Favorite or not so Favorite Character Traits

We all have a favorite character because of what that character does or how he acts. my question to you guys is What are your favorite character traits? do you like characters who are brave? funny? wise? loyal? or maybe all of the above. But what is your least favorite traits? characters who whine? who are not confident? or all of the above? my favorite character is Aragorn from the lord of the rings books because when the time was right, he willingly left the life of the ranger and embraced his destiny as king and didn't hesitate at all. who are your favorite characters and why?


Steps for a great superhero team

Obviously when there is a threat huge and one guy can't do it alone, then he is going to need help and thus form a team. We all know the great groups, justice league, the x-men, thunderbolts, teen titans, the avengers, secret avengers, mighty avengers, west coast avengers.......new avengers (damn how many avenger teams were there? LOL) but anyway you get my point. what do you think is specifically needed to make a team up legendary? who would you put in your group? would you combine all the avengers teams? who would be leader? your thoughts?


Don't like what I said about Billy Batson? Just my opinion

well it seems my first blog on this website has gotten some attention as of recently about Billy Batson being an angsty whining "my tragic past" child who actually has a good heart. Listen I don't mind being emotional about tragic events in the past but why take the easy way out and "putting up a defensive shield" to deal with it. I did lose someone I cared about but I accepted help and support from friends and family. I didn't target other people and yell out my insecurities and I didn't have this "anger" towards other people. If Billy Batson came up to me and said the things he said in the panel (to the left) I would say "Hey don't yell at us like that, we've lost family too but we're trying to fix OUR lives and this nice couple has given us the chance to have a family. Stop being such a baby and move on, If you don't like us then fine don't talk to us. WE will be busy having fun together and you can have fun being alone" the Mary telling Billy off panel is what we need and we need more characters telling Billy "we suffer too but we don't bitch about it like you"


Team comics and the members who have their comics

Can someone help me understand why we have team comics but also comics for the individual members? For example: the justice league have their comic but batman, superman, wonder woman, aquaman, and the flash have their own comics. what happens between their individual comic and the team comic?


The Justice League's Current Status?

I've read the first six issues of the new JLA but because of school and personal problems, I couldn't catch up with the other issues. Can someone please find it in their hearts (kinda dramatic there) to tell me what has happened to the justice league so I could be caught up. Thanks :)


They Ruined Captain Marvel

Anyone remember that lovable boy scout Billy Batson who became the legendary Captain Marvel with a shout of the name "SHAZAM!!!" well after the DC relaunch, he's no longer there. He is now the dark brooding baby who whines about his adopted family not being his real family but has a good heart after defending his adopted sibling from bullies even though later on, he tells that little girl "hey we're not related, leave me alone" oh my bad he's not captain marvel anymore, he's Shazam now. WHAT?!?! don't get me wrong I love the relaunch and what they did with the MAIN heroes but because I am a huge fan of captain marvel. It really irks me that they took the lovable boyscout and basically made him a whiner about his "oh-so-tragic" past like batman