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There have been a few Prize Comics characters that have been revived by Dynamite Entertainment under the Project Superpowers title.

Some of the stable of characters that were published by Prize were:

Air Male and Stampy (Dynamite)

American Eagle


Black Owl II (Dynamite)

Bucky, Brady, and Storm

Blue Streak

Bulldog Denny

Captain Gallant

Captain Heroic (parody of Captain Marvel)

Cheif Skullface


Double Header

Dr. Dekkar, Master of Monsters

Dr. Frost

Emperor Seng I (Dynamite)

Fighting American and Speedboy (Harvey,Topps, DC, Dynamite)

Flying Fist


Futureman and Jupiter (Dynamite)

Fox (Prize version)

Gorr, the GorillaKing

Green Lama (Spark Publications, Moonstone, Dynamite)

Invisible Boy

Jaxon, of The Jungle

Junior Rangers

Jupiter, Master Magician

Lt. Hercules and the Boy Champions

Oom, the Great

Power Nelson (Dynamite)

Prince Ra

Round Robin

Secret Agent M-11


Ted O' Neil, Master Magician

Tom Corbett (Dell, Prize, Blue Water) ABC, CBS and NBC each aired his tv series

Yank and Doodle (Dynamite)

K the Unknown aka Black Owl I

The Great Voodini

Twist Turner

Vulcan (Prize version)


Many of these characters have their separate pages, while others do not.

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