Professor Zoom- Respect Your Teacher

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Respect Thread to Flash's most dangerous, worst And/Or best enemy (depending how you look at it) Eobard Thawne / Professor Zoom, the second to take on the Reverse-flash mantle and my favorite to do so.


Professor Zoom's powers stem from The negative Speed force, and gives him the perks that the normal speed force gives The Flash, and is actually faster than Barry Allen. although not much, but faster nonetheless ;) besides being faster His abilities range from:

  • Existence erasing
  • Leeching time/youth
  • Negating speed force users ability to tap into the speed force via corruption by his Negative speed force
  • Time travel without the need of a cosmic treadmill to get him to his desired time and place.
  • Time Manipulation. (as in speeding up and Slowing down time)

Eobard Thawne, was born into the 25th century, and due to loneliness he found comfort as Barry Allen's biggest fan. Soon Eobard would grow obsessive about The Flash. in his origin he also shows new powers: the ability to erase someone's total existence from the time line. Here, he even boasts of his 167 IQ. And we see him use his powers to get rid of his secret love's boyfriends to get a shot with her... Thawne you dog, you. :)

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In his first encounters with the Flash he proves to be too much for the Scarlet Speedster:

When he was convinced that he was Barry Allen, and confronted by Hal Jordan, beats him down throughout the flash Museum

While Still thinking he was BArry Allen, he is confronted by Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, And Max Mercury in a construction site. Purely many feats included here such as taking a metal beam to the gut, pummeling jay Garrick's face into the dirt, and speed.

After getting to Earth 3, he quickly dispatches Super Woman And Power Ring himself.

On earth 3
On earth 3
On earth 3

An encounter with Wally West. As it turns out, he still hasn't even met Barry Allen yet. and still mops the floor with West, Jordan, Quick and Mercury.

Cheers to knocking Wally West around :) Read Wally's thought boxes: "The sound of Thawne's fists breaking the sound barrier". "He moves so fast he's invisible".

Here's the entire fight between Professor Zoom and just about every Speedster in Rebirth. Barry needs Wally's help to reach Professor Zoom. Despite taking a beating, it's still a good showing when you see that he can take away normal speedster's connection to the speed force, and that he was only focusing on Barry and Wally West for the majority of the fight. We also learn that Professor Zoom has learned the Boom Snap from his would-be successor, Hunter Zolomon.

Presenting Professor Zoom! upon request from Zolomon, Thawne comes back in time and fights along side him against Wally, Bart, and Jay. they then drag him back to the moment were Linda lost her unborn twins. Thawne and Wally have a bried 1-on-1 match. with every Punch they trade, every window within two miles shatters.... (i skipped a few scans. wanted to get to the point)

Thawne facing Booster Gold, Green Lantern and Superman here while he's hunting for the Omega effect

We see Thanwes true potential unfold as he is traveling back in time easier than his whim, outrunning Barry Allen and Bart Allen,Erasing people's entire existence, shapeshifting, Sense imbalances in time, and Dimensions, and Leech the youth out of people.


During his time experimenting he finds he can erase entire existences, And Time Manipulation.

Being a speedster, he gets the added perk of a kind of "healing factor" via faster metabolosim. after the anesthesia stops being fed into him, it's only seconds before it wears off.

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Nice thread, but one thing-thumbnails. When you upload images, make them all like this:

@nickthedevil said:

So people with slow connections won't have to wait forever for the page to load.

Besides that, keep posting:)

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Yea for some reason it makes it hard to post images for people with Safari.

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Wow....the term BAMF just does not do the guy justice

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I prefer Captain Cold ;D

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Zolomon's better :D

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@Billy Batson said:

Zolomon's better :D

Love your two cents bill XD I like both of them. But Professor is probably one up for me

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@Billy Batson said:

Zolomon's better :D


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Shut yer mouth, jabroni.

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I have to call the validity of the title "Professor" into question. He doesn't seem like the type of person to have a teaching degree. :P


Zolomon's better :D

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Professor Zoom>>>Zoom

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Here He is having put his genius to work, a machine that "turns people evil" or rather, makes the most primitve parts of their minds take over.


How can you resist that charm?

Mental Abilities

Back during the early days, He had strong mental powers, that could even affect the Flash. For some reason though, writers stopped using it.

Here he is laying down a beating on Barry Allen.

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I like how you didn't mention the fact that Wally didn't have full confidence in himself / was holding back in the Return of Barry Allen scans :p

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I like how i haven't put up the scans explaining that that was Eobard Thawne's first time using his powers. ;P from the same Return of Barry Allen Storyline, or his Rebirth.

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or the ones where he admits Jay is faster from the same arc^^

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Lol wut? Of course Jay was faster. Eobard Thawne had never used his powers before, and explains that he hadn't even met Barry Allen yet. ;) but numerous times (4, by my count) he's absolutely destroyed Jay Garrick who had back up too :P

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I'd also like to call that writer stupidity since Eobard in his early days was too fast for Barry Allen. Who was quicker than Jay?

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@nickthedevil: Vile villain, using an innocent cat as a target

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@Rumble Man: LOL

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@nickthedevil: Only dastardly fiends attack cats when they are drinking milk

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Flash's powers always gave me a headache...

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great thread

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Eobard Thawne is a monster and I love him.

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