Tommy Monaghan, him and all his friends from Noonan's. They can go back to the old bar, hang with Baytor and Hacken, knock back a few beers, and shoot the breeze. I need more Hitman hijinks.

Not a fan

Most kids in comics, like in film and television, get on my nerves. I usually hope they end up getting hurt, badly.

The only youngster's I enjoyed were the teens from Alan Moore's Youngblood. Mostly because it didn't delve into their melodramatic lives outside of their costumes, just them fighting what ever problem came up. I really wish that series had lasted longer.


Love that Joker

He killed the 2nd Robin and crippled Batgirl. I don't know of any other villain who has struck such personal lows against the hero. It not just that he commits horrible crimes again and again, but he does it with charisma unmatched that you just can't help but enjoy the character. Plus he's got the best sidekick ever, a hot little blue-eyed blonde clown dame who can't keep her hands off him.

I've also recently grown an appreciation for Green Goblin in Thunderbolts, what with his whole plan to gain Obama's trust.

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Witchblade & Darkness

Top Cow universe animated series in the style of HBO's Spawn would be the coolest thing ever. Sadly it seems like no channels these days are willing to take the risk of putting out purely adult targeted cartoons. A straight to DVD animated movie would be good too.