tepes

Age: appears around 22-25

Weight: 130

Height: 5'8

Hair: red

Eyes: green

Race: vampiric mutant

Vampiric Traits:

Naturally as a vampire and more important a full fledged one not governed by clan like symmetry she possess the full extent of vampiric attributes. Her senses are all more animalistic in sharpness and not dampened by night or climate. Able to easily track one by sent alone through out the span of a nation. Naturally she is also capable of greater strength though not grand in regards to some meta humans out there she can lift up to twenty tons. Her speed is also able to reach up to two thousand miles per hour. With these attributes also comes the power to become mist, hypnotize the weak minded, ascend surfaces others could not and commune with animals. Though there's no indicator Azrael could not shape shift or become an animal it remains a technique she doesn't use. Lastly is telekinesis though it's on a fairly primitive small scale, she could get down to a cellular level but do to being a glutton for gore is rarely precise. She also struggles to target anything with it larger then about twenty feet tall, as she conventionally used her ability against things like catapults and so on. Naturally by consumption of blood she heals do to her age the healing is almost instant. Her own healing factor is still quite rapid able to recover from a decapitation in a matter of minutes.

Lastly comes the ability of blood itself hailing from one of the most innovative vampire legacies the Tepes line is synonymous with the carmine nectar. Az can become a puddle of crimson at her leisure as well as use blood for teleportation in combat. Functioning similar to a magnet blood can also be drawn to her like a stream moving to a river. Lastly is her own blood bending abilities, unlike some Az needs blood to be spilled once it has though even if just a tiny scratch she can manipulate it however she wants. It's not as grand as bullets or armor of blood but rather the genuine brutality and survival of a legacies title.

Mutation: there are half breeds of course who's gifts carry on to their unlife. For the true bloods born of two vampires mutation is rare as the undead are already blessed by the supernatural. On rare occasion however a natural vampire also acquires the title of mutant. Azrael's mutation grants her brief access to the depths of hell. This can be used to summon forth demons as minions to the carmine glutton for genocide. Usually however this power is used for it's basic provision, pyrokinesis. The talent to manipulate fire and lightning as well as the production of the rarely snuffed out flames of hell.


Blades: her heels are infact sharply crafted spikes one might compare them to a Japanese sai blade. As for her swords themselves she calls them simply Kili, a homage to the kilij blade her father used similarly the blades are modeled a very similar way. Resting along her forarms until sprung into position functioning as an under arm blade. The fighting style of such weaponry is truly more like a dance then even other artistic styles. Truly singling her weapon out however is that it is naturally stronger then adamantine and able to cut straight through such metal. Unlike the blades of other vampires no build up to that point is required.

Sword Techniques; unlike other vampires who are new to their distinct swords Azrael is perfectly synchronized and thus not weighted down by limitation.

Move swift as the Wind: this technique fires a barrage of arrows and spears composed of frozen blood. These travel at a thousand mph striking just as hard if not harder then a good FMJ sniper round.

Closely-formed as the Wood: this technique drastically amplifies the senses and brainwave of a user. This leads not to agro but a zen like near precog like understanding of the fight. Making her exceptional at defense.

Attack like the Fire: this style creates shock waves and bursts of air while also leaving a trail of fire with every slashing gesture. Using a variety of overlapping attacks to grind opposition down.

Be still as the Mountain: this technique is a purely defensive one releasing a trinity of hexagon shaped shields composed of hovering frozen blood. Circling her as if in orbit these shields spare her from a variety of harm should pain or opposition be a concern.

Coffin: Azrael never seems to cast a shadow or a reflection a noticable phenomenon for sure. Thus encourages the question why? Especially when this vampire walks in day light amongst the cattle, the answer is simple and how is complex. The answer is just her coffin, which suggests at least some truth to the coffin myth, but how does it work? The tomb of hers lingers in the metaphysical realms. Some mutants have been known to access dimensions that seemingly linger in our reality unseen, like some kind of secret door. It is within that for lack of better word 'space' her coffin lingers around her. Though not visible or physical it's effects reside over the vampire through forgotten mystic teachings and spells. Of course like anything else with Azra the usefulness does not end on this simple defensive measure. Upon night when not used to stave off destructive sun the coffin can bring forth a miles worth of ten foot spears. An act synonymous with the family legacy of impalement.