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Windsor Babbage was a computer genius, who used his gifts to create computers he could use to access a bank's computer system in order to steal account information and security codes. He named himself Printout Man and embarked on a life of crime.


Printout Man originated in a series of Hostess Snack Cake advertisements that appeared in comics in the late ''70s.

Major Story Arcs

"Break The Bank"

Printout Man's first appearance.

Printout Man began using his "Mad Computer" to steal account information in an attempt to take over a bank. Watching from around a corner, Printout Man gloats that the enraged customers will soon cancel their accounts, bring his diabolical plan one step closer to completion.

At the bank Peter Parker is standing on line with Mary Jane when his spider-sense tells him something is amiss. Peter quickly changes into Spider-Man and begins chasing Printout Man around the bank. The two arrive at the bank vault and when the door to the vault opens, Spider-Man discovers Printout Man's true motivation. He wanted to steal the massive amount of Hostess cupcakes that had been locked up within the vault for safekeeping. Printout Man is then easily apprehended by local police.

New Avengers Most Wanted

Printout Man is mentioned as still being incarcerated, where he is said to be a model prisoner.

Fin Fang Four Returns!

The robot Elektro is mistakenly identified as a villain and arrested. He is taken to the S-Wing of a prison where he meets various Spider-Man foes, including Printout Man. Later, inspired by Elektro's defiance, the prisoners of S-Wing attempt to smash their way out of prison, only to be subdued by guards using sedation foam.

Powers and Abilities

Printout Man has no superhuman abilities but is highly skilled with computers and mathematics. With these skills Printout Man created several "Mad Computers" which he used to hack into a bank's computer system in order to steal account information and security codes.

Printout Man seemingly only has one weakness, and that is Hostess Snack Cakes. The mere sight of these delicious treats renders Printout Man unable to act.

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