She Hulk - a great opprotunity for an awesome movie

She-Hulk needs her own movie. And not Savage She Hulk but Sensational She Hulk. She's funny, she's intelligent, and she breaks the Fourth Wall . That would make for a great movie. The movie could involve the Fantastic Four, the Avengers or even Hulk. J. Jonah Jameson and his son John Jameson could be in there as well. And I think Jeph Loeb or John Byrne should be involved with the creation of the script.

Possible enemies could be Mad Thinker with Awesome Android and the story could be silly and fun. When ever I think about mad scientists it just make s me think of the Brain from Animaniacs or Mr. Freeze or Dr. Weird from Aqua Teen or even Professor Farnsworth from Futurama. You know the goofy ones the bat sh#t crazy ones, the great ones. Mad scientists always make for a great story, they always come up with some weird convoluted scheme with odd ball inventions that you didn't know were even possible to invent but there it is right in front of you.

A story arc that would be great to start in this new wave of Marvel movies would be the civil war and registration arc. It could start out right here in the She Hulk movie of all places. She is a lawyer and she defended a hero that was a crucial trigger in the civil war, Speedball. And lets not forget her involvment with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Iron Man(she tends to get around a bit and there's nothing wrong with that) just another reason to cast Samuel Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. The movie should also have the Illuminati in at least one scene and it could be the scene in which they talk of hurling Hulk into space. Now tell me an apperance of Namor, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt wouldn't be cool. This would be a great movie if written and directed by the right people. My choice for director Jon Favreau because he did such a great job with Iron Man and he can produce some very funny scenes.

In closing Marvel Entertainment, Disney get on This would be a great addition to the Marvel Movie line up.