The Correlation Between A Walker And A Walk-In

Like other entities from a higher plane, when a Walk-In visits this plane it is constricted by the three-dimensional laws of physics here. A walker on the other hand is able to bend or even break certain laws of three-dimensional physics due to the connection he or she shares with the higher being. Which laws get bent? Which laws get broken? That all depends on the Walker and the Walk-In. The time came for Abraham and his Walk-In to test the correlation between them.

Abraham exited the church and stood on the steps outside, rolling his head around. The night was ever present but the moon was hidden behind a veil of clouds. The street was empty, lamps were flickering on both sides. Some loose paper, possibly from a garbage pale, had blown down the sidewalk. A cold chill filled the air. It was quiet.

The Walk-In glided out of the church and down the steps. It stopped at the edge of the sidewalk and turned it's head slightly back towards Abraham then extended an arm out and pointed a finger to a car parked across the street. Abraham made his way down the stairs and crossed the street. He thrusted his fist through the window of the driver side of the car and stuck one hand inside, gripping the door from the inside. He pulled, ripping the door off with ease, then tossed it to the side. A small grin of satisfaction formed at the corners of his mouth. This new strength was something else.


The Walk-In pointed further down the road, signaling Abraham to test the limits of his speed. He walked into the middle of the street then peered down the road as he folded up the sleeves of his shirt. With his sleeves folded up neatly he bent his knees slightly and took off on a sprint. His acceleration was incredible. The night breeze was intensified by the high velocities he was reaching and everything around him faded to a blur. The Walk-In was gliding next to Abraham, unbeknownst.


It came up from the side, flashing a set of claws. A swipe at Abraham came close but was evaded with a quick side step. They came to a brief stop before the Walk-In lunged at him. Abraham performed another evasive maneuver, veering off to the side of the road. His back was now against a building. The Walk-In lunged at him once more. He faced the wall and pushed himself off of the building with a leg and went high into the air, in a slow and long flip. While he remained suspended in the air, he was caught with a slash to the throat. A large gash appeared where his larynx was and blood sprayed. He crashed face-first into the street, ending up on his belly. Blood was gushing out of his neck. A pool of it was quickly forming on the ground underneath him. He tried to breathe but could only manage to gargle and cough up more blood. The Walk-In stood over him, silent. Abraham's face tightened with grimace from the pain and his eyes came to a squint. After struggling for a few minutes Abraham's body went limp. His face relaxed and his eyes widened, staring blankly at a curb on the other side of the street. As he drifted into unconsciousness it appeared death was imminent. The gash on his neck began to heal, however. Abraham snapped back into consciousness. His blank stare was interrupted by a few rapid blinks and he began to struggle to breath again. His face tightened with grimace from the pain once more but soon enough the gash on his neck had fully healed.


Abraham stood on his feet. His confident composure had returned but his white vest was stained with blood and the rest of his attire was marked with dirt. He turned to the Walk-In with an expression of disappointment on his face. He liked his suit but now he was going to have to get get a new one.


Abraham Satan: The 13th Walker

He awoke to find himself staring at the ceiling of an abandoned church from a dusty altar. He lifted his head and examined himself. He was dressed in formal wear, sporting a black shirt with a white vest on top. On his waist was a black belt with a silver buckle, on top of the buckle was a crest of a skull and cross bones. He continued to examine his attire, the pants he had on were all black and his shoes were made from leather. From the looks of it, it appeared as if he dressed for his own funeral. He wasn't dead, however. He was just ... Different. Suddenly, he heard a whisper coming from what seemed like both in and outside of his head.

"You've awaken"

Though the voice came as a surprise, he wasn't fearful of it in the least. He ignored it and stood up, kicking up a swirl of dust. He brushed himself off and took a moment to examine his surroundings. To the left was a row of seats that had collected dust from years of neglect. To the right was another row of dusty seats and In front of him was the entrance to the church, the door had slightly rotted. It was clear that this place had been vacant for at least a decade. He noticed the podium in the center, on it was a mirror. He walked over towards it and peered into it. His black dread locks now had white streaks throughout. Around his neck was a leather strap with metal spikes, and some witchcraft charms.

Behind him stood a great statue of an unknown figure of mythology, surrounded by red candles which were lit. A small gust blew out the candles and he was now in darkness. He was able to see the full spectrum of light and darkness, however, which allowed him to see through the pitch black. He felt cool air creeping up on the back of his neck. He calmly turned around to see what was behind him ... Nothing ... At least not at first. Then, slowly, a black entity began to take form in front of him. It was tall and it appeared to be half way in this world and half way in another. Masking it's true face was the face of a skull. Not even the skull of a human, it was more likely to be the skull of a demon.

He wasn't afraid. He felt that somehow, whatever this entity was, they were connected. He looked into the black mist inside of the sockets in the skull and visions of the previous night began to flash before his own eyes. He remembered now. This entity was a Walk-In. An inter-dimensional entity similar to that of a ghost or demon but much, much more powerful. It had visited him in a dream and managed to deceive him into allowing it to co-inhabit his body. He was shown visions of 12 other Walk-Ins and their victims.

"You are the 13th and final Walker"

The Walk-In glided over to the altar that he had woken up on.

"Find the others"