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Hello fellow comic nerds! This is a comic book review show that I started with my friend. We are young comic enthusiast and we love making youtube videos. This is one of videos were we break down "Amazing Spider-man" #700. Please check out our videos, we are consistently growing but we would like to get bigger! Thank you very much


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One person that I would like to see more of with Spider-Man is the Prowler. Technically, he does not have any powers and he has certainly fallen from the spotlight. I know a version of him has appeared in the new "Ultimate Spiderman" series, but I am referring to the universe 616 version. I always loved the few times they featured the Prowler because he was a constant struggle between good and evil. I sympathized for him very much because the emotional connection was so tightly bonded through his struggles. He wasn't a "bad" guy, but he did bad things for the right reasons, which is why i love his character. Plus lets be honest here, he looks really freaking cool! He was one of the few grey area characters that I always secretly hoped they brought back towards the end of the "Amazing Spider-man" series. I would really love to see more of Hobie Brown aka the Prowler.

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How would you call him overrated? Is it his popularity? If so, you can't hate on a character because people like him. Is it his writing? It is common knowledge that Daniel Way butchered Deadpool, but Joe Kelly's Deadpool and even Nicieza's Cable and Deadpool was brilliantly written. The pop culture is finally getting it's hands on Deadpool and his charisma and unorthodox style is winning them over. He was plenty of good writing behind him and he has certainly paid his dues to earn some of the spotlight