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@THORSON: On the contrary, I think the reason Thor seems to get beaten disproportionately these days is because he is missing that weakness.

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As long as Sif isn't the baby mama but knowing Marvel...:(

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Chris Samnee
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I found Thor's confusion on Earth as the most endearing thing ever. His face when encountering a straw is priceless.

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Fraction had Jane open a surgery with Donald at the start of his run. Donald has now disappeared and we have no idea if Jane knows or how she's going to be able to keep that going. She moved from New York to Broxton for him and 20 or so issues later he's a headless dreamer. I never understand why she isn't written as angrier. This always happens to her. Its unrealistic that she is still on good terms with Thor after all the crap he's pulled.

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Marvel got rid of him again. This won't end well, it never does as the separation gets prolonged. The identity always comes back one way or another for a reason.

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@DeadpoolPT said:

The Intelligence ratings could be on academic intelligence such as sciences, philosophy, politics and so on rather than a basic knowledge or understanding of a certain topic. In this case Thor has a good knowledge on the nine realms(remember reading somewhere Thor explaining it) but thats about it, his spent most of his life fighting which doesn't come under intelligence. Yes, Thor does have the Donald Blake alter ego but it has been shown (Thor #1 (2007) Rebirth) that Donald is a seperate being with his own knowledge, and most of the time you'll find that Donald Blake has to give some form of guidance to Thor into making the right intelligent decisions. Thor only switches into the Donald Blake persona with some of his personality, feeling and emotions staying with him, but we haven't seen any evidence of Thor presenting any form of knowledge which Donald Blake has while Thor was in his God identity. That's how I see it.

Doesn't Thor have a deep philosophical debate with a priest in Heaven and Earth? Not only can he speak the languages on earth still existing, he can speak dead languages.

Donald is not a separate being as shown for the 30 years preceeding JMS' mess up and yes, we have seen Thor exhibit his medical knowledge while remaining Thor.

He also exhibits his knowledge as a Doctor when he is Jake Olsen who is only a paramedic

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@Billy Batson: Became a Doctor. I hear that is very hard.

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@JoseDRiveraTCR7: DCWomenKickingAss campaigned for Wonder Woman to lose her pants and then moaned about Supergirl's lack of pants/skirt. I don't consider them to reflect my personal opinion or the opinion of women in general.

Kathryn doesn't seem to understand the pressure women feel to dress sexually to feel included or 'fashionable' and that is an extension of dressing to catch a man as that is where fashion has its roots. Women are encouraged to look 'sexy', its in the word. When you have half your chest out it can't not be sexual.

If Laura isn't confortable in her own femininity its because of things just like this, perpetuating an image of what women should look like based on the male gaze.

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DC's ugly trinity mentality raises its head yet again. People aren't excited for this book just to get yet another Batman or Superman or Wonder Woman