The Begining of Meca

It all started in the city of Meca on planet Omega,(located in universe 3) Where parents Cynthia and Arnold Smith gave birth to human child Meca Avon Smith. As a child Meca was very active and always got in trouble for playing at the local junkyard with his friends. Then 1 day as he was playing in the junkyard, one of his friends dared him to climb the stack of cars beind them and so when he did the stack of cars fell on him and broke all the bones in his legs. Then the junk dealer heard the noise of the boy and the cars falling and tried to find and call his parents but, they never answered. So the junkdealer Marcus Strong took him to the hospital and they found out that Meca would die unless he had 3/4 of both of his legs cut off.Then when Marcus tried to go to Meca's house he found out that Meca's parents were found dead on the floor. So Marcus raced back to the hospital and told Meca everyting. Then Marcus found out that Meca would have to be put in an orphanige.So Marcus went and signed the papers to adopt Meca.After Meca's surgery he was very sad all the time even though he had prostetic legs and a new father he was still sad about his old family.

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