(Spoilers) How many times has this happened?

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Seriously, can someone count them out? Including fake-outs, secret imprisonments, amnesia, and in the other alternate Marvel universes. Any time where someone has declared his demise.

I was really looking forward to seeing more of Professor X in a better light similar to the movies. The guy has had some evil turns in the comics over the years. Such a disappointment. Couldn't they have killed someone else? I was rooting for Cyclops when the previews came out.

So my next question for comic scholars is, what is the longest period of time he has stayed dead? The last time I checked the Ultimate Universe he was still not living.

I feel I should also note the level of restrain Marvel has been showing by keeping Jean Grey dead for so long. Though that still may change.

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@OracleX: He himself was not really being used with any sort of significance for a very long time. One could say his original positions, reasons for existing, creating the X-Men, etc, were not really as applicable today as when they were from its inception.

Writers these days, while maintaining him with somewhat of a mentorship position, write him as a doddering old man who seems out of step with today MU. Whether that's a sad case for the glorious Prof. or not, as some don't like him due to past actions and that's understandable, but he's just not had the impact he once had when he was alive. Now people see that he's dead... well that's Marvel for ya. $ Cha-ching! $

One could even argue that until now, nobody really acknowledged Chuck this much since Onslaught...

As for Jean? Nah. They ain't bring her back. They never had any intention to.

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Im Hoping that Xavier's Death Will Bring Back OnSlaught.... i mean its the only thing that can make this right..... Onslaught brought all of earths heroes together now they are truely together...its time for Onslaught round 2... in 616

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