Hi Blog,

So I got really lazy about updating you... but I'm pretty much done with my costume. The work got easier as I went on... Finished the tights, the bottoms, and the accessories, in that order.

I didn't know how well the tights would take to each color, how they'd look, and which shade would go best with the leaves... so I made 4 different mixes and then stuffed the nylons directly in the bottle. They sat in the dye for about 8 hours.... and then I rinsed them out with cold water and let them dry in the sun.

Below were my results....

Of course they all looked very different when they were stretched out over my legs... and I decided that wearing two of them at once looked the best. The pics of them on my legs didn't take well though, so those aren't posted.

Next I worked on the bottoms... I bought a swim suit bikini bottom on clearance and covered it in leaves just like the corset I made.

Andddd last but not least I made some accessories. I attached small pieces of velcro to the back of some smaller leaves to add to my hair... and then made some vines to go up my arms and legs. Finished vines down there v

Soooooooooooo hopefully it all goes together nicely. Guess I'll see in two and a half weeks :D.

Thanks for listening blog.



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Building My Poison Ivy Costume


I just wanna say you need to be really appreciative that I am speaking to you right now because i had almost finished my letter to you when I accidentally closed out of this window and erased all of the work I'd already done. Which wouldn't be a big deal if I hadn't waiting foreverrrrrrrr for the pics to load on this incredibly slow internet I have here at work. ANYWAY..

.I haven't written you in a while because I've been on a mini vacation... However...I've only been back a few days and got another huge chunk done. All of the leaves are glued to the corset. ALL OF THEM. Hot glued. And I only burned myself once. A small price to pay for the awesomeness that will be my costume. Behold the work that I have done... and appreciate that as i glued up the corset... my progress went at a slower rate because the leaves got smaller... Seriously. Appreciate it, damnit.

Glued some... then painted some... then glued more and moreeeee...

.Untilllllll I got this. :D I'm pretty happy with it.... I hope the rest of the costume goes equally as smooth. Anyway.... I'll post again when there is something worth posting...

Love, Lexi

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Building My Poison Ivy Costume: Days 2-4

Hi Blog,

Guess what? ............................ Okay I'll just tell you. I finished making the corset. I have yet to cover it in leaves but I have the whole thing done! Go me! It went pretty smoothly too, only had a few issues in trying to make it fit just right.

The boning on the inside makes a huge difference in the fit....

-----------> It stays up by itself and retains a nice shape.

Then all I needed to do was attach the outside to the inside...

And add the eyelets to the back so It can lace up...

And then try it on to make sure all was working :D

The ribbon that I used to lace it up will eventually be replaced by vine-looking wire....

So anyway that is everything... I'll update you when there is something worth showing. :D



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Building My Poison Ivy Costume: Day 1

Dearest Blog,

I wanted to let you know that school is out and I have officially started the costume. Last night I made the front half of the corset... and by the end of the night I'll probably have the rest of the outer part. That only leaves the lining, the boning, and the daunting task of putting all the leaves on it. However, I would like to give myself a nice pat on the back for starting now and not procrastinating. Maybe even a round of applause. So... I've included pics of what I've done so far... Oh and I even did a quick sketch for the hell of it. Felt like I was being unceremonious by not doing one... ----------------------------------->

Here is the front:

I know its still rough around the edges... all of that will be fixed eventually.

So that's all so far... but there will be more soon! No matter how much I whine about this I actually thoroughly enjoy it. Especially since I still have an entire 6.5 weeks before Comic-Con. Anyway, thanks for listening Blog.

Love, Lexi

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Building My Poison Ivy Costume

Dear Blog,

This year for comic-con I'm going to be attending at least one of the days as Poison Ivy. *Does an awkward little jig.* I'm pretty excited about it because I love her costume and her character. I like that she's a little crazy about her cause...well, maybe more than a little.

I've made several costumes for several occasions. However, I am doing things pretty different from my norm this time around. Usually, in the beginnings of making a costume, my first step is to draw a sketch, but I think what I want is so crystal clear in my head that I don't really need one.

The main components of my version of the costume are pretty simple; a corset, nylons, and some kind of underwear. I've thought about wearing boots on my feet, but I think I like the barefoot look much more, especially since I want the costume to have a very wild look to Poison Ivy after she's just come back from a trip to the amazon, where she's more plant than human.

The other thing I'm doing different is using a pattern. Usually I'd make my own... but I found one that fit almost exactly what I wanted and it was on sale. Not to mention I've never worked with boning (the stuff that makes a corset have shape) before, and even if I wind up making my own pattern, the directions will be good for tips on how to put things together.

So far I haven't actually started any sewing, but I've collected most of the stuffs that make up the main components. Fabric, boning, fabric dye (for the nylons), and interfacing (stuff that makes fabric stiff for shape). I'm telling myself this is enough for now, because I'll move a lot faster once school is out. So here is a simple breakdown of what I'm planning to do... and although it sounds pretty easy, I'm sure I'll encounter a boat load of issues.

Breakin' it down:


A pretty basic corset as the base. The back will lace up, because I think that is one of the best ways to get a custom fit. For me it was important that it was a corset and not just a leotard, because the corset will stay up without straps because of its structure. (Being a little larger in the chest area, I'd rather not be walking around comic con constantly pulling up on my top to prevent everything from being on display) Once the basic thing is done, I'll cover it in ivy leaves that gradually get more of a red tint as they travel up. Also planning on each side of the top coming to a point, almost like a more dramatic sweetheart neckline.


At the moment, I've decided to use dyed nylons v.s tights to cover my legs. I decided this because if I use the dye, I could get my own exact shade of green to match my top. I also have this theory that they'll look a tad bit more natural than the super thick tights. (They're also cheaper) What will be interesting (or possibly hair pulling-ly frustrating) is to see how the nylons hold the color, since most common fabric dyes are for cotton blends.


I honestly have no idea yet what will be covering my bum aside from my tights. That said, it will be covered.


This is what I am planning to make myself look the most "wild" with. Lots of leaves and vines. However, I think I'll leave the details of this fun part for later, after I get the grunt work done: the sewing.

............ Well thanks for listening my dearest blog. I will be sure to update you with pictures soon, whenever the sewing adventure begins.



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