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ComicVine has a great community, it's where I started as well. But YouTube is a whole different beast because you really get to interact with everyone else and be amongst friends. There's no prerequisite to be part of the YouTube community and that's that's great about it. Great article, CJ!!

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I pre-ordered the hardcover months in advance so I didn't bother reading any of the single issues. Overall, it was alright. And I have to agree with some comments, it probably is best read all at once instead of drawn out weeks at a time because you lose all the momentum. And if it's still a POS like some people said, then at least it's over and done with in one sitting.

I didn't care for the AVS tie-in. Nice concept, but didn't really add any value. Neither did the INIFINITE issues. But for $45 and for what I was getting, I thought it was worth it. I wish they would have waited for Consequences, though.

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Haven't been keeping up with Marvel so I don't know anything about the build-up to AoU so I'm not entirely interested. But if this event (sigh, another event already) is self-contained and I don't need to follow any other titles (fat chance, right?), I'll likely trade-read it. TW is more interesting to me because it just seems more epic. Again, I don't want to be forced to read other titles I wouldn't normally, so that's really what it comes down to for me.

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Everyone's doing a relaunch these days so I decided to do the same and relaunch my comic collecting. I was picking up WAY too many titles before and I never even read any of them so I stopped buying altogether. But now I'm starting again and I'm no longer doing pre-orders and just visiting my LCS on new release day and picking up books.

I've just started up with Uncanny Avengers, All New X-Men, and Batwoman. Once some titles end their current arcs, I'll be starting with those (i.e. Wonder Woman). I'm also interested in the Marvel NOW! so I'll be getting FF next week and likely the new Uncannies when they start up.

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Birds of Prey was probably my favourite DC title. This new version does not do it for me at all, based on this image. I picked up Black Canary and Poison Ivy but I don't know the other two. They might as well call this Gotham City Sirens of Prey.
I wasn't reading Batgirl before but it seemed to me it was doing pretty well with Steph under the cowl. In any case, I may have to jump ship and follow Gail Simone over to Batgirl this fall.
Still jonesing for Batwoman, though. I've been waiting for almost a year now.

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There's hardly any Comics on TV. Only Smallville, The Walking Dead, and Human Target come to mind. It's actually movies where the comics are proliferation. I've never read TWD but I watched the first episode last week and I found it to be very well done. I can see why Kirkman didn't want to license it as a movie because it does seem better as a serial on cable (so 13 episode seasons, as opposed to network 22-episode seasons).

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I have this issue! Too bad it's in piss-poor condition.

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I have a feeling this is going to be a really good title. At least, I want it to be a really good title.

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Alright! Coloured previews! She looks like she has a really defined jawbone structure in that one preview.

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There's no indie fans? I can't pick a favourite among favourites but one of my favourites has to be Metric. Phoenix is also great, I'll be seeing them in concert this Sunday.