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So maybe no White Lantern 0

Around issue 3 I wrote a review thinking that their might be a White Lantern on the horizon but after reading issue six I just dont know what is coming. Im going to put it out there now that Geoff Johns is genius. You think you know but with Geoff on board you dont have a freakin clue. I was a little annoyed with Indigo in this issue. Here Im thinking this is the hooker with all the answers, WRONG!!!!! now they need more of their own to stomp out the Black Lanterns. Should have said that in the ...

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Possible spoiler and a theory on whats to come. 0

I have been reading Blackest Night and I must say Im impressed. DC comics never really interested me. Though I have sold my wallet's soul many of times at Best Buy or Wal-Mart to get a hold of one of their animated features. But Blackest Night sucked me in and I had sworn off comics for a long time until last year following the death of Michael Turner. So reading I have noticed that the principle behind Blackest Night is the War of Light with all the different corps going at each other. Green - ...

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