Does he suffer from hair-loss....

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or does he just shave his head? 

#2 Posted by Asymmetrical (23749 posts) - - Show Bio
#3 Posted by xerox_kitty (17340 posts) - - Show Bio
@aztek the lost: I always used to think that heightened mental powers = baldness.  Now I know it was just you playing with my head :p
#4 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82984 posts) - - Show Bio

I believe its genetic. His sister is bald too.

#5 Posted by iLLituracy (13545 posts) - - Show Bio
True. She did duplicate herself from his body. It's safe to say that he's not bald by choice, though I can't remember an instance that this was actually touched on.
#6 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1673 posts) - - Show Bio

He was bald in college (flashback after Moira Mctaggert's death).  Those are the earliest pictures I can think of in which he's bald. 
He may have just shaved it all off rather than deal with a rapidly diminishing hairline.

#7 Posted by MagnetoWasRight (27 posts) - - Show Bio

He explains in the first Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issues that the onset of his powers caused his hair to fall out. 
It was gone by the time he was in high school. 
I believe it appears in conjunction with the origin of the Juggernaut.

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