Previews - Aug 2010

Another month and another issue of Previews for me to look through and pre-order what I want. I like the Spider-Girl alterna-cover this month, I might give it a try. But for now, let's go through my order list.

  • Artifacts #4 - Artifacts #1 arrived last week but I've yet to read it. I'll still pre-order #4 since it's such a major Top Cow event and Magdalena is involved. I love me some Patience. I'll go with John Tyler Christopher's cover.
  • The Avengers #6 - I've only read #1 at this point but I'll pick this one up anyway. I'll have to read #2 - #4 though before next month's pre-orders.
  • Batman: The Return #1 - So from what I've read online, Batman died, but not really. This issue is supposed to bridge the gap between what is currently happening with Bruce Wayne and the rest of the Bat Universe and lead into Batman, Inc. This should be a good jumping-on point for me since I am interested in Batman, Inc.
  • Calling Cthulhu Chronicles #4 - I pre-ordered #1 a couple months back because the preview interior drew me in. The reviews for #1 have been positive so I'll continue this for another month. I'll personally have to read #1 & #2 before my next pre-order.
  • Casanova #4 - I pre-ordered #1 because I heard rumblings that the original was really good and this was basically a coloured version of the original. The preview art I've seen is different from any comic I've currently seen so that should be interesting.
  • Gore #1 - The preview art in Previews for all of GG Studios' series are always so nice. Gore #1 is another new series starting up so I'll give it a try, since I gave Mediterranea and One a try. Also, it involves fairytale characters. Bonus.
  • Hack/Slash Annual 2010: Murder Messiah - This annual bridges Hack/Slash: My First Maniac and the original Hack/Slash series from DDP. I've got MFM on my pull list and I've got the original series (via omnibus) on order so I'll probably need this annual to link the two and fully absorb the H/S world. I went with Cover B but it's a toss-up, both covers look nice.
  • I, Zombie #6 - I bought I, Zombie #1 because it was $1 and the premise appealed to me. I've read #1 and #2 and so far, I do like it. I'm waiting for more to happen so I'll continue with it. I like Mike Allred's art on this, it suits the story.
  • Lady Death Premiere - It's free, so why not? Internal preview art looks good, maybe this will get a spot on my pull list in the future.
  • Last Zombie #5 - Last issue of the mini-series. #1 just got released last month but I haven't read it yet. I might as well get the last issue and finish it off.
  • Mediterranea #2 - As mentioned with Gore above, GG Studios' Mediterranea had some great art so I'll pre-order #2 (even though I haven't got #1 yet).
  • Morning Glories #3 - Another series with an interesting story. Though I must admit, it was the teasers that got me intrigued enough to pre-order #1. Sounds like there's a big demand for this series, news just broke that #1 sold-out on the first day and 2nd print is coming.
  • Murderland #3 - At first, I didn't put #1 on my order but after seeing the first few pages in previews, it was enough to make me add it. I'm waiting to get #1 so I can take a read but I'll pre-order #3 in the meantime.
  • Nancy In Hell #3 - Same deal as Murderland. It's a limited series (4 total) so that makes it easier to order, since I know it ends soon.
  • New Avengers #5 - I haven't read #1 or #2 yet but being a part of the new Heroic Age, I'll continue to give it a read for the first few issues of the series. I think after 10 issues or 2 story arcs, I'll be able to determine whether to continue or to remove it from my list.
  • Pilot Season: The Asset #1 - Of the 6 new Pilot Season issues for 2010, The Asset is the one that intrigued me the most. The last Pilot Season I got, Stealth, was really good so I hope that gets an ongoing.
  • The Scourge #3 - Interesting story, it sounds. I received #0 last month, I'll have to read it over and see how I feel about it.
  • Secret Avengers #6 - I really liked #1 so I don't have a problem pre-ordering this one. Of the three new Avengers titles I am buying, this is the one I like the most.
  • Stan Lee's Soldier Zero #1 - Didn't a wise man say 'nuff said? It's Stan The Man so I'll give it a chance. No preview art yet but the cover looks nice so we'll see how the story goes.
  • Top Cow First Look TP - So this trade collects 6 #1 issues from upcoming Top Cow series. DCBS has this on sale for $1.25. For 160 pages. I know a good deal when I see one. Hopefully there will be a series or two from this that I will enjoy enough to add to my pull list.
  • Torchwood #3 - I loved the BBC series so I was excited when I heard there would be a comic. #3 is being written by Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays Iantos in the show.
  • True Blood #4 - Another "I like the show so I'll try out the comic" deal. And this is a limited series so I don't have to commit for too long.
  • Uncanny X-Force #1 - Honestly, I wasn't sure whether I was going to pre-order this or not. I don't think Wolverine needs ANOTHER series and I'm not really a fan of Deadpool but this series has Psylocke, who I love. Love > hate so I'll give this a try and just maybe it might make me reconsider my stance on Deadpool. By the way, who is Fantomex? Like I said, I'm just getting back into comics after 10+ years off.
  • Vampire, PA #3 - I pre-ordered #1 because it had vampires and the cover attracted me. #3 is the last in the mini-series so I'll finish it off, even though I've yet to read a lick of it.
  • Warlord of Mars #1 - Several adverts for it in Previews and it's a Featured Item. For $1 (or $0.25 through DCBS), I'll give it a chance.
  • Wonder Woman #604 - The new costume helped bring in a new reader: Me. The #600 anniversary issue didn't do too much for me because it had a bunch of mini-stories but #601 got it started. Let's see where this leads.
  • X-23 #2 - I'm staying away from all the new Wolvie titles and Daken but I pre-ordered X-23 because I thought it wouldn't involve daddy as much.
  • X-Men #4 - A new re-launch of the X-Men title and straight into battle with vamps. I needed an X title in my pull list so I opted to go for something that started anew. My intentions for getting this X-Men #1 are entirely different from my intentions when I got the last X-Men #1 (along with 999,999 other people).
So that's what I've got on pre-order from the August Previews catalog. It was an irregular month because some regular pull items weren't offered this month (i.e. Birds of Prey). Something to note is that I dropped Haunt from my pull list this month. I've read through the first story arc and I just didn't like it enough to continue with it. I've got the second story-arc all pre-ordered and if Image ever gets around to releasing it on a semi-regular basis, I'll decide whether to add it to my pre-orders again.
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