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@McKlayn: says the person with the Cyclops was right avatar.

*rolls eyes*
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@xmentas: and also whining about a book you're not going to read book. Yay!!! it's going to be the sleeper hit of the NOW! books.

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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE: Iceman and Kitty's child in the future imo.

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Hey i have an idea maybe it'll be a book where people who aren't going to buy the book are going to complain. Wouldn't that be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome?

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I prefer ones that are original and don't follow cliched ideas i.e. naruto fanfic where there's a civilian council and they're out to get naruto. I also prefer ones that use out of the way ideas but also follow canon to a point but they do it in their own way.

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The power Cosmic or Some super powerful Cosmic energy

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@lykopis said:

Seriously --- does anyone actually want to learn? Wolverine is top tier in regards to martial arts skill level - its quite clear.

If I had a gun and was the Queen of krav maga, I would still use the gun to kill you if it was a fight to the death. Besides, it more fun on panel to see Wolverine hack and slash rather than incorporate his martial arts skills -- that's why you don't see it much. Takes nothing away from his abilities.

while i do think it's cool to see him hack and slash i do think there should be moments with it.

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Lukes not in the New Avengers any more in fact non of the old members cept Strange are in the "new" Avengers

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@Cafeterialoca said:

@animehunter said:

I don't want to step on the toes of those who believe that Hazmat will die during Avengers Arena, but I need to mention something.

Marvel loves to play games when it involves a death of a character, especially when it's a favored character. They love to poke at our emotions, and they would use any number of techniques.

  1. Plant red herrings during interviews and announcements
  2. Make issue covers that show one thing, but something entirely different happens during the issue itself.
  3. Show an apparent death but no body or funeral.

A good example of this is the supposed death of Silver Sable, she apparently died in the Ends of the Earth arc, they showed a panel where she apparently dies, Spider-man says she didn't make it, they create a tribute issue "Avenging Spider-Man #8" to her and Dan Slott goes on to indicate that she died in a interview. After all that I was sooo convinced of her death that I created a forum as a tribute to her.

Now I find out that, according to Julia Carpenter in The Amazing Spider-Man #690, she is still alive and still has things to do.

Since then, I have to see a number of things, before deciding on whether a character died or not.

  1. A death that is meaningful
  2. A body.
  3. A funeral
  4. An official announcement
  5. Dialogue, that says or make it very clear the character died.

Only when I see 3+ of these, specifically a body, is when I sway towards them being truly dead.

A very good example of a good, meaningful death is that of Mattie Franklin, when she died during the Grim Hunt arc.

But here's the thing, Arena is about death. The writer admitted that there will be like 10 or so deaths in the book. Even if we knock off the new characters, the remaining fan favorites are still in there. Mettle and Hazmat are the biggest targets because they are the couple going into the book. They are the ones who will lose the most and that's why they are prime targets.

Another thing, I don't think this book can properly show the consequences of the death to the outside world. I mean, if Runaways die, do we just get one panel of the Runaways at home crying and that's it? Or how about Avengers Academy kids dying? Do we just flash a panel of those kids dying? There's a lot of threads here that can easily be buried in the book. Hopeless is a good writer, but there are a lot of things that could fall apart quickly for this book if he doesn't do these characters justice. Which makes the fact that characters are dying for ARCADE all the more annoying. Arcade is a joke! And now characters could die FOR HIS AMUSEMENT! They won't die as heroes. They will die in a game! That's the depressing thing!

And what if Arcade gets away at the end? What if the kids are about to kill him, and Captain America swoops in saying "We don't kill people." That would make this the most rage inducing story on the planet.

And I disagree. Mattie was a horrible death. She just died out of nowhere, and everyone moved on. You didn't even get J.J.J. to mention her. The man adopted her and we never saw his reaction. That's what really annoys me about comics at times. Character deaths who should reach a lot of other characters aren't shown because they either die to make a story seem big, shock value, or motivation. When Captain America died, they wouldn't let you hear the end of it. When Mattie died, it's full impact wasn't shown because "She's just some small character. Kill her for drama and move on."

Again, Anxious about Arena.

SB/DB is that you ?

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@Teerack: uuh no Peters always been that smart the writers just rarely show it.

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