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Great review. I almost feel that Darcy may have... How do I put this... Had a little bit more going on upstairs than those girls in the music video. This may have been the reason they were influenced by Jo so easily. Most of the time you see a lust over Jo, the rage that went on in the video shoot made me think it was because of her remembering things from her past. That mixed with her spell projected to everyone there sent them into a frenzy.

Still in my top 5. This series is great.

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I'm really impressed by this first issue and it's sparked my curiosity enough to keep me thinking about it well after I've put it down. If a book can do that for me it's a good thing because it means I'll defiantly pick up the next issue.

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I'll get interested in this again when someone else is writing it.

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Snyder is so good on horror or even stories with bits of horror. He just gets it. So many films I see this series touching on like Alien, The Thing, and with this recent issue it almost has the feel of the "of the dead" movies.

No doubt it's best to go back and re read the previous issue. This seems like it works best in trade but I can't help picking up each issue to see what happens next. Loving this.

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What's funny is my LCS sold out of the 3D covers for this very quickly. Figured this would be trash though. At least villains month is over.

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Hello Comic Vine Community!

Been a fan of the site and podcast forever and always looking to join in on some good comic conversation.

Been reading since I can remember, took a break from comics for a few years then came back right around the time the second TWD trade was out (I'm a horror nut) and slowly added more trades to the mix. 2 1/2 years ago I stared reading full steam again and haven't looked back. Also enjoy anime as well, not really a manga reader though.

So yeah. That was pretty much how my eharmony profile would look, which is why I just decided to sign up here.

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Really don't like Sam on these books. Hated his arc in The Ultimates and really not feeling his UXF run. I reminded myself that Rick isn't on this book anymore just so I don't look forward to his storytelling. I just can't make myself read this anymore. Been dropped for me. *shrugs*

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Does anyone else's copy have weird red coloring over Ex Nihila and Carol? Like a big red blob that goes outside of the lines?