Beat my team

My team:

1) Storm (Leader)

2) Martian Manhunter

3) Red Tornado

4) Goku

5) Divine Spawn

6) Natsu Dragneel

7) Magik (with armour and sword)


- You're allowed up to 7 characters

- You have to have 1 character from Marvel, DC and Image

- You have to have two characters from anime

- No telepaths

- No magicians

- No speedsters

- No one above Superman's power level

- No prep

Battle takes place on Namek


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What if there was a Teen Titans movie?

For all you other Teen Titans fans out there lets be honest there will probably never be a Teen Titans movie especially since the decline of the comic quality (saying this i don't dislike it i just haven't been really impressed yet). Despite this doesn't mean a fan can't dream, so in saying that who would you cast if the movie ever came into existence?

For me: Nightwing, Aqualad, Wonder girl, Speedy (despite Arsenal pic), Raven and Bunker

Why these six?

Well Dick Grayson/Nightwing is the obvious choice as leader and main protagonist. Using Nightwing instead of his Robin persona would be the clear choice in order to give the film more appeal to older audiences and give the feel that this film is branching of the Batman film series (DC's only successful film series).

Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad is a good choice because as we all no the DC universe can be a bit white and it's not like DC couldn't do with some diversity. Also he is a strong leader and a would play the role of keeping the team in check every now and then.

Cassie Sandsmark/ Wonder-girl, if there was a Teen Titans movie there would really only be one spot for a powerhouse and the wise cracking Wonder-girl takes down the moody Super boy any day.

Roy Harper/Speedy, Obviously the hot-head and aggressive Roy Harper would play the role as the team's rebel.

Rachel Roth/Raven, a dark and mysterious girl who can play the role of the pessimistic loner.

Miguel Jose Barragan/Bunker, some of you may feel that putting Bunker amongst these Titan regulars is a bad move especially since the 52 Titans haven't really performed but despite this Bunker is a funny character who brings not only comedy relief but also brings diversity.

Now for the villain of this film it has to be Deathstroke, he's intelligent strong and can surpass even some of the strongest leaguers. He will present a mountainous obstacle for the teenage heroes and along with some other minor villains he would be perfect.

Now for the toughest question who will play these characters?

Nightwing - I have no clue who would be able to play the leader i need some ideas

Aqualad - Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino was at the centre of a twitter argument that had come from the rumour that he would be playing spiderman in the latest film, as funny as the argument and the idea is i think he could pull it of.

Wonder-girl - Chloe Grace Moretz played Hit-girl in the movie Kick Ass and if she can play a 10yr old killer who swears like a sailor why not a young Amazonian superhero with super strength.

Speedy - Now this was a hard one because as we know there aren't many talented red head teen/young adults out there but who better then Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) to play Roy Harper

Raven - Ariana Grande currently a Nickelodeon star would have to take a big step up to play a main movie role but i can't think of anyone else i'd rather have playing Raven

Bunker - Once again no idea who could pull of Bunker and once again i need some ideas

Deathstroke - Who else but Stephen Lang he basically is Deathstroke

So who would you cast for the Teen Titans and who would have play them?


Aliens Vs Human JL

Aliens: Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Red Tornado, Powergirl and Supergirl

Humans: Batman (Has kryptonite on him), Wally West, Hal Jordan, Captain Atom, Zatara, Dr. Fate and Firestorm

Strengths of Alien JL:

- Strength (All of them)

- Speed (Superman, Supergirl, Powergirl and Wonder Woman)

- Telepathy (Martian Manhunter and Aquaman)

- Fighting Skill (Aquaman and Wonder Woman)

- Elemental (Red Tornado)

Strengths of Human JL:

- Speed (Wally West)

- Magic (Zatara and Dr. Fate)

- Alien Tech (Hal Jordan)

- Elemental ( Firestorm and Captain Atom)

- Fighting Skill (Batman)

Morals: On

Prep: None


No Speed Blitz

Who wins and Why?


The original 5 or The New 52?


1. Dick Grayson

Adopted son/side-kick of Batman and founding member of the original Teen Titans. Dick Grayson during his time in the Titans takes up the mantle of Nightwing and after retiring from the Titans becomes Batman.

2. Wally West

Former side-kick of Justice Leaguer Barry Allen.

3. Aqualad (Garth)

Former side-kick of justice leaguer Aquaman and is currently dead.

4. Donna Troy

Former side-kick of Justice leaguer Wonder Woman, Donna grows up to replace Dianna as Wonder Woman

5. Roy Harper

Former side-kick of Green Arrow, in the New 52 Oliver betrays him and he becomes Arsenal in Red Hood and the Outlaws.


1. Tim Drake

Batman's 3rd side-kick and the 3rd incarnation of the Boy Wonder, in the New 52 he is now under the Red Robin.

2. Bart Allen

Bart was born in the 30th century and his the Grandson of Bart Allen, he is the second hero to take up the role of Kid Flash.

3. Cassie Sandsmark

The 2nd incarnation of Wonder Girl

4. Superboy

Originally an enemy of the New 52 Titans, he was a puppet for the organisation N.O.W.H.E.R.E until breaking free.

5. Solstice

In the New 52 Solstice is recruited after Tim Drake sees her in action.

6. Bunker

Bunker is a new character introduced by Scott Lobdell and is one of the only homosexual characters to join the Teen Titans.

7. Skitter

Skitter is another new character introduced by Scott Lobdell and joined the Titans after defeating the villain Grymm

Which incarnation do you prefer?

Are there characters that should be included?

Do the Teen Titans really fit in the New 52?