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Ahiru studies ballet and dreams of one day becoming a "prima ballerina." Ahiru also has another desire - a certain young boy named Mytho. When a mysterious woman gives Ahiru a magical pendent, a whole new and fantastic world opens before her, a place where Ahiru becomes the ever-so-graceful Princess Tutu! Ahiru learns that Mytho is really a prince whose heart has been stolen, and her mission is to find the missing pieces. Princess Tutu is a beautiful fairy tale where Ahiru gets to live every girl's fantasy.

One day, when Ahiru comes across someone in a jewerly store, she accepts a pendant offered by her. A short while later, she suddenly becomes Princess Tutu and has two missions now: She must repair Myutho's heart as well as win it.

Chapter Titles

  • Piece 1: First Reverence
  • Piece 2: Gentle Adagio
  • Piece 3: Lonely Grand Fouetté
  • Piece 4: Passing En Dehors
  • Piece 5: Courageous Cabriole
  • Extra Comic

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