Why does Professor Zoom have grudge against Barry

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I'm not familiar with the Barry Allen Mythos, but my question is why EXACTLY does professor zoom hate him or whatever? What is his motive? Why does a die hard fan of Barry Allen from the future want to make his life miserable to the point of killing his fiance?

I tried to research some of this, but never got a straight answer.

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Pre flashpoint, maybe Zoom studied some history and found out that Barry will kill him ? Or maybe Zoom was just a horny guy who wanted Iris for himself.

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When Zoom went back in time to meet the flash he realised that the flash isn't as great a hero as he thought he would be.

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It's a weird story. I'm too lazy to explain it but just check his wiki page.

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Calling out a user who has left for the time being. Uh huh. Makes sense.

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@Billy Batson: He said he was leaving to the U.S Navy or something. I wasn't aware that he left already. I thought he would stay for Christmas first.

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