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Taylor Kendall suffered from Porphyria's Complaint a condition that makes him less effective during the daytime but more athletic and alert at nighttime.

This condition seemed to have negatively affected his childhood.

He uses this condition to fight crime as Professor Night partnered with his adopted daughter and niece Twilight, who suffers from a similar condition. He has a servant named Pratrap who is aware of his life as a crimefighter. Night lives outside Star City in Kendall Manor above his headquarters The Halls of Night which contains his various gadgets, vehicles, trophies car the Night-Wagon and his super computer. The Halls seem to be linked to the underworld. His career began in the thirties.

He and his niece appear to be so young because they were put in suspended animation where there souls were taken out of their bodies by an enemy he was saved by his friend Supreme.

He and Supreme's other allies all helped save him from his enemy Darrius Dax.

Night is enemies with Jack-A-Dandy, Lounge Lizard, Evening Primrose, Fake-Face and the Walrus and the Carpenter all of whom are placed in the Miskatonic Mental Institution when captured.

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