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Mother of Prismatik (her real name is unknown) fell in love with a man named Evan McCuloch, who seduced her and made her pregnant. As soon as she realized that he's a criminal, better known as Mirror Master, she informed police about his whereabouts. Owing to that he was sent to jail. After some time she gave birth to her daughter. Daughter never was an obedient child and, in fact, hated her mother, because she blamed everyone for her life, including daughter. But her hatred for Mirror Master was much stronger because he ruined her mother's life. After mother's death she attended to college and began to study optics and quantum theory. She spent all her free time in laboratory trying to create a portal to "Mirror Dimension" because Mirror Master was believed to be trapped inside it. When she finally succeeded in it, she opened portal, stepped inside and found Evan, who was driven insane by the loneliness. She killed him and finally avenged mother's wretched life. After that she realized that all that she wants for now - to become famous. At first she was going to choose name "Mirror Mistress", which emphasizes her connection to father, but later she thought that her light-manipulating abilities must reflect in her moniker, so she started to call herself "Prismatik". She decided that becoming a super-villain is the best way to fame and chose Animal Man as her first target. Despite of his unstable connection with anthropomorphic field, he defeated her and almost beat her to death, but was stopped by the League of Titans, which was sent by his wife, Ellen Baker. Later she was seen in one of the federal maximum security prisons under medical observation, where she was held in room without mirrors, because she can use them to escape. Starfire stated that she has "bruises, broken nose, fractured ribs, possible concussion", but none of her internal organs were injured. Althrough doctor said that her condition doesn't allow her to do anything, she disabled all security systems and succesfully escaped. Next time she appeared in BloodRage's cellblock, who was contained at the same facility. She opened portal in his cell, destroyed fetters and freed him. Then she teleported them both into headquarters of the League of Titans and set an ambush for Animal Man and Starfire (other members were on a mission). Prismatik easily defeated Starfire (while Animal Man was dealing with BloodRage), because she is able to manipulate all kinds of light, including starlight. She was going to kill Starfire, when Animal Man suddenly appeared and knocked her down, using the power of seal. When BloodRage found her, there were no Animal Man and Starfire in the room - they teleported away. He was going to go after them, but she got a way better plan - she clicked on button "Emergency summons", thus gathering all the members of the League in their headquarters.

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