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So in the last issue of Wolverine and the X-men we see that Pixie has finally graduated from school. Which I like this is a new arc in her character no longer is she a student. But to my knowledge she is not currently in a book.

If she is can someone tell me or say when was her last appearance so that I might have some idea of where she could be now
(my guess is with Dazzler)

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@ftw201: They are keeping him in the Ultimate universe for the time being seeing as their was enough interest in him. Miles Morales best power: Being able to save a whole universe from cancellation.

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kitty pryde

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I just want to know why is the in store date different form the cover date I see on most comic.

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I was recently talking to a comic book "friend" of mind and we had a pretty heated debate on the question.

i loved the cartoon version of batman in which he didn't use guns and he used every other trick in his arsenal to win

my "friend" on the other hand loves All Star Batman & Robin and everything Frank Miller he thinks if Batman doesn't have a gun then he is a pussy.

what do you think?

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if this were to happen a month ago i would have a perfect help to my final ten page paper for research methods damn it

oh well

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recently in comics we have seen some horendous and some things that most children shouldn't see in Marvel and DC Comics

this is for a research paper i'm doing for school and i would like as many people as you can to comment on this please.

thank you to everyone who replies in advance.

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i have a research paper that i need to do and the question i choose to do my on is if comic books are only for children.

do we eventually grow up and shouldn't read comics or can't read them for they are seen to be to childish

what opinions do you have on the matter

if you can tell everyone you know to contribute to this board

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i am optimistic about the time skip but i am also worried that their just going to make him a gritty reboot whose out for blood and make me lose all faith in comics.

I wish that they wouldn't do a time skip only because i would rather see miles take down some more peter villans first so that we, the readers can see how he fought the badies back then and how he will fight them in a time skip.

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I think that this will be more of a death of alliances than a actual death, with nightwing kiling the joker, batman disowns him from the family, and the bat family chooses sides depending on where their royalties lies dick or bruce

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