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I'll go for Storm for this one with many good reason. I mean Ironman is a formidable foe, someone not to be reckon easily, but against Storm its just too unlikely to me. I mean Storm has more advantage to begin with, I'd be honest Ironman new upgrade Extremis is really strong but against Storm there's no way. Storm has been described as a "sculptress", this is (arguably) the best way to describe her mutant mastery over weather, and certain forms of energy. When Storm uses her psionic powers, she sees the world as colorful, constantly changing energy patterns, rather than solid matter. These energy patterns can be "molded" to Storm's will to create a vast number of effects which mainly deal with weather manipulation. Storm is greatly in tune with nature and the elements. She can feel them, and likewise they react to her emotional state. She can manipulate weather patterns on a variety of scales, including the ability to summon large and violent thunderstorms and blizzards, as well as sleet and hail.
I know Ironman suite is pretty much upgrade, basically his suite undersheath is a nano-network that incorporates peptide-peptide logic (PPL), a molecular computational system made of superconducting plastic impregnated molecular chains.  The PPL handles, among other things: memory, critical logic paths, comparative “truth” tables, automatic response look-up tables, data storage, communication, and external sensing material interface. The lattice assembly is a stress-compression truss with powered interstitial joints.  This can surround the PPL material and guide it through Stark’s body. Making use of nano-scale assembly technology, “smart” molecules can be made atom by atom. The design allows for simple computers to be linked into a massive parallel computer that synthesizes human thought protocols.  The metallic component to the lattice is a controlled mimetic artifact that can take on the characteristics of most elements.  Even unusual combination of behaviors such as extreme hardness and flexibility. The incorporation of the Undersheath in Stark’s entire nervous system renders reflex-level computer responses to pan-spectrum stimuli. 
 Basically, I'm seeing Ironman upgrade more in reaction speed, durability and strength. Reading this thread seems people here fight more over reaction speed let just face facts that both control/summon their powers in mere thought and lets not get contest over which thoughts are faster cause its pathetic, its like comparing Reed Richard over Tony Stark being more intelligent means he win. Let's be honest both are highly intellectual in their own term and powers. Since agility is important here, let not just make Storm just standing still waiting to be KO by Ironman cause both won't do such thing. But Storm sensing object can easily pinpoint Ironman and Storm is known for  precision over her target, an example:

  But I doubt  Ironman shield can keep up with this and Storm can summon lightning as hot as the sun in global proportion and cosmic scale.
And lets not go with Ironman durability and shield can withstand Storm continuous onslaught cause she can. Extremis compare to his some past armor are more enhance and upgrade and that include durability.  The armor was also protected by a zero point energy field, a kind of personal force field.  At the same time, Iron Man could project from his gauntlets polar magnetic fields in at least a twenty-foot radius.  Because these were so energy intensive, they could be used for only short times. The armor is both space and deep sea worthy. Its internal air supply lasts over one hour and the armor can be sealed for travel through low oxygen, underwater or outer space environments (so, let's not go overboard to Ironman can fight undersea like forever). By all means, I just can't see Ironman taking out Storm as mastery over electricity, able to tap on earth magnetic fields itself can give him the upperhand from the first place?  Now just because I sided on Storm means I'm Storm fan cause I see other forums going this way; fan basis. I like both characters and I'm not bias in choosing Storm over Ironman cause I just see more of Storm winning this. Now the basis of my opinion is base on facts I read and understand from both characters and reading posts since it help a lot to see how people view each character but basically I'am more in facts laid out. I know some overrating Storm to the point of using Capt. America defeating Ironman, cause in one on one battle Ironman is more likely to win, and likewise, goes to Ironman durability and reaction speed can take down storm since she has just normal human feat without the power and taking her down with one shot  of repulsor ray can KO Storm to oblivion; I think not! Though Ironman durability is enhance doesn't mean it so indestructible its comparable to diamond cause storm is capable in shattering Emma Frost diamond form with just the use of wind and metal.

And lets not go to Thor level, Silver Surfer or Phoenix cause is too obvious who win. Its not officially stated that Storm is an Omega-mutant but more like a possible Omega even stated by Reed Richard and Sentinels, but even so, to be categorized to this is no joke! We all know or maybe for some that in past, Storm has been attacked with (and harmed) by lightning/electric blasts she hasn't created herself, and almost overheated due to trying to adjust to violent weather, it appears that the more experienced she gets, the less the weather seems to harm her, both indirectly, and directly making her unaffected by the weather, including lightning and temperature. This is further shown by her being able to reverse/counter electrically based attacks.
Storm entering Earth atmosphere like meteorite. It has shown many time even in past Storm capable to withstand hits and blast that are not even equal to normal human. She even withstand Magneto blast even Nightcrawler commented Storm body burning hot when touch. It's already seen Storm can project lightning indirectly, eyes, hand and even use her body as conductor too. I just see bad choice of opponent for Ironman over a mutant who has master over the Elements and Ironman is pretty much a normal human in an armored machine even if Stark’s skin is now a part of the suit, when engaged not that I'm depowering his armor suit, Its more likely in Storm favor. It is known by fact that  even Extremist has experienced dozen fail-safes against EM disruption, so basically his not immune to that, and I can even say  Magneto could take down Ironman on this. Anything involve primarily on electronics, electricity, magnetism, Magneto and Storm is more like the worst choice of opponent since both have more control and understanding to it, but I'm not saying it won't be a good fight though. Ironman has palm beam a high density muon generator to concussively dissolve matter but his primary energy weapon remained to be the repulsor ray, a powerful particle beam weapon designed to repel attacks.  Repulsors could be used to build a shield around small areas--one that would withstand a nuclear blast.  On a lower setting, repulsors could also be used to create concussive blasts to knock people unconscious.  A full-form repulsor ray can spray a whole area, clearing it out. But Storm by high superior surpass that she's able to summoned the full power of millions of stars and planets. Looking at Storm views, these are just nothing considering what she can do this in more grander scale. Now I'm not powering-up Storm, she basically can control manipulate almost all types of elements, air (wind), water (ocean), earth and heat to the point of molecular level and not only that but also energy itself. Here are some sample;

Current Storm has been shown this kind feat, to even sense moon gravitational force.  Her ability over water and it's forms has been shown by her creating heavy rainfall, and instant floods that have even "washed" away savage land dinosaurs. She can create weather effects within indoor areas or within artificially maintained environments: for example she could create an indoor rainstorm. She can create weather effects over very small areas as when she water her potted planets.

Storm's ability to adapt to her environment isn't limited to large bodies of water either, as she has manipulated ocean currents similarly to how she manipulates the wind. And I don't see Ironman any near this feat not even a bit close, not that Extremis isn't strong but comparing to Storm weather arsenal is like playing with a toy.  As for Ironman had highly increased reaction times under Extremis and moved much faster too. The armor allowed him to out-move even Spider-Man, anticipating the wall crawler’s movements. Stark could fly/control the armor even when not in it.  Because the armor was wired directly to his brain, he controlled it by thought like it was another limb. And the armor’s boot jets could propel him at speeds up to Mach 8.7 (which is equivalent t traveling hypersonic level). With Extremis, Stark was in several places at once, fully capable and in control of multiple actions at once. Storm can thus travel as fast as any wind can, and has reached speeds up to 800 miles per hour (subsonic level) and on some occasion she (rarely used) travel vial lightning. Her power over the atmosphere enables her to breathe at any speed.
She can commute half a country in a matter of minutes and as can travel greater than the speed of sound.

As much as speed were talking, Ironman has less chance since Storm control over air/wind and can easily immobilize him or match or overtake his speed. For Ironman reaction speed can outmatched Spiderman spider senses is no were near Storm
Storm is buried beneath a building, covered with wounds, including a spike in the chest. She cauterizes her wounds with lightning and is perfectly fine. Also demonstrates she is not afraid of killing anymore, and would to it quite casually. 
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I'll go for Storm here
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I would go for storm on this one. I don't think storm would just stand still and get hit also, in my case storm can see energy pattern and is one with the Earth primal force. In this Storm can sense Ironman movement and I don't think even Ironman shield

  is capable of this type of lightning feat, especially when Storm can do global scale to cosmic scale.
I understand Ironman undersheat suit is more like nano-network  that incorporates logic, a molecular computational system made of superconducting plastic impregnated molecular chainsand and the metallic component to the lattice is a controlled mimetic artifact that can take on the characteristics of most elements. Even unusual combinations of behaviors such as extreme hardness and flexibility. But even so, when it comes to electronic and magnetic stuffs, this is on storm advantage, especially when the suit core has an atomic battery but also collects solar power which Storm has shown using solar energy.  A plus, is the event during the Savage Land caused problems for the armor as they do all technology.  A full system shutdown--cutting the primary power source--was very hard on Tony since the technology was biologically integrated into him.  It would seem that his body needed the energy to do all this incredible stuff.  And it stated that Ironman has encounter  to dozen fail-safes against EM disruption, so his not immune to that. I even think Magneto can take Ironman on this. Though the armor was also protected by a zero point energy field but  these were so energy intensive, they could be used for only short times.
 All I can say is that Iron Man’s primary energy weapon remain to be the repulsor ray, a powerful particle beam weapon designed to repel attacks.  Repulsors could be used to build a shield around small areas--one that would withstand a nuclear blast. And  Storm has also summoned the full power of millions of stars and planets and I think this is just too much for Ironman alone. And being durability, Storm has already shown that too in many ways without even using any protective armor by adjusting her body temperature and others to suite their needs, one example is
entering earth atmosphere like meteorites do. Now, just because I'm siding Storm doesn't mean I'm being a storm fan cause from what I read from previous post it seem to turn out like children squabbling. I' am fan of both character and their is no bias of my choosing, I'm basing my opinion on based fact I red from both character, I know some overrated Storm to the point of using Capt America defeating Ironman cause in my opinion Ironman will win on one on one fight. Likewise, this is also same as Ironman's armor, shield and speed cause one thing I know Storm can destroy it and don't tell me its so invulnerable cause its no diamond and storm is capable of shattering Emma diamond by just using wind and metal object and this is also has been shown. And let's not go to Thor and Phoenix league cause its already obvious and it has not been officially stated that storm is an omega-mutant but as possible omega even to Sentinel and M Fantastic, but nevertheless being on that possibility category is no joke.

 Storm has mastery over all forms of precipitation, and wind and temperature, which affords her the ability to generate a variety of meteorological effects ranging from a gentle mist to extremely powerful tempests including hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods, blizzards and lightning storms, among other exotic weather effects. Here control over temperature and humidity is such that she has generated vast temperature extremes from the most severe equatorial heat to extreme subzero temperatures in the "literal blink of an eye". She has even performed electrolysis (splitting water molecules) to breathe underwater in molecular level. 

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@Morpheus_:  I'll go for storm on this one in my own opinion. I just don't see Ironman winning on this even with his latest extremis, with all the upgrades. I know Ironman can give a difficult fight , even with heightened speed Storm shows that also in a fight teamed up  with Cable and she's on ground. All I see is that Ironman is at disadvantage with an opponent like Storm. Now don't get me on Thor level and being Storm fan cause I like both character. I'm stating and basing my facts on what I read in comics and of course looking at  forums too cause it help a bit since I like to see people view of each characters. All I can see when it comes to this two character versus its always ends up with Ironman reaction speed, shield and weapon arsenals can easily take Storm out and I just don't see that cause storm can travel as fast and command weather with just a thought. I would admit some just overrating storm like basing Cat.p America fight with Ironman cause for me in one on one battle, Ironman can defeat Capt. America, but I like this to be debatable in a sense way like facts than favoritism.