Previews - Sep 2010

These are my pre-orders from the September Previews catalog. 


  • Batman, Inc. #1 [SEP10 0156] – Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after some events I won’t rehash here. I wanted to wait for a clean point to get into Batman so this looks as clean as any. Batman: The Dark Knight #1 was also starting this month but I decided not to choose that one because the advert described it as being more supernatural and esoteric.
  • Batwoman #0 [SEP10 0162] – I’ve been looking forward to this title ever since it was announced back at Comic-Con. Honestly, I haven’t read her run in Detective Comics (I have some of those issues) but people keep saying it was really, really good. This #0 issue paves the way for #1 in Feb/11.
  • Birds Of Prey #6 [SEP10 0175] – One of my favourite titles, I don’t even need to think about it.
  • Superboy #1 [SEP10 0182] – Another #1 issue. While somewhat related to Teen Titans because Connor Kent is on the team, this ongoing will focus solely on him in Smallville. I’ll give it a try and see if it interests me enough to stay on my pull list.
  • Wonder Woman #605 [SEP10 0190] – I’ve read #600-#602 and it’s started to climb in interest. I’m interested to see if this new costume/current arc is just a gimmick and she shakes off the fairy dust and returns back to normal with her old history.
  • Teen Titans #89 [SEP10 0219] – When I read that a new creative team was coming on board and this would be a new beginning of sorts, I was interested and added #88 to my August pre-orders at the last minute. I was looking at adding another DC title to my pull list and I hope this one is it. I do enjoy Nicola Scott’s art.
  • I, Zombie #7 [SEP10 0309] – So far, what I’ve read has been good. I still need to read Issues #3 and #4 but I hear things do start to pick up and this issue is the start of a new arc.



  • True Blood #5 [SEP10 0365] – I have Issues #1 and #2 sitting at home and I haven’t read them. This is Issue #5 of 6 so it will be ending soon.



  • Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2 #1 [SEP10 0440] – I think Hack/Slash will always have a special place in my world of comics because it was one of the first titles I was drawn to when I started reading again. Here we have Trailers Part 2, a collection of Cassie tales told in movie trailer format. This is a big   fat 64-page issue with all proceeds going towards “paying off previously stiffed writers”. Many different writers will be on board (even Gail Simone!) so it should be fun to see Cassie in situations she normally wouldn’t find herself in.
  • Morning Glories #4 [SEP10 0493] – When I read Issue #1, it was stellar. It laid down the foundation for what should be a really good ongoing. I’m looking forward to reading more about Morning Glory Academy.
  • Nancy In Hell #4 [SEP10 0494] – Issue #1 was a surprise, I liked it quite a bit. This is the last issue of a 4-issue mini-series so I hope it ends as well as it started.



  • The Magdalena #5 [SEP10 0535] – A brilliant title, in my opinion. Excellent writing and I love the art. It’s different and distinct. Only two issues have been released (as of this post) but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every page so I don’t doubt the trend will continue.



  • Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4 [SEP10 0544] – I have #3 on pre-order and I still have yet to read the first two issues. A 6-issue mini-series that I’ll finish off.
  • Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5 [SEP10 0564] – The last issue in this mini-series. I’m glad this is over. I don’t want to read anything out of the Ultimate Universe. If only I knew what I was getting into when I first bought #1.
  • Spider-Girl #1 [SEP10 0575] – I was looking forward to this title when it was on the cover of Previews last month. I hope it’s not too teenage girly.
  • Secret Avengers #7 [SEP10 0584] – The only new Avengers title that hasn’t disappointed me yet. I’ll continue to buy this.
  • The New Avengers #6 [SEP10 0586] – I thought this Avengers title would be the worst but it’s not. I am starting to enjoy this. Still, I’ll re-assess it’s status after the end of the second arc.
  • She-Hulks #1 [SEP10 0623] – I’m not interested in The Hulk but I’ll get a title featuring She-Hulk. Figure that out. Maybe it’s because of my fondness for female superheroes.
  • Uncanny X-Force #2 [SEP10 0657] - #1 still not released yet but I’ll pre-order #2 anyway. Only because of Psylocke. Some of the preview pages for #1 haven’t looked that great but let’s see where the story goes.
  • X-23 #3 [SEP10 0660] – Marjorie Liu as writer is a selling point for me. I still have a chance to edit this pre-order list so I’ll flip through Issue #1 and see if I should continue to pre-order.
  • X-Men #5 [SEP10 0661] – Story is going good so far, I liked Issue #2.
  • Scarlet #3 [SEP10 0675] – I need to read #1 but people say it’s good so let’s continue. The art is different, will that turn me off?





  • Stan Lee's Soldier Zero #2 [SEP10 0887] – As mentioned in my last pre-orders rundown, I got #1 because Stan Lee’s name was attached. His name is actually going to be attached to three new titles out of Boom! But Soldier Zero is the only one that interested me. I’ve seen 5 preview pages so far and it hasn’t gotten me super excited but I’ll read through Issue #1 before I make a concrete decision.



  • Vampirella #1 [SEP10 0927]Vampirella is being brought back as an ongoing. She’s a sexy vampire chick so why not?
  • Warlord Of Mars #2 [SEP10 0933] – Still waiting for previews of Issue #1 to hit the Interweb. I’ll pre-order this in case I like #1.



  • Valhalla Cindermane #2 [SEP10 1011] – A bad valkyrie with a battleaxe in New York. Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome. I caught this back in the July pre-orders in a small little corner of the page and thought it was pretty cool. Let’s hope it doesn’t get cancelled before it is even released. Axel Gimenez provides art and his drafts on Deviant Art look pretty good.



  • The One #3 [SEP10 1039] – I haven’t read #1 yet but GG Studio does some gorgeous art and I think the story seemed interested enough.
  • Route Des Maisons Rouges #3 [SEP10 1040] – Issue #1 was good! I’ll happily pre-order this.



  • Torchwood #4 [SEP10 1123] – Loved the BBC series, will get this.
  • Torchwood #5 [SEP10 1124] – Loved the BBC series, will get this.



  • Monster Hunters Survival Guide #1 [SEP10 1210] – This sounds like a fun title. I like these kinds of survival guides against monsters, zombies, vampires, etc. In the traditional Zenescope style, I expect lots of buxom chicks running around kicking monster butt.


I had Utopian #1 on my list this month but after I saw some initial preview pages, I wasn’t very excited. I’ll flip through it in stores but I won’t pre-order this 5-issue mini-series. I also had George R.R. Martin’s Doorways #1 on my list but decided to drop it in favour of first looking through it in stores to decide whether it was worthy of a purchase. The story is somewhat like Sliders and I loved that show but this comic didn’t do enough with it’s description to pull me in. If they release some previews before cut-off, then I might re-consider.



  • Murderland [Image Comics] – I read the first issue and it was garbage. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with the pre-orders for #2 and #3. There was nothing offered this month but if it was there, I would definitely not add it to my list.
  • Vampire, PA [Moonstone] – The first issue was not that interesting and not structured very well and the art wasn’t impressive. Even though #3 was the last in this mini-series, I struck it off my pre-order list last month because it just wasn’t good.
  • The Avengers [Marvel Comics] – The first title from a big premier publisher that gets the axe. I read through #1-#4 and I thought it was just rubbish. The story was getting out of control and with the addition of Red Hulk to the team, I just lost interest in trying to follow this title.
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