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An old friend of Queen Mera, Professor Xeron has devoted his life to the scientific advancement of his home world, Xebel. To that end, he constructed a device that built an inter-dimensional bridge between Xebel and Earth, manifesting as a portal between the worlds. Professor Xeron is the only man who knows the secrets of the dimensional technology, secrets he fiercely protects, even refusing to give them up to the usurper, Leron.

To deal with criminals on Xebel, Professor Xeron invented a hand held weapon, that, once fired, would rob the criminal of his native ability to control, manipulate, and form hardened constructs from, water.

Depite Mera's abdication of the Xebel throne, Professor Xeron has remained a loyal subject to her. He has been of great assistance to her, and Aquaman, over the years since Mera's departure from Xebel.

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