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I kinda felt the story was lacking & as I feared, it looks like the contest has been removed from Diana's origin along with the mystical clay origin. She has been neutered of much of what made her unique. :((

Pinocchio, adam, Frankenstein, golems

let's stop pretending the clay origin was actually unique shall we

Thor, Herakles/ Hercules, (God forbid) Xena. This is what Diana has been reduced to. It has been done in other high profile comic already. Part of what made Diana different was that she was a female warrior from a race of females, no male needed to create her. Just a mother, some clay, & the goddesses (plus Hermes). The contest gave her a reason other than being boy crazy/ stir-crazy to leave the island. Now she is the bastard child of Zeus, like so many, who was not happy at home so she jump the first man she saw & hightailed it outta paradise!

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A year ago there was a whiteboard tease that Donna, Wally, & Stephanie would be showing up in various comics. Both Stephanie & Wally, for better & for worse, have shown up, but no Donna. Then we get a peek at Action Comics: Futures End #1 & it looked like Donna would show up there. Nope, wrong! Now, with the release of Multiversity: The Just he have yet another slap in the face to Donna fans. Last month promo art was released of Donna as she would appear in The Just; however, after reading the comic I cannot seem to find her anywhere in the book!!! We have a brief appearance of Artemis as Wonder Woman & we see Cassie as a ravened wigged Wonder Girl in one panel, but no Donna! What gives? It also appears there will be no Donna in the Teen Titan; Earth One coming out in November. So, is DC really being so cruel to Donna fans or is there a deeper reason for all of these misleading Donna teases? What if Donna is to play a large role in the upcoming Crisis event & all these false promises are to show just how special & unique Donna is in the multiverse. Perhaps, she exists only on one earth & does not have any alternate versions. Another theory I had was she is the person talking to the Anti-Monitor after Forever Evil.

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I kinda felt the story was lacking & as I feared, it looks like the contest has been removed from Diana's origin along with the mystical clay origin. She has been neutered of much of what made her unique. :((

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Though not the best DC DTV, Wonder Woman was light years better than Superman vs The Elite. SvTH may be the worst DC DTV since the first GL DTV movie!

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@4_color_image: I'm pretty sure that it is just Wondie that some of the guys at DC don't like cause I'm pretty sure Superman is pretty loved at that company

Maybe it is just Johns, but notice that most anytime Johns has a major storyline he either makes Superman a blubbering idiot or a villain, Wonder Woman is a love sick puppy, a mindless warmonger, or MIA, but Batman is always front & center.

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Wonder Woman is possibly the most powerful who is sadly written as a worthless love sick puppy who acts out in rash ways because her man is hurt. However, when Diana and Clark are together he is a worthless piece of crap. I just always get a feeling that DC (Dan, Johns, Lee) have no love at all for both Diana & Clark, when in reality, they would not have a job had it not been for those two.

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@captaintightpants12: I agree, but I am just trying to find a way it would work if it had to happen.

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@farkam: How is it be convoluted, it is the story of the Greek Gods replaced by Kryptonians? There is very little altered to the 1000s of years history of the Gods & Amazons.
I find Azz's new origin much more convoluted & there are some major plot holes in the Zeus as father origin. But, oh well :)

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Before peoples' heads spin, hear me out. If the rumors had been true & the Amazon in the Man of Steel sequle were indeed Kryptonian, I have come up with a logistical way it could work & not really change any of Diana or the Amazons' origins.

Thousands of years ago a Kryptonian scout shuttle, Olympus, crashed into the side of a great mountain in ancient Greece. Due to our atmosphere being hostile to the Kryptonians, they stayed inside the ship for many years; however, because of the effects of the yellow sun on the Kryptonians and the outside atmosphere leaking into the ship, over time they assimilated to our environment as well as developed godlike powers. While the Kryptonians where still inside the ship, the primitive natives begin to colonize at the foot of the mountain creating great myths of what was inside, stories of powerful Titans. These primitive villages were the early stages of what would become a great civilization. As the Kryptonians began to emerge from the ship, the primitives mistook them for Gods; children of the Titans they had imagined were inside, thus the birth of the Greek Pantheon. The first to make himself known to the humans was Zeus, the super egotistical leader of the crew with a overzealous libido. Zeus fathered several children with the natives, each with great powers elevating them above humans. Over time, the ‘Gods’ became more curious about our kind and begin to study us, their machinations guiding the Greeks as a race. Due to Zeus’s infidelity, his wife Hera gathered other ‘Goddesses’ and create a watery gestation chamber, the Gia, located off the coast of Greece and there they spliced their own DNA with the bodies of slain females, creating a hybrid race; half human, half Kryptonian. Believing they would be more peaceful without cheating husbands, the race is all female and because the yellow sun extends the Kryptonians’ life to near immortality, there is no need for males to mate with. The first to rise from the water is called Hippolyta and in time becomes the queen. Several of the female ‘Gods’ care for and raise their new race of Kryptonian/ Human hybrid females and in time they come to be known as Amazons. The Amazons, being half Kryptonian lived much longer than humans & have greater strength; however, due to their hybrid DNA and originating from Earth, the Amazons do not have a weakness to Kryptonite. Above the gestation chamber, the ‘Goddesses’ create an island home for the Amazons, hidden from all others and restricted from the violation of males. To protect the gestation chamber, the Amazons are told it is a great evil and they are bound to protect and guard it. As they grow, the ‘Gods’ train them in many of their ways, including warfare & science. Over time, the human side of Queen Hippolyta began to cause her to yearn for a child, unknown to both her & the “Goddesses’ who created her, Hippolyta was pregnant when she was slain and the essence of the unborn child was still inside her. Zeus, who had admired Hippolyta from afar and unable to control his urges, appears to the queen of the Amazons and they began an affair. The result of this affair was a daughter, Diana. To hide the true lineage of Diana from Hera, Zeus and Hippolyta fabricate a story that Diana was created from clay & granted life by the ‘Gods’. Since Diana is 2/3 Kryptonian, she is stronger than other Amazons and can fly; however, like the other Amazons, she is also immune to Kryptonite.

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RE; Justice League #31

Anyone think the new Power Ring may be Jennifer-Lynn Hayden AKA pre-52 Jade?