David Tennant & Sir Patrick Stewart In Hamlet...

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This isn't actual news.  It's more like a bit of TV scheduling and an internet rumour. 
For all UK viewers, there is a chance to watch a TV adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet.  The show sold-out because of it's lead actor; Doctor Who's David Tennant.  It has also won accolades & awards, so it must be a pretty good show.  Set your Sky+ boxes to record it, because it is due to run for the full three hours!
It also features Patrick Stewart as Claudius, Hamlet's uncle (if you've never seen it, just think of Scar from the Lion King ;)  Or should I say, Sir Patrick Stewart?   
The popular Yorkshire born actor who found international fame as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation & Professor X in the X-Men films is tipped to receive a Knighthood from the Queen in the New Year's Honours List.   He has already been awarded with an OBE (Offier of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2001 New Year's Honours List.  That doesn't make him 'Sir' Stewart.  It is only possible to call to someone 'Sir' if they have been Knighted with a Knight Grand Cross (GBE) or Knight Commander (KBE), which are the highest ranks in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire... 
Strangely, the first source for this is a blog called Trek Today.  Subsequent stories seem just as light on details.  As a fan of Patrick Stewart, then I hope the story is true.  And hopefully that it's something that David Tennant can look forward to in future!

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I hope it's true. Patrick Stewart is one of the finest actors I can think of. Also, does this mean Hamlet can only be watched in the UK?

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@jloneblackheart said:
"does this mean Hamlet can only be watched in the UK? "
For now... but most things seem to end up on BBC America pretty quickly, these days.  So I'm sure you'll get to see it soon :)
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Hamlet will broadcast on PBS Great Performances at some point in the Spring. If you cant wait that long, and can play region 2 DVDs, you can preorder the DVD now from UK based online stores. Due to be released on January 4th. 
(I only actually signed up to post this lol...)
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@tauriosiris: well thanks for letting me know. :)
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@tauriosiris: Thanks for the info & welcome to the site :)

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