Prof. X's current powers in AvX

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So, does Prof. X. have more powers now than he used to?

In AvX 9 he seemed to have Psylocke-like psychic daggers coming out of his fists, and in Avengers 29 he seemed to be using telekinesis in his fight with Rachel.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. There was never no real explanation of these powers so it makes me wonder.

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Charles Xavier has mind raped Sentinels. Got passed Galactus Psi Shields and forced 9 billions skrull minds into his brain...all the way from their moon. Fought a cosmic being on "infinite planes of existence". Mind raped a cosmic being who mind raped classic doctor strange, jean grey, silver surfer, moondragon with the mind gem, and thor at the same time.  He fought he using only his mind, while Thanos needed the soul gem and Adam Warlock needed the Cosmic Egg ( the combined force of 30 Cosmic Cubes). Shut down HOM  Scarlet   Witches  mind while she was reality warping.  He Was keeping up with an Exampler who's mere thoughts hurt other Exemplars ..Juggernaut included.  And Xaviers  consciousness  created onslaught. Onslaught mind raped  Juggernaut  with his helmet on, and then ripped the  Crimson Gem of Cyttorak  from his body... and sealed him inside of it. Mind raped  Phoenix  Force Jean Grey about 4 or 5 times.  When he  regained  his powers after His own consciousness took them away, he mind linked with "every thought that has ever been conceived in the universe". After amelia turned his body to mist, he became pure energy and ascended temporarily. And Uatu the watcher stated Charles was the most powerful mutant telepath on the planet. All of the Top five telepaths on marvel earth have been beaten and or called Charles Xavier the most powerful telepath on the planet. Oh and this all took place before he was depowered in HOM. After he was repowered by the M'Kraan,  Crystal he has since become even more powerful. So mind raping Rachel Grey, Thor,  and PF Namor at the same time with absolutely no effort....I believe it.

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noone knows the true upper limits of Professor X's power..... he was depowered then repowered using the m'kraan crystal plus he once wielded the phoenix force for a time plus has experience in placing mental blocks in the phoenix(not jean grey... but phoenix in jean's form) plus Xavier still possesses the infinity mind gem plus he taught rachel & has the xavier protocols... he knows how to fight back against his students & even with the formation of the illuminati, there is no telling who all Xavier has Protocols for

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