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Real Name: Blake Bancroft

Age: Unknown (looks about 24)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 6'2

Weight: 76 kg

Occupation: Artifacts and Antiques Dealer

Place of Birth: Unknown

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

Brief History

All cultures know him by one name or another, for Norse it was Loki, for the Egyptians it was Seth but the name he take a liking to was 0blivion. 0blivion roamed the planet seeking to better himself, he trained with in varies cultures (Buddhist, Romans and Chinese) in not only the mystic arts but his mind, body and soul. He was first recorded in ancient Egypt 3200 BC, 0blivion at that time went by then name Seth; God of Chaos. In ancient Rome it was Hades and the Nose name for him was Loki. He traveled around coursing mischief, mayhem and death, starting whatever war he could just see the mortals suffer.


0blivion respects power and enjoys the sight of death. he is quick tempered and is only amused by destruction. He craves only more power, he doesn't know why and has traveled the world a hundred times in search of it. His goal is to try and make a hell on earth, if he has to suffer on this plane of existence then so will everyone else.


Martial Arts

Blake is known to had learn and mastered numerous martial arts, including long forgotten ones. Being immoral Blake has had the time to study humans, mutants, demons and just about every super bring that existed. He learned their weaknesses and despite their powers, his will and skill is more powerful. This has allow Blake to be able to read people's movements using with body language, sometimes predicting their movements before they do it

Physical stats

0blivion is an immortal and doesn't require food, water or air. He never grows tried and doesn't age. His durability is slightly above human, over the years he has built a thick callus on his skin. It make him resilient to physical damage that would harm a regular human (but is still vulnerable to knifes and bullets). Strength is that of peak human, agility and speed are that of an Olympic level human. He is cured with life, the origins of how or why are unknown, if he dies his body will reincarnated hours later.

Anomaly Sense

He has an anomaly sense, if something changes in his general area, something unnatural, such as the presence of evil or good that is greater then your average person, the physically impossible or surge of energy.

Spell Casting