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"Sweet DeGrasse Tyson's Mustache!"

Ok, I'm nerdy and all, but even I have to admit that having an entire issue devoted to Professor Frink can be a bit much. Luckily, this issue is divided into three stories that each have the right length and humor.

I gotta say, the thing that sold me on the comic right away was seeing the phrase "Sweet DeGrasse Tyson's Mustache!" on the second page. Being a huge Neil DeGrasse Tyson fan, and seeing him in a recent Superman comic, has me thrilled to see two big interests of mine coming together.

Each arc has a focus on a type of "science gone wrong" story. And to my inner shock, the third story even involves a trip through a 3-D world, giving this book a pair of 3-D glasses in the center. I know 3-d printing can be expensive, and I wonder if that is the justification for the price increase to $3.99. These Simpson one-off books have been a nice treat every few months for $2.99, and I still think i would get this book at the higher price point as long as the stories keep up the typical Simpson's humor that I expect.

The sad thing here is that I feel burnt out on the character of Professor Frink after reading this. I'm a fan of the character, but I think he works best as a side character and not as a main focus of a whole comic. If the stories each came out on their own spread out over a few weeks, I could have gone for it. As they stand in the comic, it just feels like he was stretched out. The writers did a great job having him carry the full issue, but I think I've had my fill of Frink and will look forward to seeing him about a year or so from now.

Besides, all the best science jokes were used in this issue, how could anything on the show top that for being relevant?

The art continues to have a similar look and feel throughout the whole issue. The one thing I noticed is that Sergio Aragones' art did not grace these pages. I've been looking forward to his art in each of the previous issues and am sad to not see him here. Maybe the next one-shot featuring Mr. Burns will bring him back into the fold.


Words: 9/10

Pictures: 9/10

General Feeling After Reading: Burnt out, but happy for Science!

Buy Next Issue: Mr. Burns? Excellent.


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