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 Sorsha in full battle armor
Sorsha was a warrior princess of the kingdom of Nockmaar and Queen Bavmorda's only daughter. Her mother was a powerful and despotic sorceress, bent on conquering all rival kingdoms and ruling the land with an iron fist. However, a prophecy foretold that an infant girl named Elora Danan would bring about Bavmorda's downfall, so the evil queen was determined to destroy the child and thwart the prophecy. Once Elora was born, Sorsha was put in charge of a host of Nockmaar warriors and assigned to find the child. 
But Elora kept eluding Sorsha's grasp thanks to the child's unlikely protectors, Willow Ufgood, a member of the dwarfish Nelwyn race and an amateur sorcerer, and the roguish Madmartigan, a disgraced knight from the rival kingdom of Galadorn. At one point Madmartigan, due to an accident involving fairy dust, fell madly in love with Sorsha, who initially spurned his advances and insisted that he was still her enemy. But his earnestness and dashing heroism had deeply affected the Nockmaar princess, and she eventually reciprocated his love and switched sides. 
Despite all their efforts, Elora was captured and brought to Nockmaar by a rival commander, General Kael. Sorsha joined Willow and Madmartigan in their efforts to rescue the baby from Bavmorda. Sorsha infiltrated Nockmaar castle and demanded that her mother spare the child. Bavmorda revealed the depths of her ruthlessness by denouncing her daughter as a traitor and attempting to kill her with sorcery. After a pitched battle, Willow tricked Bavmorda into prematurely triggering the banishment spell designed to destroy Elora, and the spell destroyed the evil queen instead. Nockmaar castle was stormed and defeated by Galadorn's army, led by Madmartigan, and Nockmaar's dark reign came to an end. Sorsha and Madmartigan were seen together at the victory celebration, and it is presumed that the two eventually married. 


As a princess of the militaristic kingdom of Nockmaar, Sorsha was trained in combat from a very early age and had became one of Nockmaar's best warriors by the time she reached adulthood. Her weapon of choice was a longsword with a wickedly serrated edge. She was also an accomplished archer and horseback rider.

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