Why Cant Ultamate Professor X Use Telekinesis To Walk?

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Seems Like A No Brainer

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(I know I'm bumping this from way, way, WAY back, but I know the answer) 
Xavier says in one issue (IIRC, it was during the Date Night arc) that theoretically his telekinesis could be used to do just this, but he does not yet have the precision necessary to either repair the nerve damage or contract / relax the necessary muscles. He says this, however, while in the Danger Room using his telekinesis to deflect incoming bullets, with the implication being that he routinely trains using his telekinesis, hoping to eventually accomplish this feat.

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uummm because he's dead.......... he IS still dead right?
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Because the ladies dig the wheels, and its way, way easier to find car park spaces?

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so he can park in the handicap spot

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He had a harness that allowed him to walk for an issue or two, but that was waaay back in 93ish. These were the events proceeding Onslaught, and around the same era as Wolverine's adamantium loss. He wore it to invade Magneto's satellite.

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