X-men First Class Charles was Great!

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Number one, i didnt like the fact he and Magneto met so late in their lives. Now the Great, The sensative moment where Magneto couldn't push his powers until Charles showed him a forgotten memory of his mother was a nod for me. I liked They showed a different shade to Charles like the fact he was a show off with a sense of humor, 'Wanna see a trick, get in the car.' lol And the flirting with the girl with two different eye colors was entertaining. When I saw the Star actor from Wanted for Professor X, i was so worried but he was actually good. Now the power scenes, when he cloaked the military mentally with his powers from the bad guys i was  like "ohhhhh thats crazy and new." Finally when he erased Moira memories at their departure with a kiss, that she remembered funny when her superiors heard it . So yeah Professor X was portrayed very well, to me. 

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Professor X from first Class was awesome !

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