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This is the Triskelion. Inside, at it's very core, is Wanda Maximoff. Arguably by the consequences of her action, she is one of the most prolific murderers on the planet. Now she must face judgement.

Employed by Roma, Guardian of the Omniverse, Team 1 must infiltrate the Triskelion from two miles out, aboard a reserve Quinjet. Once inside, they must outmaneuver or out right kill the opposing team before kidnapping (Or killing) Wanda Maximoff and getting her back to the Quinjet whereby they shall all be teleported to the Starlight Citadel. However, a number of situtional hazards are gonna make this difficult. Firstly, her cell is Teleport proof. Aka, you can just 'port in and out'. Furthemore, the Triskelion has defenses and Team 2 know that someone is about to stage a kidnapping of Wanda Maximoff so it's gonna be tough.

Team 2 alternate objectives, as employed by Nick Fury are slightly different. They need to stop the assault, protect Wanda and ideally annihilate as much of the team as possible. They are given total executive control over the Raft, and 20 shield agents from which to assist them in their responsibilities.

Oh, and both teams only have 1 hour to complete there objectives.

Triskelion Defenses

- Your standard Turrents

- Lockdown Doors

- 20 Armed Shield Personal

- Wanda's Prison

Team 1 Bonuses

- 1 hours full prep with dossiers of the location, and their opponents. Access to gear must be realistic

Team 2 Bonuses

- 2 Hours at the Triskelion getting to know the layout etc and set up defenses. However, they are unaware of who EXACTLY will be attacking. Access to external gear must be feasible.

Summary Objectives

Team 1

- Kidnap or Kill Wanda Maximoff from her Cell in the Triskelion (In the event of Team 1 winning, providing they can prove they can kidnap Wanda they shall be rewarded)

Team 2

- Prevent the kidnapping or death of Wanda (Team 2 get a bonus if they can wipe out the entire opposing team)

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WW easily Cain isn't going to hit her and for those saying that he could just pull her in New 52 WW may be new but she's still stronger then Cain. She grabs him and BFR's him into sun. And in case you're saying "hmmm and you think Cain is going to let her do that," well just don't because he's not reacting to lightspeed

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no one has actually answered but i think Surfer takes it

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Avengers 6/10

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Starfire wins both rounds

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AOA Nightcrawler wrecks him

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Wonder Woman