James McAvoy is Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class

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Heat Vision is reporting that Wanted star, James McAvoy, will be taking over for the part Patrick Stewart had made his own in the past few mutant movies. It is also reported that the former "X-Men Origins: Magneto" story points may have been rolled into this new movie about Professor X's first mutant class. It is unknown if this will be a prequel to X-Men or an entire reboot although former X-Men director Bryan Singer is producing.
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He actually kinda looks like Stewart and digital de-aging xavier in every scene where Xavier is the Main characetr would probaly look weird after awhile. And usually in prequel needs new actors.   I'm Ok with this      
Not to surprised that the original post about this was taken down.  
My guess prequel for now, with the spidey reboot, they aren't gonna want to reboot the x-men yet
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james mcaoy did an incredible job as xavier and its the best x men so far by a mile

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